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  1. Droidboy

    Life Sized All Spark Cube from Transformers

    I picked this up here on the RPF years ago right as the first movie came out so I could do some photo ops with Morgan Sheppard, who played Capt Witwicky in the film. It's a beautiful piece that is fully etched and painted. Down side is the gas inside expanded a little bit and it's a tad...
  2. MoviePropCollector

    Transformers Franchise Online Auction Feb 28th

    Those interested in the Transformer's film franchise can still register for Profiles In History Transformers online auction being held February 28th. There are over 260 lots and everytihng starts at only $100! All lots start at $100 and there are many cool electronic props, weapons, and...
  3. FXengineer

    Magic Wheelchair - Bumblebee

    So I had the amazing opportunity to partner up with a team made up of Florida makers to build a costume for Magic Wheelchair. After meeting with the family and learning about the young man, Alex, we settled on a Bumblebee themed design inspired by the recent Transformers movie of the same name...
  4. Darth_Nickel


    I’m looking for a good allspark cube. Anyone have one they want to part with? I’ve seen a couple here or the LE version. I’m open. Let me know Thanks!
  5. D

    Optimus Prime helmet

    My 5 year old son is completely obsessed with Transformers (original 80's and the more recent 2015 cartoon). I recently bought a load of furniture from IKEA and decided that putting the boxes in the recycling was a waste of good cardboard. I started with the simplistic Ironman helmet template...
  6. Ozymandius


    Been on a bit of a Transformers kick lately and decided to finally build one of bucket-list projects; Unicron's severed head from Transformers The Movie (1986). Started with the sculpt in Chavant NSP Hard and molded and cast in Onyx resin. And finally paint and LEDs. With that...
  7. D

    Transformers Optimus Prime G1 variant WIP

    Hi, my name's Dave. I thought I'd start keeping a sort of "Build Log" or "Project Log" for my 2018 Halloween costume project. I’m about to post several smaller posts all within the same hour to this thread. Each represents a separate “log entry” I wrote into a Word doc, prior to July 13...
  8. G

    The Ship of the Imagination from "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey"

    First post! Lovely to actually post here after years of lurking. :lol I've been modelling Neil DeGrasse Tyson's sleek Ship of the Imagination from "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," and boy, is it quite the challenge. After rewatching A Spacetime Odyssey in anticipation of "Cosmos: Possible Worlds"...
  9. Z

    Optimus Prime Massive 9 Foot Build

    I'm new to therpf as a poster and I'm hoping to contribute as for the last five years I was just stealing peoples ideas and getting tips on how not to suck. I poured tons of time into a 9 foot Groot Cosplay, My Starlord build (which my son wears now), a Rocket Raccoon build (which my youngest...
  10. T

    Transformers Matrix of Leadership

    Hi everyone, this is my take on the Matrix of Leadership as it appears in the G1 series and movie. All hand made, no CAD or 3D printing here. I've got a load of WIP pictures if anyone is interested. The finished prop is 32cm wide by 17cm tall, cold cast in polyurethane aluminium, brass and...
  11. SgtDuck

    Want to Buy Fast 3D Model for Last Minute Rig

    Rush job. Willing to pay for a 3D model I can use on Pepakura. I'm not concerned about all the little parts/details like the spikes, greebles, hind legs, butt or what shows between the plates as I can handle that during the construction. I just need the main/big pieces (backpack/booster pack...
  12. Medic713

    Kid's Optimus Prime - FINISHED

    Here's my first attempt at building something like this. I'd say I'm about 50% completed with construction at this point. This is by no means "screen accurate" but in the opinion of my 5 year old is "so cool" so I'm happy with that! Any ideas or feedback are welcomed!
  13. M

    photoshop help!

    hello all i was hoping someone could take this image and make eachcube 3 1/4" by 31/4" ive been trying but no luck...
  14. M

    Transforming Optimus Prime

    Hi everyone. I real new to the cosplay world. I've made costumes as a kid, and love details. Optimus Prime has been a dream build of mine since the cartoon first came out in the 80s. But I figured I'd take it to a higher level and get him to transform. Yes I've seen people make the same costume...
  15. LooksLikeVespa

    DeLorean Transformer *WIP*

    Hey, I'm a Cosplayer for 2 years now. My new project i a DeLorean Transformer (obviously because i cant afford a real DeLorean DMC). I'm nearly done with it. I would love to get Feedback or tips. For Updates, you can like my Facebook Page
  16. ironmaided

    Bumblebee [Transformers Revenge of The Fallen]

    Hey whatsup bruhs, I just want to share this Bumblebee build for a local client. A little drama story, I really regret having this project way back September last year, because I really thought it can help me on getting back up on my feet after what happened (please refer to my New Mark 16...
  17. T

    Li'l Ultra Magnus

    So I'm jumping in at this due to the request of my 4 year old son. Last Halloween, he wanted to be Wall-E, and I made him a costume out of cardboard and spray paint that he loved. He mentioned it the other day, and then said that this year, he wanted to be Ultra Magnus of the transformers. I was...
  18. crawjaw

    Bumblebee from Transformers cosplay armour

    I haven't been on RPF for a while so I thought it was about time I showed some recent work. It's Bumblebee from Transformers movie. Custom made as a one off for a friend. Fabricated in urethane and painted with JCB yellow paint and chrome metallic paint with airbrush. .
  19. bumlbee

    Transformers Frenzy 1:1 Replica and Barricade Car

    Hi Everyone, I just thought I would share with you some pics from the first time they were together Movie Frenzy Build by Kingbotz Customs -110 points of articulation... -4 light-up eyes -Remote-controlled turning head -5ft tall, roughly 15lbs For more photos go to and...
  20. a438980

    Show off your animated series/movies props! (Disney/Anime/Looney Toons/etc)

    I've seen many amazing props on this forum based on various movies, TV shows, and video game series, but not as much based on animated or cartoon movies or shows as I expected. There's been some great props recently pop-up like Marvin the Martian's gun & the hand-held game from FLCL, but these...
  21. E

    Optimus Prime helmet (Hasbro) repaint WIP

    Whilst clearing out my attic I found my sons old Optimus Prime helmet. I was loathe to throw it out and it was just begging for a repaint. It started life like this. I striped it back as far as I could. I gave it a base coat of metallic blue. Masked off for the metallic silver. I'm...
  22. A

    Optimus prime costume.

    hi, here is the page for my costume I made. please check it out and vote for me and tell me what yall think, thanks.
  23. Marthony

    Can you think of a G1/2 Transformer that could be made into a transformable costume?

    Afternoon! At the moment I can't think of what costume to start designing for next year. I'm quite enjoying exo-skeletal costumes like my Lego Man, G1 Optimus Prime toy & G1 Megatron cartoon outfits, and am thinking to stay within that general concept. So you have an idea of the quality I'm...
  24. A

    My 2014 Optimus Prime Costume

    HI, My name is Mike and this is the costume I made for 2014. I worked on it all year and I got a lot of looks, cheers, and photos as I wore it. I actually won some costume contests too, I wish I could wear it to comic con, maybe next year lol, I took some inspiration from pictures online, and...
  25. I

    Transformers Bayverse Matrix of Leadership

    I'm a huge Transformers fan and collector (you can read about it here: ) And my brother has always been very supportive of this hobby. Recently the both of us have gotten interested in movie props. We've been buying small stuff...

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