captain america

  1. NuadaDesigns

    Captain America Helmet from a Daredevil Cowl WIP

    Had a fibreglass casting of a season 2/3 Daredevil cowl sitting around and right after watching Endgame I finally got the itch to make a Cap helmet. Not finished yet, or 100% accurate, but all done with Bondo and a Dremel over the Daredevil base.
  2. ArgusUndercover

    Hawkeye / Agent Clint Barton Paper Props - Evolution of Hawkeye

    As I am a Hawkeye; Agent Clint Barton Cosplayer over the last few years I have designed and made a number of props for my cosplay. Props ranging from quivers, arrows, masks, gauntlets, boot cover and paper props. I get asked to SHARE them quite regularly, which I often refrain from doing but...
  3. N

    Winter soldier Dossier and Codebook

    I am really new to making paper props, all I have done so far is replica business cards. I would really like to put together a replica of the Winter Soldier Dossier and codebook from Captain America: The winter soldier, but don't really know where to start. I am having trouble in finding...
  4. N

    Winter Soldier Dossier and code book

    I am really new to making paper props, all I have done so far is replica business cards. I would really like to put together a replica of the Winter Soldier Dossier and codebook from Captain America: The winter soldier, but don't really know where to start. I am having trouble in finding...
  5. N

    Winter soldier codebook

    Ever since I have watched the winter soldier I have wanted to make a copy of the red codebook and a copy of the secret file, but I am having issues with trying to find decent screengrabs for this. does anyone know where I can find any, any printable or if there is someone who creates these as a...
  6. Z

    Captain america shield and acccessories

    Hi guys and girls i need some help as i am doing a captain america cosplay for july and need advice on where to get everything. So far i am going for white sheep costume and looking at two etsy sellers for a metal shield; shieldlabs and capshieldcentral. Has anyone bought from these sellers and...
  7. AgentOfShield

    Marvel Captain America Shield Replica CATTOYS

    CATTOYS full size Captain America shield replica. Made of ABS plastic featuring high gloss metallic paint finish, metal buckles, and faux leather arm straps. Diameter is just under 24”, which is the diameter of the prop used in the Avengers films. Perfect for display or cosplay, grab it just...
  8. dannylopuz

    Captain America CW jackets ready to ship. Get yours for Endgame!

    I'm starting my website and I have some Captain America jackets ready to ship! These are the same jackets I was making here: Limited Run - Captain America Civil War jacket in leather I have jackets ready to ship in size S, M, L and XL. I only have one or two depending on the size so please send...
  9. S

    Captain America Shield Using Plannishing Hammer

    Hey guys, I know the shield has been beaten to death on here and there's a really straight forward approach using spun aluminum blanks. But for those of us out there that like to make things harder on ourselves, have any of you tried using a plannishing hammer? Back in College I made my first...
  10. W

    Captain America Heater Shield

    Hey there RPF. I'm setting out on a journey to create a heater shield to emulate Cap from the Ultimate Marvel Universe. He sports something reminiscent of an medieval shield as you may know and I don't intend to mess about with this particular prop, I'm looking for a steel. I understand that...
  11. oblagon

    Marvel Aluminum First Avenger Captain America shield

    No International sales Shipping is included in the price Painted this myself and had it clear coated at a auto body shop. The star, handles/brackets and plaque were all purchased from RPF members. Never been costumed with, just been sitting on display.
  12. oblagon

    Marvel Shield Labs Captain America WWII Shield replica

    No international sales Shipping is included in the price Selling my Shield Labs WWII Cap shield; never costumed with it, it's just been on display the entire time I've owned it. Painted the correct gold on the back along with the tour note cards taken from the movie.
  13. C

    Need help to fix a cap shield from EFX collectible

    Hello guys, Need help to fix a cap shield from EFX collectibles. Bought it from someone who said he received it like this and never had the guts to destroy it to have a replacement. If that story is true. It is missing one rivet that hold a hinge with straps. There is a cracked hole on the edge...
  14. Johnnyb

    Which Cap shield is better?

    Which metal Captain America shield is the better purchase between the Marvel legends 75th anniversary shield or the cattoys shield? Or is there a better metal one in the same price range ($300ish)? ‘Thanks.
  15. Cameron1138

    What's the best Bucky rescue jacket available right now (Captain America: TFA)?

    I might be looking for the vintage-style leather double rider Cap wears in the Bucky rescue mission in The First Avenger. Who sells the best ones for the money? It doesn't look like Magnoli makes one (I know I could probably get one custom, but I definitely can't afford that). From the pictures...
  16. M

    Captain America Rescue Costume for Kid

    So every year i ask my kid what he wants to be for Halloween and well this year he wants to be Captain America from the rescue mission in the first movie. For the most part Im good with making everything or thrift store finding the things I need, like this cute leather jacket I from an etsy...
  17. S

    Hasbro Captain America Shield (plastic) Mod

    So I just bought a hasbro Legends Captain America shield (plastic version) for only $40 on a clearance sale. I noticed there are so many scratches especially on the star. I was thinking if anyone has modified their shield (repaint, leather replacement, etc...) I also noticed that there are 3...
  18. spiderfan11

    Custom Captain America Shield Wall Mount

    So I used to have an EFX shield, but wanted to go back to a metal one. I was sad to see the wall mount from EFX go, but c’est la vie. So I decided to make my own version for my soon to arrive replacement shield. I liked the basic design of the EFX amount, but wanted an easier way to get the...
  19. O

    My first Captain America Civil War Suit Build: Underjacket Completed!

    For those who are curious about the shield build, go here: *cracks knuckles* Alright, here we go! After two failed test runs, I've finally started the journey of making a Captain America: Civil War suit for my husband. For those of you joining...
  20. G

    Captain america wakandan shield - youtube tutorial

    LEARN TO MAKE Captain Americas Wakanda Shield From the New Film AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. Hey Everyone! Check out my video tutorial of me making Caps new shield from infinity war! I’m still learning, but I had a blast making this one. DOWNLOAD THE FREE TEMPLATES HERE...
  21. C

    My first Captain America shield build

    Hi All! Just getting started on my shield build! :) I started with a 26" Flexible Flyer saucer sled, and am starting to make some progress. Got the powder coat stripped off of the front, and working on the back now. The front has also been sanded, starting with 120 grit, and worked my way...
  22. A

    Questions on getting started on a Captain America Cosplay

    I’ve been looking around for a Captain America Civil War costume so I can buy. The two big ones I’ve been seeing are cosplaysky vs whitesheepleather. vs...
  23. S

    Homemade Captain America Shield

    I made this thread to ask a question, before that I will give some background on it Mid-Feb 2018, I decided to start to make a full metal cap shield. I did my research and the best option for me, money and time, is going through the sled option. (You know this if you also researched this) Got...
  24. AmitKer

    A:IW Bucky Barnes Build (Pic Heavy)

    Hi everyone! In honor of Bucky's new actual hero suit (really, his costume in Civil War was just a disappointing black jacket) and BEAUTIFUL wakandan arm, I decided to attempt a build of the character for the opening night of the much-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War (Hell yeah, it's so...
  25. ichnob

    Want to Buy WTB Hot Toys Captain America Civil War 1/6 scale figure (MMS350)

    Looking for one used/displayed at hopefully a fair price. Willing to spend up to $275 or so for one with all accessories and packaging (no shipping box is fine). I also have a Roman's Empire Gen 1 Graflex replica with ANH+ESB conversion kits along with a replica 3-cell bottom as a trade...