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Welcome to the RPF! We're happy that you could join us, especially since some of you have been waiting for quite some time.

Please take the time to introduce yourself to the community. Tell us about yourself, your prop interests, maybe even show us some pics of your collection.

Also, here are some useful links to better familiarize yourself with the site. If you have questions, please ask!

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Other links that can ease your way into the RPF can be found here FAQs.

Again, welcome! :)(y)

The RPF Staff
Hello all, my name is Steve and I have been running a small business called Imperial Light and Magic for 3 1/2 years now, since quitting my job in the finance industry. I make cosplay sound and light systems as well as props for the escape room industry and pretty much most other custom electronics. I’ve recently finished a Lobot headpiece with led lights for myself which I’m pretty happy with.


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Hey there. I’m Chris. I’m from just outside Vancouver BC. I’m made my first lightsaber out of a broomstick and a bike handle in 1980. I still make the occasional prop (I just finished my Tomenosuke PKD) but I am an artist by trade. Check out my Star Wars inspired series of paintings ‘SANDSTORM’ from 2013. It looks st the original Star Wars Trilogy from Darth Vader’s point of view. Thanks for having me!


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Hi there! My name’s Sage, I’m from BC, Canada. Currently in a break between school and working and got myself into making some simple props to pass the time! I’m very new to this, but I’ve read these forums for a couple of months for advice and thought I’d hop on. I’m very into Star Trek and am trying to make myself a collection of various props from the shows for cosplay purposes.


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Hi everyone!
I'm new member anything props from Starwars and Lord of the rings...I'm a former industry technician...looking forward to meeting props/model-builders! Have made a couple of things, namely Lord of the rings inspired beast trophies...created them in my make-shift workshop!...wanted to hear your thoughts on these please!


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Newbie here. Playing catch-up with everyone. Typical story.... Grew up in 70s/80s, loves all things StarWars/Indiana Jones/Marvel/Star Trek.
Starting to build props. Have made some 1/6 scale Action Figure Dios and now expanding into 1:1 stuff.
"I am very Happy to be here!"


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Hey everyone. I've been part of the RPF for over a decade, but I'm not sure I've ever posted in this thread. Better late than never, I suppose!
I'm Christopher, I'm a hobbyist level replica prop maker, cosplayer, and overall movie prop enthusiast. Additionally, I collect one-sheet movie posters, vinyl banners, standees, and other movie related memorabilia, a practice which began in my teen years; working in a theater.
I do a lot of 3D modeling, 3D printing, wood and eva foam sculpting. No one would ever call what I do "professional" by any stretch of the imagination, but I have fun.
At present, I don’t own any screen used props, but I have a years-long relationship with creativing replicas. My very first build was a Green Lantern ring, and my latest project is a scratch-built replica of Okoye’s spear from Black Panther (wip).
I’ve lurked here on TheRPF for a long time, in constant awe of the things many of you create and the support I see so often. I’m glad to have found this community, and hope to be able to contribute moving forward. Thanks for having me!


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Name is Chris, I have been on and off on the RPF for a long time now, never really commenting on things.

Props I tend to gravitate around are weapon props, and helmets, mostly lightsabers are my thing but a few others stand out such as Deckard's blaster from BR.

Currently working on a cyberdeck, a ROTJ Luke Hero lightsaber and in a few weeks, the darksaber.


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Hey everyone! I've been a lurker for a little while, never really dug in. However, now I have a WORKSHOP! So it was time to join the community. I just started working on a Han in Carbonite. I'm also sorting out where a 3D printer can live in my shop, and get in that world. I have a 3 year old who LOVES Ghostbusters. Its time to make some proton packs.


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Hi all! My name's Zac, I'm 34 and from New Zealand, longtime member but now embarking on my first builds. I'm planning a Boba Fett (and am trying to get past TDH's spam filters without much luck or response after multiple contact forms have been sent) but am starting small with a Dune (2021) crysknife. I've always been a scale modeller and I also have a Han Solo figure build here.


