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Hi All!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything!

Just wanted to pop on to share an idea I had in case it helps anyone with their own collection.

I’ve owned a bunch of Noble Collection HP wands for a while, but they’ve been sitting in boxes for years because I never found an elegant way (in my opinion) to display them.

I wanted something that could display multiple wands with a somewhat in-world HP theme and not take up too much space. A display you might find at Olivanders.

Most of what I’ve found of online looked like this:


Though, here are a couple photos I drew inspiration from:

IMG_9263 2.jpg

To start off with, I only purchased 5 simple things:
  • 18” x 24” shadowbox ($30 - local art store)
  • Masonite wood panel ($5 - Home Depot)
  • Peacock blue velvet fabric ($15 - AliExpress)
  • Antique brass L hooks ($23 - Amazon)
  • Antique brass label pulls ($5 - AliExpress)
For a total cost of $78 CAD (or $56 USD). You can probably do it for cheaper in other countries - I had to import a couple things which added to the cost.

What I did:

First off, I dipped the tips of the L hooks in some clear epoxy to give the ends a little bumper - I didn’t want the hooks to scratch the wands.

IMG_9463 Large.jpeg

Then I took apart the shadowbox to remove the front glass - I wanted the wands to be accessible.

I had a cardboard box lying around and used it to test out the wand spacing.

IMG_9435 Large.jpeg
IMG_9330 Large.jpeg

This is what I ended up with for an 18” x 24” canvas:
  • L hooks spaced 10” from each other, centered
  • First pair of hooks are 3” from the top and each pair of subsequent hooks are spaced 2” apart from each other vertically. This also leaves 3” at the bottom which works nicely to even things out. This spacing allows for 10 wands to be displayed. Anything more or less for this frame size looked worse.
  • The label pulls are also centered and evenly spaced between each L hook row.
I purchased the masonite panel from Home Depot and asked them to cut it to size.

This masonite panel was glued to the frame back board with wood glue to give the frame more weight and to add thickness for the brass L hooks to screw into.

After the glue cured, I transposed the display pattern to the wood panel and pre-drilled all the holes.

IMG_9432 Large.jpeg

I then used hot glue to adhere the fabric to the back panel - a couple of small dabs in the corners and along the edges. Minimal use of glue here is important. I did not add any glue to the middle of the fabric. Excessive use of glue will distort the fabric and leave visible markings. I experimented with small swatches of the blue velvet and this was the best and simplest method I found.

IMG_9441 Large.jpeg

Finally, I poked holes in the fabric with a nail where I predrilled the holes and screwed in the L hooks and label pulls.

Pretty simple and I like the way things turned out. I may add a small brass plaque at the bottom as a name plate.

IMG_9454 Large.jpeg
IMG_9485 Large.jpeg

Hopefully this thread helps someone in someway.



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canadapost - fantastic work! Thank you for posting your process! The end result looks museum worthy - my favorite type of display! Your choice of blue contrasts the wands nicely and they really pop! How did you do the labels? Are they hand written?
Clever to dip the ends of the hooks in epoxy. The thin/minimal as possible hooks were definitely the way to go. They let the wands sing instead of distracting and looking clunky. Very elegant. The worn and stained paper for the name labels are a nice touch, very marauders map :)

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