iron man

  1. offearth

    Pepper Potts - Rescue Helmet

    Hey everyone. I finished the print/paint on the Do3D Rescue Helmet. This was a pretty challenging project. Working with new paints, upgrading my airbrush to a 0.5mm setup and mixing colors to get it as close to accurate as I could! Here is the list of paints I used and mixed to achieve my goal -...
  2. ZoiddBergg

    Infinity War Tony Stark Shirt Help

    Hello, I'm back again looking for more help haha, does anyone know where to get an exact copy of the compression shirt worn by RDJ in Infinity war? I found a place that made them but went back the other day and they're gone from their website, It needs to have the side bits of the collar raised...
  3. I

    Avengers Age of Ultron Under Armour still around?

    Hi! Just curious if anyone would happen to have an Iron Man alter ego under armour shirt from Age of Ultron? The limited run of shirts they did for Iron Man, Cap, Widow and Quicksilver. Any size will do. I’ll buy on the spot! Thanks!
  4. ZoiddBergg

    What is the best material to cast an Iron Man suit?

    Hello, I will be getting a 3D printer some point this year, the first project I want to work on is either Iron Man Mark 46 or 85, once the 3D prints are done I will be making silicone molds of them but I don't know what to cast them out of, can anyone give any recommendations? Thank you.
  5. DeltaStryker000

    Iron Man Mark 85

    Of course no spoilers for Avengers: Endgame until at least 1 month after release date. EDIT - due to the Russo Brothers declaring the ban on spoilers for Endgame null and void, spoilers are now fair game. Is anyone aware of, or in current possession of, a foam unfold or model being worked on...
  6. F


    just seen this tony stark's infinity gauntlet on Instagram, expecting loads of new props and 3D models about it :'D can't wait to print my own gauntlet.
  7. animefan

    Marvel Iron Man mark 46/47 painted helmet

    This listing is for a fully finished iron man mk46/47helmet. The mk 46 has all automotive paint and 4 stage faux chrome paint effect for the gold. Slight weathering to make it look like it has been flown once or twice. Temporary display lenses. Helmet kit is made and finished by...
  8. animefan

    Marvel Iron Man mark 50 painted helmet

    This listing is for a fully finished iron man mk50 helmet with a weathered paint scheme. Mk 50 has automotive paint with a 2k clear. Gold same faux chrome 4 stage paint process. Heavily weathered and battle damaged. Temporary clear petg lenses are installed. Helmet kit is by...
  9. masked rider


    Hi Guys , We have been taking orders on this Life size MARK 45 statue ready for display on our FB page . And we have this " READY TO SHIP" Fresh out from the oven . Client placed order on our Christmas sales , while we offered only 5 of this MARK 45 life size statue in special sales price ...
  10. Sinlow1980

    Which 3d Ironman mk47 file should I buy?

    Struggling to decide on do3d or maxcrft 3d file for mk47. I have read hundreds of posts trying to decide, anyone has any input, thanks
  11. Akilo101

    Iron Man MK VI Helmet Take 2

    Hey all, Now that Ive settled into college life im going to take another crack at making an iron man helmet. Before I start charging ahead with the pep work I though I could ask all of you for some scaling insight. I glued together the remaining parts of the failed attempt of a helmet I made...
  12. oblagon

    Marvel Iron Man 3 MKVII Right arm 1:1 wearable

    No International sales Shipping is included in price Made from ABS and is padded on the inside. The palm lights up and rocket pod will open/close via a servo. I've just had this on display and never lit it up, but it comes complete with the packaging and battery packs .
  13. SuperheroAlex

    looking to buy a fiberglass iron man suit

    i am looking to buy a fiberglass iron man suit and cant seem to find the best options.... there are alot of nice eva foam iron man suits out there, but i need one that is more durable. please contact me if you make them or know someone that does. thanks
  14. The14thDr

    Iron Man Mark 50 (Battle-Damaged) Suit

    Hey everyone! Owning an Iron Man suit has been my dream for a very long time now. I’ve had a few false starts in the past but this time I’m confident that I’ll be able to pull it off. The Mark 50/Infinity War suit doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention from cosplayers but IMO it’s the coolest...
  15. The14thDr

    Wearable LED Arc Reactor [Iron Man]

    The design for this is really simple: an elastic harness which can be worn around the chest, with the arc reactor itself “powered” by a set of LED fairy lights (the elastic is tight enough to keep the reactor firmly in place, but stretchy enough to still allow me to move and breath comfortably.)...
  16. iamshazam


    I figured it was about time I post a build after being a long time member and silent builder...I am currently working on a 3D print / build of the MK50 battle damaged helmet from the Avengers Endgame trailer. I'll be posting update pics and such here as I go and will provide the build video...
  17. TheMechanic17

    Searching for Iron Man MK42 palms STL file

    Looking for MK 42 palms for gauntlet build. Want to recreate the poster where Tony has the boots and gauntlets on. Or anything close would be absolutely amazing.
  18. Dieguito31

    Iron-Man MK42/43 paper build

    Hi everyone, here is my Iron-Man mk42/43 project i started 3 years ago, the armor is almost complete in 190g paper (I have to redone the Abs part), i've started the polyester filler process 2 months ago.
  19. Andrastos

    My first Iron Man Build - WIP - EVA FOAM

    Hi all, I am doing my first Iron Man out of foam for the first time, still raw, haven't done any kwikseal or anything yet. Combining a Marvel Legends 1:1 helmet with it too. EDIT: Cant seem to post pictures via phone
  20. newcosplayerwho

    iron man mk 7 sub zero pepakura

    Hello i am going to start my mk 7 project whilt having it have the colors of the sub zero iron man!
  21. gaiatron

    Avengers Age Of Ultron Iron Man MKXLIII Full Suit

    Showing off my latest finished build that i'm planning to sell. The Iron Man MKXLIII suit from Avengers Age of Ultron made of 4-5mm EVA foam. Moving on to my next project that is the War Machine MKII. Hope you like this new build of mine.
  22. M

    Iron Man Mark 46 - 3D print

    Hi all, I'm just getting started on a 3D print of the Iron Man Mark 46 armor (Civil War). I'm using the Do3D files, although I have some other PDO files from an earlier build so it's possible I'll export those to OBJ format and mix-and-match a bit. I got the idea for doing a half-suit...
  23. P

    Want to Buy Complete Iron Man costume - in time for Halloween!

    I know it might be a stretch, but I figured I'd see what might be out there! Let me know, thanks! -M
  24. efarley

    Kandy Apple Red Ironman Mark XLV (45) 3D Printed Build Thread

    Kandy Apple Red Ironman Mark XLV (45) 3D printed build thread. Ironman Mark XLV (45) - Avengers: Age of Ultron Hello all and welcome to my build thread. I have wanted to do my own Ironman armor since I saw the first movie. I've attempted a couple times a long time ago to create the mark 3...
  25. T

    Want to Buy Full Iron Man Suit from Infinity War with motorized face plate and lights

    Hey everyone, I'm usually a DC guy, but I think I'm ready to jump into a full Iron Man suit. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it!!