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After years of putting my talents to use for my two daughter's figure skating, school, singing and drama props and shows I finally have the chance to have a little fun for me. Love Cosplay and the the unlimited potential to build cool things from the movies and games that I loved. Always was a massive fan of Halloween and just "meh!" about Christmas so when the latest Star Wars series hit it was a chance to break up the season of blah!
My first builds fo Rogue One was Darth Nihilus, Sith Acolyte and a Dark Trouper for the movie opening. Used many plans and ideas from this forum so many thanks. This year was Sabine Wren, Bo Katan and Revan for the Last Jedi. Lots of fun when people stop you for pictures with them and the high fives and comments. For the second year in a row the Cineplex manager pulled us aside for photos in front of the Star Wars display. Totally hooked and looking forward to my next builds.

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Hello all, been lurking for awhile and finally decided to make an account.
I'm mostly a lightsaber fan, being a member of some saber forums and facebook groups. Love watching the research and discovery of Star Wars props on here. Currently own a TLJ Graflex 2.0, heavily upgraded, with a Korbanth Kylo, Luke Ep. 8 and Darth Sidious on the way. Glad to be here!


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hi all, i'm Steven but you can call me grizz. everybody does here at home.

origanally from belgium/ Europe

i'm a huge star wars fan and currently busy with some resin kits.
i also like other scifi series like star trek, alien , etc., as long as it's scifi

tanx for the add btw


My name is Emma and I am a hardcore potterhead. I am mostly interested in replica and screen used props. I will post some pictures of my collection soon! Excited to be a part of this wonderful community :)


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Hi everyone,

I'm Stephen, from West Palm Beach Fl. Huge movie buff and FINALLY got around to joining the site.
I've been busy building a Jurassic Park themed crate to give my dad his Christmas Present in. I'll post some pictures after Christmas!

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Hello! I've been a long time lurker since I began my Jyn Erso cosplay back in late May (it's finished now but she's in the process of getting upgraded). I'm mostly into painting and weathering props as well as making props. Recently I finished a Cassian cosplay and made the holster, the boot flaps, weathering and painting the blaster/the 3D printed pieces. I worked on my Jyn as well making the same things. Currently I'm on a quest to get a Seventh Sister cosplay going but we'll see how that goes! Next up is working on foam armor since I haven't gotten the chance to do so yet BUT I'm very excited to learn. I'm more into Star Wars cosplays but am always open to work on other costumes as well. Most of my photos/work can be found over on my instagram: maddibearrr (that's 3 r's at the end). Thanks!


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Hello awesome people of the rpf.

I found you guys through the tested youtube channel.
I'm Kim from the netherlands, a mom and a chronic creator of all things weird (or so they say).
Since I want to try something new after fashion and cloth costuming I started to research casting and foam armor building AND HERE YOU ARE!!!!
You guys have already been such an incredible inspiration and the kids love your work and keep asking for more costumes.
And now I'll go back to lurking and learning from you all.
Hope to see all your projects and techniques and I hope eventually to be able to contribute.


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HI all,

So I joined a while ago and I don't recall if I ever introduced myself.

I am a long time So. Cal Renaissance Faire worker that was more a living historian than anything else. I was 8 when Empire Strikes Back came out, so of course now I can finally live the dream, and going the Force.

Thank you for letting me join, I am still trying to figure out what I want to do first, I have a lot of ideas and I'm looking forwards to getting lost in all the threads.

Thank you, Danny


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My name is Yann. I am a French Navy guy living in Virginia. Getting close to 50 but still in my 16s.
I have been enjoying your posts every day for at least 8 years. Big fan of Star Wars I have built a life size R2, several E11, several DL-44. I have started printing BB8, K2SO, many lightsabers. Plastic is fine but metal is better, therefore I am waiting for the parts to modify a Hasbro Rey and the parts to build a electronic Graflex. My favorite post is the Millennium Falcon Cockpit Replica - Group Build. I am always looking for its updates after every week-ends.
I wish you all a merry
IMG_0026.jpg IMG_0129.jpg IMG_1258.jpg IMG_0680.jpg IMG_0140.jpg





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Hi to all.
Just got back into modelling after a long hiatus. Am currently building the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon and found this board through the DeAg Falcon forum.
Hope to contribute where and when I can.


Riptide :)


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It is great to see this community is still thriving. I am a new prop maker and the first props I have ever made was used in a film that was shot by on of my local museums and then was also credited for it in the credits of the movie, I found out about the RPF from several prop makers on youtube and the 405th witch I am a member of. I am versed in 3d design and printing as well as laser engraving. If you have any questions about that feel free to pm me.

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Happy Holidays RPF - just registered today after finding this forum searching for info on the Bandai PG 1.72 Falcon - coming back to hobby after being a long hiatus - jumping in with bandai star wars and some figures and maybe some star trek.

look forward to connecting with you all. Happy 2018!


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Evening lads,

I have visited this forum once or twice over the past few year and figured I should register because Adam Savage himself recommended this site (youtube video. I don’t know the guy).

Anyway, I’m Elstoggy and it’s nice to meet you all.
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Hi All,

Thought I'd sign up as i'm leaning closer to making props etc for fun and this was the only forum with a recently active thread about a part I'm missing from an old prop!

I do car electronics for a living and have been a nerd all my life.

Nice to meet you all :)


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Hello everyone! I've been lurking on this site for ages but I'm getting into my first major prop build and I thought I'd finally step out of the shadows. I live near Pittsburgh, Pa, I'm an illustrator and I'm glad to be here!


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Hi all,
Im an artist based in Margate, Uk. Work with performance, larp, film and sculpture. Have been using a variety of diff foams to create props, costumes and sculptures. Looking to expand my knowledge and start making some interactive sculptures. Cheers :)

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