1. PhantomForge

    Interest Harry Potter's First Wand (Sorcerer/Philosopher's Stone) Replica

    Hello all! In this thread here, I explained I'd soon be attempting to make an accurately scaled/modeled replica of Harry's wand from the first two Harry Potter movies, and I was hoping to make it material accurate as well in terms of woods and metal (I suspect zebra wood, purpleheart, and brass...
  2. Froggie

    Studies in wandmaking - Fitting electronics inside a straw [UPDATE 2020-07-25]

    For the last few years I've had the idea of making an illuminating wand kicking about in my head. Looking around the internet I found a few creators who have done just this, and mixing their ideas and techniques set me on the path. Here's to giving back. I've tried to document this properly...
  3. a438980

    Non-Ollivander's Wand Boxes

    As a huge HP fan I have collected a few wands through the years and have loved the wand boxes that the Noble Collection wands have come in. While doing some research so that I can make various boxes for the rest of my wands that match the variety shown in Ollivander's I came across some images...