1. dallinkjones

    Dune Box of Pain Replica

    I recently invested in a 3D printer and this was my first print of my own model. I’ve had a hankering for a while to make my own box of pain and haven’t seen any that look as close to the real version as I would like. So I spent some time modeling it, printing, and painting. I ended up adding...
  2. idea47

    TCTD Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 SHD Cache

    I couldn’t find any good reference images so I went back to the game and grabbed these If anyone can identify an existing Pelican™ or other case that this might be based on, please let me know
  3. a438980

    Non-Ollivander's Wand Boxes

    As a huge HP fan I have collected a few wands through the years and have loved the wand boxes that the Noble Collection wands have come in. While doing some research so that I can make various boxes for the rest of my wands that match the variety shown in Ollivander's I came across some images...
  4. S

    Where to get custom cardboard box Low Quantity Europe/Norway

    Hey, I'm new here but i thought i would just go to where seems the best place for this. I wonder if there is a website where i can buy a custom made cardboard box which ships to Norway and is reasonable priced. I found a couple sites but they were US only or high quantity only. If it helps, my...
  5. 20131019_171912