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As a huge HP fan I have collected a few wands through the years and have loved the wand boxes that the Noble Collection wands have come in. While doing some research so that I can make various boxes for the rest of my wands that match the variety shown in Ollivander's I came across some images of french wand boxes shown in The Crimes of Grindelwald and used for promotional wands for the film. The design of these boxes gave me the realization that while Ollivander's wand boxes are great, different wand makers would have likely had their own styles of wand boxes!

With the various wandmakers in the Harry Potter universe, I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of wand boxes theRPF members could come up! It would also be nice if someone could figure out a way to easily recreate the french wand box shown in the images below.

The boxes would likely coincide with the wandmaker's style, for example: Gregorovitch's wands are more simple designs compared to Ollivander's and are solid wood without specially carved handles so his boxes would also likely be more simple without the ribbons and velvet that Ollivander uses. French wand boxes in Cosme Acajor's shop are fancy, just like the french wands like Fleur's, and are covered in a leather/pleather-like material on the outside with a silky cloth and cushioning inside.
For more information about known wandmakers, check these pages: [Gregorovitch], [Kiddell], [Cephalopos], [Beauvais], [Jonker], [Quintana], [Wolfe], [Steward]

47691601_389879651582012_4308160867697259354_n.jpgCosme Acajor Wand Shop.jpgFrench Wand & Box (1).pngFrench Wand & Box (2).pngFrench Wand & Box (4).pngstandard-gallery-01-wand-packaging-show-banner-print.jpg7111272279_6def1c15f1_o.jpg


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They have made wand boxes for Gregorovitch as well. I have seen the labels themselves but I am not sure how the boxes looked like. I'll have a look in my library.

Also that's a great idea for a project! When I have time I'll try coming up with something.
I haven't found any high res references for the actual boxes yet but here are some medium res screencaps.
Also a promo photo of Gregorovitch with a box:
And here is a scan showing the actual labels:
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