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Happy to be post #13,751, here: I'm Scott, from Vancouver, BC, Canada. (Noting a few recent Canadians in here, too; nice!)

I'm not a prop builder, but I tinker with electronics and may know just enough to be dangerous. :lol: I'm in software by trade, front-end engineering. I got into doing the Ghostbusters thing at hallowe'en years ago, doing some customizing each season, and recently took on a rather serious commitment on the BTTF front. ;) Regardless of costume, I always enjoy the ability to bring a little surprise, joy and delight to people.

I've landed on the RPF forums numerous times in doing research, and finally decided to sign up. I have something to share, and something to ask about: an El-panel troubleshooting question, and some proton pack sound-effects work which I've open-sourced. I hope some folks find it of interest!

(Side note: I hope these images show up OK.)
Ghostbusters (1984) Proton Pack + Matty Trap (w/vape-based smoke) DeLorean Time Machine replica

Feltman Langer

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Greetings All!
I have posted but realised I haven't officially said hello!
Main interests for props are Star Trek TNG plus era so 1990s mostly. Currently about to embark on my first project, a Boomerang phaser. Looking forward to sharing that adventure with you all :)


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Hi everyone. My name is Rodrigo, I'm a graphic designer from Brazil and I'm joining this community so I can learn and start building things. I came across RPF through Adam Savage's videos, he's such a massive inspiration in my creative and problem-solving life and I hope one day I can interact with him around here.

Adam, if you see this, I absolutely love your work. Anyway, enough fanboyism.

Have a good week, everyone!


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Greetings all...

Name is Chris, but I use Pyrotech on most forums I am on. former broadcast engineer Currently working as a Lineman, an a Pyrotechnian any chance I get. Been Reading the forums off an on for years as a topic of interest comes up. Finally decided to make it official and sign up.


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Hi, I’m Al. Been a lurker for ages and, like the guy above, decided to finally make it official. I’m between jobs but usually a graphic designer who started building plastic model kits in the late 90’s (as soon as I was allowed to have a craft knife).


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Hi I'm Christopher, I'm an Mechanical Engineer, UI Designer, Illustrator, Futurist, Philosopher, and Writer. I love scifi utopias.

In the past I’ve been a minimalist, enjoying rooms void of furniture, devoted to digital files over physical things. Growing up I discovered the ‘Why does this Matter?’ strategy, and the ‘Then What?’ strategy, and the ‘Walk around the store with it in your hands to measure your boredom rising because you don’t really need it’ strategy. But lately I’ve started collecting.

I’ve always loved robots, relating with their personalities more easily than humans. I’ve admired Mythbuster’s Adam Savage who had a cave full of props including R2D2. I once met R2 at Comicon and it was magical. I built a full scale Wall-e for a church event and it was the gateway drug.

Not only did I love seeing fantasy made real, but I loved seeing other people light up. Now I have nearly 50 robots including R2D2 and each time I finish one I post about it and hang on each response from the internet and my family. Very quickly I move onto the next because the last has such fleeting pleasure. That’s why I’m sharing this journal entry, to underline that as someone who has everything, I can definitively tell you,

things cannot fulfill you

because your purpose isn't to have things.

Nothing's wasted that is used so I will use my collection to inspire people to imagine a bright future, and to fuel conversations about my favorite stories and what they mean to me, but I will remember the toys are not the purpose themselves.

Paradise, Love, and Life are what matters.


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I'm a Dad of two teenage boys who spends his day at his full-time, dead-end job, and then comes home to be free. I do the housework and cook and clean for my family and when my chores are done, I then play video games (replaying AC: Black Flag currently), craft useful items (currently making a 3 treddle jack loom for my wife) and do cosplay stuff here and there (finishing my Ghosbusters proton pack).


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Hey, everyone. I'm generally new to prop making. Kind of came into it from mini wargaming and gundam models, combined with getting into larping for a while. Now I pretty much sit in my basement workshop, tinkering with things, modding nerf guns, and making nerdy items. Usually weapons I think are cool from my favorite movies, comics, and games.

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