iron man

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  1. shareahack

    Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet DIY Build - All-Metal (Steel)

    I've been wanting to build my own Mark I helmet for a few years now...the shapes and details of the helmet seem basic enough that I think I can whip something up pretty quick. The goal is make the helmet all metal, yet light enough to wear comfortably. The thickness of the metal will have to...

    Iron Man Mark85 "endgame" 3Dprinted Cosplay

    WELCOME TO MY ENDGAME Hey guys, my name's Caio, i'm from Sao Paulo, Brasil. I would like to share my project with you. When I started the armor, in June of last year, it was in the interval between two things, I had just finished the Stormbreaker and would start Thanos' dual blade sword, but...
  3. blickfangQ2

    Iron Man glove/gauntlet/hand build - 3D Print

    Hello everyone, I recently bought my first 3D Printer and now started a small project. I’ll post updates now and then and we’ll see how it goes :)
  4. Domonator

    Do3d running a contest for free full suit 3d print files!!!

    Hello Everyone, The website Do3d is running a contest for people to vote on a file or suit that they have or have not made yet. They will release 1 of each file for free, one suit that they have not modeled yet, and a suit that they have already modeled. They decide which ones are the...
  5. Cri7e

    Iron Man Mk 46 3D Printed Suit from Civil War

    Hello everybody, long time no see! After finishing my Mk 40 "Shotgun" suit almost entirely without posting anything on here I thought for my next armor it was about time to share some progress, knowledge and maybe some tricks with the community. I am currently in the process of 3D printing a...
  6. agliarept

    3w Iron Man Laser

    Howdy, This is an Iron Man inspired handheld laser. Had this commissioned 5 years ago by a member of the laser pointer forum. It's been sitting on a shelf collecting dust, interested in selling but not in a rush. This is not a toy, and is meant to be used in conjunction with laser safety...
  7. MoeSizzlac

    My Iron Man Mark VII Helmet with Working Face Mask

    Well here it is, the beginning of 2020 and I had done a little work on transforming 1.05 Iron Man MkVII Helmet by Darkside501st pepakura from a paper item: to a printable 3D Item. Need to separate parts out so that I can get my fat head in and out easily OK, so let's get a rundown...
  8. F

    Ironman armor mechanical details 3D files? Anyone?

    Hi guys yesterday on fb i found this guy who 3D printed this dope mk46 armor with all the details in it, does anyone have or know somebody who sell these files? I tried contacting the owner of the files but he dont wanna sell them. So i was looking for an alternative. Thank you guys.
  9. Thaxton12

    Ironman Flight stabilizer boots

    Just a sneak peek of the flight stabilizer boots from Ironman 1. This is V2 of my previous build. This is completely flexible!!! Can’t wait to share how fluid this thing moves as well as capabilities.
  10. D

    Overly Intricate Iron Man Project

    Hey there, and welcome! This is the start of what will inevitably be a very long project. About a year and a half ago I realized that I could actually start pursuing a dream I'd had for many years of making an Iron Man suit. In my excitement, I ran out to the store, bought some foam and contact...
  11. Thaxton12

    Mk 43 opening armor. WIP

    So guys this is just a proof of concept. So bear with me lol If you’ve seen my previous posts, you know I’ve been working on a Mk 43 suit. I’m building it using 3d printed parts, but mostly I’m using aluminum for the frame. What you see here is just a proof of concept, in regards to an eject...
  12. Foamnoob42

    Punisher War Machine EVA Foam Build by a complete novice!

    Hey guys, I'm very new to cosplay. Never touched a chunk of EVA foam in my life. So I thought the best cosplay to ease me into the hobby was a super complex suit of armour made out of foam. I am a smart person who makes good decisions XD. It's not too bad though. Someone else already did a...
  13. floppydannyboi

    Looking for Iron Man Mark 85 Foam Files

    Im looking for mark 85 foam files is anyone knows where i can get them, dont mind paying but really want to get hold of some. Thanks.
  14. Poot Poster

    Rescue helmet from Avenger Endgame 1:1 scale wearable by Poot Prop

    Hello everyone I’m Poot prop maker from Thailand This project I start from 3D print file by Inner details handmade and design by myself Made of resin fiberglass
  15. Poot Poster

    Hall of helmets

    I start this project by 3D print file by But for all details Handmade work ( 80% Handmade) Inner details design by myself Made of resin and fiberglass
  16. JohnnyPyro

    Wearable Endgame/Infinity War Arc Reactor (movie accurate) that wirelessly charges phone

    It took me a while, but I got a pretty movie accurate Endgame arc reactor built and a full tutorial to go along with it. I'm finishing an Instructable and vid to go with it for the wireless charging variant. Just posting here to get ideas or tips on improving the wireless charger design and to...
  17. P

    Help! Identify this prop?

    HI Rpf, Does anyone have an idea what film this is from? Beautiful piece,plated.Hint: circa 2010-2014?
  18. FSURobbie

    Iron Man Mk. 1 Arc Reactor Build

    Hi folks! So I haven't posted in awhile and wanted to share my results with a prop I've wanted to build for over a decade now. It's one that's been done ad nauseam, so my apologies, but I love how it turned out. Back when Iron Man first came out I fell in love with the Mk. 1 arc reactor...
  19. G

    Spider-Man Far From Home Sunglass Case

    Just saw FFH and love the case that the EDITH glasses came in. It looks to be root-ball wood but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have any ideas who makes this/how it could be made?
  20. gaiatron

    Avengers: Endgame Iron Man MK85 Full Suit

    So me and my team are now constructing this newest Iron Man full suit commission straight the recent Avengers: Endgame movie. Will be posting progress here.
  21. Tonythetechie

    Fully Printed Mk85 Suit

    Hello everyone!! I am not actually new to this site, signed up since 2014 but been attempting to build Iron man suits since my high school years in 2011 but now that I actually built a suit that I am proud of sharing I thought I'd like to join, share and contribute to this community as much as...
  22. Gaz

    Iron Man Mark 85 - My own Endgame

    Hi all, It’s been a long while since I’ve been on here. Some may recall me from a few years ago having completed some foam builds of Iron Man Mark 7 and Mark 42, a female variant of the Mark 42, and finally a Mass Effect N7 mash up with the 42. The builds gave me real pleasure, more than the...
  23. Danlex9

    Iron Man Mark 15 aka Sneaky foam scratch build

    This Iron man suit is one of the many seen in the final act of Iron man 3. It can be seen trying to catch tony during a fall and breaking up into pieces as he hits everything on his way down. I'm treating this one much the same as I did my mark 41 bones suit build (theres a thread on that one...
  24. Indy Magnoli

    MasterChef: Superhero Cook-Off (our latest fan film parody)

    We've been working on this a while... hope you guys get a kick out of it: Part I: Part II: Bloopers: Let us know what you think... and please share it around! Kind regards, Indy Magnoli
  25. ZoiddBergg

    Infinity War Tony Stark Shirt Help

    Hello, I'm back again looking for more help haha, does anyone know where to get an exact copy of the compression shirt worn by RDJ in Infinity war? I found a place that made them but went back the other day and they're gone from their website, It needs to have the side bits of the collar raised...

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