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Hello everyone,
i found this forum via Facebook while i was looking for cosplay prop groups to learn and share my experience with, and only registered recently, about five minutes up to this post, in fact. I was always interested in guns from various medias, and started out using candy and bottle caps to make paper mache revolvers, then slowly moving up to making swords with cheap wood planks i found in art shops. Right now i'm experimenting with making replicas of firearms, and have moderate success in making a rifle and a revolver. I look forward to seeing, learning and sharing my experience with you all, and i hope that the time we would spend together in the future will become fond memories for the years yet to come.


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Strangely, or maybe not, Tiktok is what led me here. I have been following several makers, eager to find a place where I could look at all the great props people are making as well as adding to my collection. For years I mostly collected autographs at cons. I have a nice collection of saber from various quality sites, as well as a few movie replicas. I also have a lot or airsoft props. And I finally got a Tomenosuke Blade Runner blaster--i'd been after a nice replica for years. I have a couple makers doing a few other projects for me as well. Looking forward to building up a nice collection. Maybe in a few years, I can afford a handful of props. :)


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Hello! I don't know why its taken me so long to join here. I'm looking forward to hanging out and seeing everyone's awesome work as well as showing off some of my own. Cheers!


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hey all thanks for the add.... I'm finally at the age I can have a room decorated and dedicated to my favorite movies... hopefully you all can help me on this journey :)


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Hey all,

Long time lurker, finally decided to join in! Mainly do 3d-printed props, and have learned so much from following along from other builds here. Excited to join in with everyone


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Hi Everyone, OZ here. I'm into Dr Who, Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel and Indiana Jones. I have a full size Dalek, Davros and K9 and every Dr Who Pop Vinyl there is (yes including Freddy Funko). I have a number of remote control Daleks and gear. I am in the process of building a full size Tardis (Police Box) too.
I collect and use figurines in composite photography. Getting bored with lockdowns and Covid and not being able to travel. I saw an advert for replica Henry Jones Diary, so I thought, I could make one of those myself. That's how I came across this site. Looks very interesting.


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Hi all, Im an artist. I draw and paint all sorts of subject matter. I also like to make props, and sculpt things. Adventure awaits!
Adventure Gnomer type 3.jpg
Thanks for excepting me to the forum.


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Welcome to the RPF! We're happy that you could join us, especially since some of you have been waiting for quite some time.

Please take the time to introduce yourself to the community. Tell us about yourself, your prop interests, maybe even show us some pics of your collection.

Also, here are some useful links to better familiarize yourself with the site. If you have questions, please ask!

Classifies Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Terms of Use

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Suggestions

Other links that can ease your way into the RPF can be found here FAQs.

Again, welcome! :)(y)

The RPF Staff
Yo what’s up?


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Hey all. I'm Dan. I've got a couple prop making/collecting interests. Most notably Back to the Future and Star Wars, but my first proper post will be about another movie dear to my childhood. Happy to join you all in the prop making world.


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Hello, my name's Ripley. First name, not last like Ellen Ripley (although that's exactly who I was named after).
Been a lurker for a long time, but finally decided I needed to be a member so that I could contact other members on the forum more easily, and participate in discussions. I do not consider myself a prop maker (the closest I've been was when I used a paintball tube as a Doctor Who anti-plastic vial, inspired by this very forum).
Like many of you, my interests are in 70s and 80s scifi and adventure films.
I hope to work with and learn from the many talents in this forum.
Thank you.


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Hi. I'm Bill. I retired a few months ago and finally have time to work on projects that have been rattling around my head for a few years. Wanting to keep the brain cells active, I bought a 3D printer and then a CNC machine. Both technologies were brand new to me so there was a pretty big learning curve just getting started. Now that I have at least a novice's handle on them I'm using them to bring my ideas to fruition. I've made a Back To The Future clock and Flux Capacitor and now I'm almost done with my version of a HAL 9000 replica. Next on the horizon will probably be props from Forbidden Planet.


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Hi folks, from Oz. I've taken an interest in costuming over the last couple of years, and I'm old enough for people to assume it's a sign of old age and smile patiently. :unsure: I'm happy costuming for medieval fairs, steampunk shows, 1930s dinners, whatever. Apart from a decent costume (and appropriate shaving or not) I like to do the job in depth, with appropriate pocket and wallet contents - identification, licences, currency, photos, travel papers etc. Many I've simply bought, but some I've made. Browsed here often, but bit the bullet and finally signed up.


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Hi all, been meaning to join the RPF for years, but never got around to it. I plan to post some photos and how to's: about past projects i worked on and hopefully provide full detailed build instructions on those past projects.
I love references and blueprints, so I will do my best by providing what I have collected or made over the years and would love feedback on what i got wrong and what i got right. let me know where I can improve.
HI all,
Adam here i live in the heart of the silicon valley CA ( born in NY ) really love all stuff SCIFI
started when i was a kid and wanted to be space man spiff -- started building kits in my 20's
Love going to Comic Con any chance i get have also been Star Wars celebration twice :)

just finished my largest kit to date -- for this year local comic con


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Hello everybody!

Been using The RPF as a resource for years and only recently realized I never made an account haha. Glad to be here and look forward to sharing my projects with you all!

JL Geekcraft

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Hi, I've been a member of the Facebook group for a while and thought I would come to the main hub. I made an account long ago, but I think it expired.

Currently I am gaining skill in 3d modeling and 3d printing. I've made a few replicas of my own, like a batarang that was only used in a few episodes of Batman TAS, and an Arkham Asylum Scarecrow gauntlet that was purely from scrap parts before I got into 3d printing.


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Hey! I’m Nicole — longtime listener, first time caller. I love intricate storytelling and world building through objects. I am a big fan of the early Disney imagineers who pioneered immersive and experiential storytelling. I am a huge collector of Disneyland and other parks related objects.

I just began replicating props and adding history to found objects. I’m currently working on my first project, a replica of the NASA squawk box from Apollo 13 (Ron Howard, 1995). Below are some related graphics I’ve created and/or replicated. I love industrial design.

Can‘t wait to start sharing my work with this incredible community and picking up new skills, tips, and tricks!



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Hello all,

New member here from upper Midwest US. I've lurked for a while but figure I should join. I’ve always been a maker but more recently have had some time for projects. I’m wrapping up a mandalorian costume and have for a few small props like a companion cube, lightsaber, etc. Planning to start more 3D design as I’ve got some printers now instead of just woodworking and sculpting and painting. Next on the list will most likely be designing and working on some replica props from the sandman comic series. I’m super excited about the upcoming Netflix show!


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Hi All,

My name is Sam and I run a small replica and original prop business called Shadowfoil Props, I’m still fairly new to the prop world but loving every minute of it. I’ve had a couple successful lightsaber runs and have been browsing this forum for about a year now. I think asavage is the reason I ended up on the RPF after he mentioned it in one of his Tested videos.


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Hello all,

Been following the forums for years, need an account to interact as I'm getting into cosplay and will need feedback from others. Thanks for all of those who have shared their work so far!

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