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  1. G

    Official cursed opal necklace from Harry Potter

    Hello everyone, I'm considering selling my Harry Potter cursed opal necklace from Universal Orlando. I would really love this to go to a true Potterhead and fan who will love and take good care of it. I am taking offers :)
  2. saracrespo

    ISO Harry Potter 2001 cards

    Hello everybody! I am finishing my collection of Harry Potter and I am missing 3 cards, which I don't have any information about. I hope that somebody has any leads and can help me :) There are 36 cards in total and I am missing numbers 31-34-36 (slytherin, gryffindor and hufflepuff crests)...
  3. EnfantDeGuerre

    Professor Horace Slughorn costume

    As I get older I am starting to think about the costumes that have been worn by older actors in some of our favourite movies. One that not a lot of people seem to have cosplayed is Professor Horace Slughorn from the Harry Potter movies. I know that Harry Potter is an old series now, but I, and...
  4. nicom1234

    Hogwarts Boathouse model kit - 1:100 Scale

    I have designed a laser cut 1:100 scale (close to HO scale) 'white card' model kit of the Hogwarts Boathouse from the film 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows' You can find more information about how it was made in this thread. It comes pre-cut out in a flat pack form (to reduce shipping...
  5. nicom1234

    Hogwarts Boathouse 1:100 Scale Build

    Hogwarts Boathouse 1:100 scale - Production style 'White Card' architecture model There are many changes to the Hogwarts castle and surrounding buildings throughout the films, however the following is based on the Boathouse from 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows'. I used the floor plans...
  6. DaBuild

    Dumbledore's Elder Wand build on the wood lathe

    Hello people! :) My daughter asked me to build a Wand from Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts... So, I bought a wood lathe and made the Elder wand. It came out better than I thought it would for a first time on this tool and I'm quite happy with the result! Cheers Everyone! Dan
  7. lmw

    HP1 & 2 Daily Prophets

    FOUND - SEE BELOW: Hi everyone, I'm looking for a high-res printable version of the Gringotts Break-in Daily Prophet from Philosopher's Stone. The ones that I've found on here have been low to medium resolution at best, so if anyone has a high-res version they're willing to share I'd be...
  8. Flora Chen

    Harry Potter - The Tales of Beedle the Bard replica

    Hi, everyone I've just finished my own replica of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I also made a video about making the book. I'm planning to make another one, but with the translation by Hermione. Let me know if i missed something or anything that could improve it. Thank you. You can watch the...
  9. RJN

    Sorting Hat from Harry Potter

    Recently finished this replica of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. I’ve made a Sorting Hat before, but it didn’t have the face.
  10. PhantomForge

    Interest Harry Potter's First Wand (Sorcerer/Philosopher's Stone) Replica

    Hello all! In this thread here, I explained I'd soon be attempting to make an accurately scaled/modeled replica of Harry's wand from the first two Harry Potter movies, and I was hoping to make it material accurate as well in terms of woods and metal (I suspect zebra wood, purpleheart, and brass...
  11. PhantomForge

    WIP Harry Potter's "Ikea" Wand Build (Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets)

    Hello all! In case the title didn't tip you off, my plan here is to build an accurate wand based on the ORIGINAL "Ikea" Harry Potter build, and not the one he used for the majority of the films. I'm calling it this because the director of Azkaban reportedly called the original wands too "Ikea"...
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    Ron Weasley’s failed Vera Verto transfiguration.
  13. RJN

    Death Eater Mask and Display (Harry Potter)

    I altered a voice changing death eater mask to look more like the original prop from the films. I also wanted something to display it in, so I made myself a display box from a hinged wooden box and a picture frame. I Included some 'Before' photos (They should be at the end).
  14. C

    Harry Potter snuggle sac

    Looking for one of the plush sleeping bags from Prisoner of Azkaban that is screen accurate without the Harry Potter Logo on the pillowcase. I have heard they sold them at the London studio store for a while, not sure if they still do. Interested in all HP prop replicas anyone may be parting...
  15. Buckethead

    Historically Accurate Sword of Gryffindor (Harry Potter Series)

    I have never been happy with the design of the Sword of Gryffindor in the Harry Potter movies. I'm a massive fan of the series, but also have a great interest in swords, and it got me thinking; what would the sword look like if it was actually (mostly) period correct. For anyone that doesn't...
  16. Brucelee42

    Make a little Magic Poster

    Hey all, been a while, didn't see this, but doesn't mean that its already here, but this is the subway poster from the wizarding world, and the movie. It will print 41 x 15 inches, and probably could be printed larger if your printshop knows what they are doing. Enjoy!
  17. House Elf

    Looking to buy - Yule Ball Ice Castle Sculpture Replica - Acrylic

    This amazing Yule Ball sculpture was posted by Cherry Wallis (an IG Influencer). Has anyone every made an acrylic replica like this? I would love to buy if anyone knows someone with the skill and talent to produce.
  18. RJN

    Harry Potter - Cupboard Under the Stairs Miniature

    I have been working on a miniature of the Cupboard Under the Stairs set from Harry Potter films. It 's made entirely from card, except for a couple of elements. I have included a penny in a couple of the photos to give an idea of scale. I'm on pause at the moment 'cause the original set has a...
  19. eethan

    Limited Run 4 types of Harry Potter and Ron screen-accurate letters

    Hello there, We are proud to finally open our run of 4 types of screen-accurate Harry Potter and Ron letters! The website is now live! www.wonderknight.fr Julie (Wonder Knight ) and I have been working on that run since November last year, yes, a year ago. There has been a huge lot of research...
  20. MarzDumore

    Death Eater replica costume

    Lumos! Hi all! Last year I've bought my own Death Eater replica cosplay. I finally can say that I've done my research well. I've seen almost the whole world wide web for as much as accurate costume pics I could find. (I've listed all the pictures on this website) After many of hours looking...
  21. ccc9090

    Mirror of Erised (screen accurate, at least in size) NEED HELP!

    Hello, I am very interested in creating the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter that is the correct size and as close to screen accurate as I can. I have access to a large CNC, some good laser cutters and engravers and 3d printers. I am hoping to make this with as many sharable files as I can. I...
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