iron man

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  1. Thaxton12

    MK42 gauntlet ( battle damaged )

    Selling my custom handmade mk42 gauntlet. please check out these videos!! features realistic motor sounds with finger movements auto open/ close to allow user to easily put on or take off gauntlet. rising rocket hatch with just a single hand movement. all batteries are rechargeable!!!! The...
  2. MattgomeryBurns

    Iron Man MK 5 Animatronic Helmet Reviews

    I saw a video of this helmet go viral about a month ago with an animatronic faceplate. I was curious if you guys have purchased one or have any insights into the best source? From what I've seen there are a few sellers out of China (and I'm sure they're all getting it from the same factory) -...
  3. Thaxton12

    Ironman Flight Boot $225

    Flight stabilizer boot replica I made several months back. Comes complete with realistic motor sounds when walking, an aluminum frame, and opening closing feature. I never got around to completing it ( making it pretty) so it’s a wiring mess lol. Fully wearable/ walkable considering its many...
  4. jholt

    Taurus Studio Iron Man MK 50 Damaged Helmet PRICE DROP

    hey all! i have an extra, factory sealed and very hard to find Taurus Studio Iron Man MK 50 Damaged helmet for sale. they only produced 300 worldwide. it is beautifully crafted, very heavy and has a show stopping light and audio feature. it is #56/300. im asking $850 USD + s&h however i...
  5. SuperBatMan

    Marvel King Arts 1:1 Arc Reactors Movie Replica

    King Arts MPS031 Pepper Potts Gift (Diecast) Have for sale this nice Piece, which was seen on "Iron Man" and "Avengers Endgame" Very good condition, sadly i don't have the box, but try my best to make a good packaging. Buyer pays Shipping (Please ask for Shipping cost). Keep in mind...
  6. FranklyBuilt

    MK85 Iron Man Cosplay w/ Infinity Stones - 100% 3D Printed (Pic and resource heavy)

    Hello everyone! My name's Frank! I'm 29 and currently stationed in the UK with my wife and doggos. I've been in the USAF for 8 years now and been overseas the entire time. I've been a lurker here for a while and i've been wanting to post this but every time i think it's done; i want to change or...
  7. katrin2000

    Want to 3D print an Iron Man suit

    So, I am tired of being ripped off by unscrupulous sellers and I've decided to take the plunge and get into 3D printing. My sole purpose, initially, is to do an Iron Man suit. The suit will probably not be worn, simply displayed. So, has anyone here done it themselves? What files did you...
  8. P

    Iron Man Repulsor/Flight Stabilizor Test Arm

    I made this a while ago as my first major build and it turned out better than expected despite some setbacks. The frame is all extruded 1/8” pvc heat formed to fit correctly and painted to look like metal. The hand piece has an LED in it and lights up with a 9 volt battery wired through the arm...
  9. shareahack

    DIY Wearable Arc Reactor with 5 Interchangeable Designs (3D Printed, 1-day Build)

    Hi all! While I was working on my Mark 1 helmet video, I had the idea to make a quick 3D printed "under-the-shirt" arc reactor. It evolved into bigger project with adding the swappable faceplates with different arc reactor profiles. Some of the designs aren't 100% true because I had to come up...
  10. Superman

    Ironman vs Joker helmet

    It’s been awhile since I posted here but thought this would go perfect to show off my latest Build. WHAT IF ...,,,, the Joker got his hands on Stark technology...specifically the Ironman suit. What would that look like? This is how I picture it. The IronJoke helmetis painted in the Jokers...
  11. shareahack

    Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet DIY Build - All-Metal (Steel)

    I've been wanting to build my own Mark I helmet for a few years now...the shapes and details of the helmet seem basic enough that I think I can whip something up pretty quick. The goal is make the helmet all metal, yet light enough to wear comfortably. The thickness of the metal will have to...

