captain america 2 the winter solider

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  1. N

    Winter soldier Dossier and Codebook

    I am really new to making paper props, all I have done so far is replica business cards. I would really like to put together a replica of the Winter Soldier Dossier and codebook from Captain America: The winter soldier, but don't really know where to start. I am having trouble in finding...
  2. N

    Winter Soldier Dossier and code book

    I am really new to making paper props, all I have done so far is replica business cards. I would really like to put together a replica of the Winter Soldier Dossier and codebook from Captain America: The winter soldier, but don't really know where to start. I am having trouble in finding...
  3. N

    Winter soldier codebook

    Ever since I have watched the winter soldier I have wanted to make a copy of the red codebook and a copy of the secret file, but I am having issues with trying to find decent screengrabs for this. does anyone know where I can find any, any printable or if there is someone who creates these as a...
  4. F

    Winter Soldier - Let the Cosplay adventure begin

    So - after months of watching YouTube videos and gathering resources I have today begun work on making my daughter's Winter Soldier costume. It will be a combination of self made / bought accessories but I am a complete novice at this. Thought I would start with a pistol. Used Inkscape to...
  5. AmitKer

    A:IW Bucky Barnes Build (Pic Heavy)

    Hi everyone! In honor of Bucky's new actual hero suit (really, his costume in Civil War was just a disappointing black jacket) and BEAUTIFUL wakandan arm, I decided to attempt a build of the character for the opening night of the much-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War (Hell yeah, it's so...
  6. Johnnyfl

    Want to Buy Captain America Winter Soldier Flash Drive

    Looking for a nice Winter Soldier (SHIELD) Flash drive replica, (the one with the Hydra algorithm on) finished or raw kit if anyone has one available. Missed out on the last run.
  7. U

    Captain America shield review...Need Help!

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a custom stealth cap shield from a company called No Limit Designs ( I wanted to write a review of my experience and get your thoughts on the shield itself. I will first start by saying that I have purchased a spider-man...
  8. XJDAN

    Captain America CW/WS accessories question

    Hello everyone, I am kind of in a struggle here I ordered a suit a while ago but the accessories have been delayed/idk when they will arrive, at least not in time for my next con. The shops I have contacted (cosplaysky, procosplay) informed me that they only sell the entire suit with the...
  9. XJDAN

    Want to Buy Captain America Civil War/Winter Soldier accessories

    Hello! I am looking for the CW/WS accessories, preferably faux ones, they don't have to look amazing (preferably cosplaysky etc) I have ordered real leather IW accessories but they wont arive on time/idk when they will arive, that's the reason I don't want to pay big bucks twice. Please contact...
  10. drewthecostumer

    Infinity War Captain Beard from Scratch

    Hey guys! So I'm hopping on this Bearded Cap train full throttle, and aiming to have a 100% presentable costume for Katsucon in February. I've done a slew of professional costume work and sewing, so I've decided to build my cap suit from scratch rather than buying! Not that there's anything...
  11. paxtoprime94

    Quick 'n' Easy Cap Shield from ThinkGeek backpack

    So long story short I already made my own shield a few years ago the hard way with an MH saucer sled and absolutely love it, but didn't have the need to use it for cosplaying until now. Work and school have got me busy so I don't have alot of time to work on sewing my Batman Beyond suit anymore...
  12. L

    WTB Lager Toys Captain America Winter Soldier Shield

    Hi everyone, I am interested in buying a Lager Toys Captain America Winter Soldier shield from someone. I have been searching for one for a few years now with no success. I am interested in any of the versions made but the one I am interested in most is the extreme battled damaged shield as seen...
  13. samura indy

    Want to Buy Custom Gloves

    Hey guys, I'm after someone who can make Captain America stealth suit leather gloves for me. I've got old one that have fallen apart because they're cheapo. But they can be used as a template because they fit perfectly. If you think you can do it please include a rough quote and pictures of...
  14. Maryfoxfirebird

    Want to Buy Captain America Gaiters WS or AOU

    Looking for a pair a Captain America Gaiters. Women size 6.5 boots.
  15. Thorlief Golmen


    Hey Guys, Ive done a few attempts at costume with some success and some failure but its all alearning curve, and with each costume attempt Ive learned so much. Being a member of this site has also grestly improved the costume Ive made as there is so much resource to look over here, its a one...
  16. S

    How Does Cap's Shield Stick To His Back?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into building a Captain America costume (with shield, of course), and I'm wondering if anyone has any first-hand knowledge of how the costumers attached the shield to Cap's back in the movies. Easily attached, easily detached - I'm guessing electromagnets.s Thanks for...
  17. T

    Winter Soldier Costume logistics: Please advise!

    Hello! I'm new to the RPF, but was hoping someone might have an idea to fix my current predicament. I'm a student working on a Winter Soldier costume on a budget. As you might imagine, the most frustrating aspect so far has been that metal arm. I'm currently working with foam that I'm going to...
  18. S

    Captain America helmet, metal strap triangles

    Hello all. So after a lot of work I finished my Captain America Helmet and was successful in making the chin guard and webbing straps out of stainless steel. The chin guard was a bit more time consuming then I thought. But the triangles weren't too bad and really help to add detail to the...
  19. C

    Captain America Shield~1:1 scale prop replica~Marvel Avengers Harness Magnet Kit

    Something I made for myself, I want to share with everyone. I have done mural painting, custom and fine art for over 15 years. I decided to make the best Captain America Halloween costume ever. The shield, harness kit turned...
  20. Mike J.

    Unlimited Run Rogers-Barnes 2016 Shirts, etc.

    Revised my earlier art and came up with this text treatment for a hypothetical Captain Steve Rogers + Sergeant James "Bucky" Barnes campaign logo. On sale for a couple days right now; it will not get cheaper than this: Please use...
  21. T

    Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Leather Jacket Costume NEWBIE QUESTIONS

    Hey everybody, long time lurker first time poster, I have a big project I want to start but I've never done something like this before, so I'm pretty excited. I need advice and suggestions from anyone that's willing. I hope someone is interested enough to read and contribute, but I'm sure this...
  22. MrRoboto

    Interest LADY SIZED Winter Soldier / Bucky Arm

    I've been selling kits and finished versions of my resin-cast Winter Soldier Arm for roughly a year now. You can see the Project Runs thread here: And read more about the two available options on my website, here...
  23. The Full Armor

    Unlimited Run Complete Captain America: Age of Ultron uniforms (New and Improved!)

    Complete Captain America: Age of Ultron uniforms (made to order) Iam offering full uniforms as well as each piece individually forthose of you looking to modify your current costumes. The fulluniform comes complete with a replica helmet, multiple-piece jacket, pants, shieldharness, utility...
  24. TheSChorsch719

    Crossbones Captain America Civil War

    Reference Images
  25. Maryfoxfirebird

    Has anyone bought Cap helmets from monsters in

    With civil war fast approaching I'm in the market for a helmet. I've seen awesome work on this forum but I find the 6 wk wait time a bit daunting. I found this seller via Google and wanted you guys opinion.

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