1. B

    Help making an Alien Xenomorph part

    Hi community, I'm wondering if you can help me, I'm trying to determine what this part is made from as I am making my own life sized Xenomorph Big Chap. I may be able to find some disks to glue together to make that main cylinder. However the end on the right hand side that looks e a nozzle or...
  2. 0raid


    Greetings! I would like to present you my ALIEN QUEEN 3D PRINT WALL! over 25 days of printing with two printers (ENDER PRO & ENDER MAX) , 4-5 layers of painting , custom frame (60cm x 60cm) and RGB led!! Thank you.
  3. Galifreyscall

    Trying to identify this prevalent... tape recorder? I think?

    One of my projects in queue is Marvin from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and I couldn't shake the feeling that the device on his chest was a found object: And with the recent prop store auction and the Nostromo door control panel for sale, my intuition was proven right: So with that...
  4. Gerry Anderson - UFO

    Gerry Anderson - UFO

    Studio Scale Model
  5. Gerry Anderson - UFO

    Gerry Anderson - UFO

    UFO Shado Alien Spacecraft Model
  6. SG-RB

    Price Drop: Tsukuda Hobby 1:1 Vinyl ALIEN Facehugger

    Sill in the box Tsukuda Hobby 1:1 Scale ALIEN Facehugger form 1995. Highly sought after Vinyl kit from Japan. The box has some minor shelf wear and the tape has fallen way. The contents are still in original plastic bag. $175 price includes shipping.
  7. LimeyBuilds

    Star Trek Online Vaadwaur Pistol

    Latest STO build: The Vaadwaur Pulswave Pistol. This is an insane design and I love it.
  8. RipleyL

    Alien (1979): Kane's "Elephant Man" Nostromo Monitor Toy

    Ever have a really obscure found prop obsession? One so obscure that you find it impossible to uncover any information on the prop? Over the past several months, I've been attempting to locate as many of the "toys" that appear inside the Nostromo. This has led to a small collection of (nearly)...
  9. chefhawk

    1/2 Scale 1979 Alien

    Hachette Partworks have released an Alien 1979 Build Your own collection in thew Uk. This is 100 issues and the cost £10.99 so not a cheap build. I have started the build of which I believe is just a trial for now. Looking at the images from the magazine is fairly obvious to most that this is...
  10. B

    1:1 Scale Xenomorph

    Hey community, a try at a life sized Xenomorph! I need to get my hands on an old mannequin, until then I'm starting with the head. I'm using a toy as reference, pictured here.
  11. uscsscostaguana

    Question about Nostromo Upholstery paint colors

    Hey all! At my job, we are working on a project building a life-size replica of the corridors of the Nostromo from Alien (1979) and part of the Bridge. I’m seeking some assistance in identifying a Pantone or pms codes for colors that can be seen in the Nostromo bridge. Specifically, I’m looking...
  12. smackingmac93

    Looking for a close match or similar space helmet from alien?

    Looking where to buy (Etsy/eBay etc.) a similar space helmet from any of the alien films for a decent price? Lmk where to look? Thanks!
  13. smackingmac93

    Building a set for short alien film.

    We are set to build some sets for short film after we wrap on our blade runner film, if anyone has any advice, questions or would like to join the team let me know! Thanks
  14. lono68

    Bits and Bobs for Nostromo Jacket

    After many years and many pounds lost, I’m able to fit into a MK-3 jacket that I purchased and I’m ready to turn it into a “Dallas” jacket. But….I need some help. I’m looking to purchase the items need to do so, like the compression laces for the arms and the panels on the front of the jacket...
  15. NostromoCrew


    Intro ...So as part of my 1979 ALIEN - NOSTROMO CREW UNIFORM - Accurate Reproduction project run, I decided to try my hand at replicating the crew shoulder patch. And as anyone who is involved enough in the intricacies of this patch, knows that many have tried, some have come close. I have spent...
  16. crawjaw

    ALIEN VS PREDATOR Bas Relief Urethane Casts For Sale (Price reduced)

    I have a selection of casts made from my own oil clay sculpture and mould of Alien vs Predator and as far as I'm aware nobody else has done this so they are essentially unique. The sculpture is based on the iconic poster artwork from the first AVP movie. Each measures 480mm (18.9in) x 390mm...
  17. Ein

    Alien Medbay Replica Prop(s)

    A little while ago I started working on a project with a collector right now who is a huge fan of the Alien movies, and wants reproductions of some of the more niche tools and props. We're starting off with what I'm calling the 'claw cutter' for lack of a better name - the tool Ash uses to...
  18. Evening Newbs

    Functional Nostromo Crew Watch, 3D modeled and printed

    This is the Nostromo crew watch I finished recently. I 3D modeled and printed the watch case and surround, then squeezed the guts of a Casio F-91W into it. The models, face graphics, and parts list are available on Thingiverse if you want to make one yourself: Alien Nostromo Crew Watch (Samani...
  19. NostromoCrew

    Limited Run 1979 ALIEN - NOSTROMO CREW UNIFORM - Now Taking Orders

    ALIEN Nostromo Crew Shirt - Very Accurate Replica I am in the process of making myself and a few friends some very accurate copies of the buttoned down shirts the crew of the Nostromo wear. It would be a shame not to offer this out and see if anyone else would be interested. Some details that...
  20. Jake Kassnoff

    Weyland-Yutani Cat Carrier

  21. hotpretzel

    Alien Incinerator 3D printed (WIP)

    Hey there, Just plopping down my version of the ALIEN Incinerator (Not a flamethrower). It's still a work in progress. I (When I have the time.) am actively improving it and hope to add some audio\visual effects to it one day. Also, it's available here for download: Nostromo Incinerator Unit...
  22. HMR

    Halcyon Models Nostromo 1:960 build

    First thread and first post here. Been lurking for a while, taking in the sights. Love it so far! :) Thought I`d share one of my projects. The USCSS 'Nostromo' Commercial Towing Vehicle. Seen a few really nice builds of these kits and picked up some inspiration from them, when deciding what I...
  23. Superpredmaster

    Finished Serpent Hunter build (Pictureand text heavy)

    So about March last year I decided to make my first full predator suit. I finally decided on trying to bring Serpent hunter from the AvP 2010 video game to life. The first pieces I made were the chest and waist armor. All of the "metal" pieces were made from 2mm and 6mm eva foam that I...
  24. NostromoCrew

    'South American Models' ALIEN “REFINERY REPLICA KIT” ?

    So I've noticed this companies models on sale form time to time on eBay, has anyone on the forum ever purchased from them? Attest to the quality? eBay sale: ALIEN-1979s-REFINERY-REPLICA-KIT-w-NOSTROMO-TUG-and-USS-SULACO-130-2-pcs From
  25. Buissonland

    Alien: Isolation .357 Revolver

    Hi there ! After playing that game years ago, I begun seeking informations about that mythical revolver. And so when I aquired enough 3d design skills, I naturally went for it ! :) Here are some steps in the making of my replica of the Alien: Isolation .357 Revolver ! Those were my main...