    Iron Man Mark85 "endgame" 3Dprinted Cosplay

    WELCOME TO MY ENDGAME Hey guys, my name's Caio, i'm from Sao Paulo, Brasil. I would like to share my project with you. When I started the armor, in June of last year, it was in the interval between two things, I had just finished the Stormbreaker and would start Thanos' dual blade sword, but...
  13. blickfangQ2

    Iron Man glove/gauntlet/hand build - 3D Print

    Hello everyone, I recently bought my first 3D Printer and now started a small project. I’ll post updates now and then and we’ll see how it goes :)
  14. Domonator

    Do3d running a contest for free full suit 3d print files!!!

    Hello Everyone, The website Do3d is running a contest for people to vote on a file or suit that they have or have not made yet. They will release 1 of each file for free, one suit that they have not modeled yet, and a suit that they have already modeled. They decide which ones are the...
  15. Cri7e

    Iron Man Mk 46 out of Sintra

    Hello everybody, long time no see! After finishing my Mk 40 "Shotgun" suit almost entirely without posting anything on here I thought for my next armor it was about time to share some progress, knowledge and maybe some tricks with the community. I am currently in the process of 3D printing a...
  16. MoeSizzlac

    My Iron Man Mark VII Helmet with Working Face Mask

    Well here it is, the beginning of 2020 and I had done a little work on transforming 1.05 Iron Man MkVII Helmet by Darkside501st pepakura from a paper item: to a printable 3D Item. Need to separate parts out so that I can get my fat head in and out easily OK, so let's get a rundown...
  17. F

    Ironman armor mechanical details 3D files? Anyone?

    Hi guys yesterday on fb i found this guy who 3D printed this dope mk46 armor with all the details in it, does anyone have or know somebody who sell these files? I tried contacting the owner of the files but he dont wanna sell them. So i was looking for an alternative. Thank you guys.
  18. Thaxton12

    Ironman Flight stabilizer boots

    Just a sneak peek of the flight stabilizer boots from Ironman 1. This is V2 of my previous build. This is completely flexible!!! Can’t wait to share how fluid this thing moves as well as capabilities.
  19. D

    Overly Intricate Iron Man Project

    Hey there, and welcome! This is the start of what will inevitably be a very long project. About a year and a half ago I realized that I could actually start pursuing a dream I'd had for many years of making an Iron Man suit. In my excitement, I ran out to the store, bought some foam and contact...
  20. Thaxton12

    Mk 43 opening armor. WIP

    So guys this is just a proof of concept. So bear with me lol If you’ve seen my previous posts, you know I’ve been working on a Mk 43 suit. I’m building it using 3d printed parts, but mostly I’m using aluminum for the frame. What you see here is just a proof of concept, in regards to an eject...
  21. Foamnoob42

    Punisher War Machine EVA Foam Build by a complete novice!

    Hey guys, I'm very new to cosplay. Never touched a chunk of EVA foam in my life. So I thought the best cosplay to ease me into the hobby was a super complex suit of armour made out of foam. I am a smart person who makes good decisions XD. It's not too bad though. Someone else already did a...
  22. floppydannyboi

    Looking for Iron Man Mark 85 Foam Files

    Im looking for mark 85 foam files is anyone knows where i can get them, dont mind paying but really want to get hold of some. Thanks.
  23. Poot Poster

    Rescue helmet from Avenger Endgame 1:1 scale wearable by Poot Prop

    Hello everyone I’m Poot prop maker from Thailand This project I start from 3D print file by Inner details handmade and design by myself Made of resin fiberglass
  24. Poot Poster

    Hall of helmets

    I start this project by 3D print file by But for all details Handmade work ( 80% Handmade) Inner details design by myself Made of resin and fiberglass
  25. JohnnyPyro

    Wearable Endgame/Infinity War Arc Reactor (movie accurate) that wirelessly charges phone

    It took me a while, but I got a pretty movie accurate Endgame arc reactor built and a full tutorial to go along with it. I'm finishing an Instructable and vid to go with it for the wireless charging variant. Just posting here to get ideas or tips on improving the wireless charger design and to...

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