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Hi my names jody I live in Shreveport, went to the art institute of Pittsburgh where I got to develop my love of horror and science fiction quite a bit. Got out of school and fell into real life, made a family and have worked nonstop to keep them housed and feed. With daughters off to school and I’ve got some free time now so I started cosplaying Deadpool a year ago and really have the bug now. Hoping to learn quiet a bit more and start doing armory builds. Thanks

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Hi All,
Found this site while looking for images of completed DL44 blaster. Hope to get some pointers and then make my doopydoos DL 44 and E11


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Hello! I'm Garrison, I've been making cosplay and going to the RPF for a few years now so I thought it was about time to make an account!
Right now I'm building a Tim Drake robin suit for parkour and a Stranger Things group cosplay for RCCC 2018!
I can't wait to get more familiar with the RPF!


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I heard about this forum while I was looking for something tips for my TASM2 costume Replica. I join because I want to share with some of u my costumes and the love I’ve got to the world of cosplay. Thanks you guys.


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Hi Community! I'm Charlie and I'm a cosplayer/ prop maker in Australia. My current project is Aurelia Hammerlock from Borderlands: The Pre Sequel, which I hope to finish and wear to PAX Australia. Looking forward to getting to know some people and learning more about crafting~

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Hey everyone! I'm Shannon, and I do mostly costuming side of cosplay, in Chicago! I want to learn more prop making though, despite my limitations of a tiny apartment. My current/ ongoing projects are Lady Sif (first go at armor building), Bombshell Batgirl, Bombshell Harley, White Canary (from Legends of Tomorrow), and most recently, General Hux from Star Wars. The last 2 are my goals to get finished before C2E2 in April! They'll be some fun challenges, and fairly different from previous costumes.

I've done a small list of old costumes- Black Widow, Lara Croft, Amy Pond, Kim Possible, Black Canary (Sarah Lance Arrow version), Hanje/Sasha from Attack on Titan, Codex (The Guild), Jessica Jones, and Bombshell Batwoman. I'll get some pictures of them posted when I am at my home computer and have access to the images. Can't wait to learn more and be a part of this really awesome looking community!


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Happy new year from the Seattle area, everybody. I'm just getting started in prop-making, and have been helping my wife with her burlesque costumes, too.

Some of the tools I have include a decent vinyl cutter and a laser cutter/engraver. I want to learn to get the most of them, and eventually learn my way around that sewing machine, too.

Thanks to the laser it is easy to produce some kinds of 3d carved parts. This is a quick & dirty Judge badge, but as you can see it's loaded with crispy laser texture and wood pores. I'm very happy with how it came out considering the time invested, but it ain't a replica yet.

If I can learn to make wood look like metal, I will be a happy camper!



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Hello from Scotland. Im a big sci/fi fan but primarily interested in all things Blade Runner. Always been my favourite film but since the release of 2049 I've been more interested in props and collecting. Complete newbie but eager to get in about this and share it with kindred spirits.


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Hi, I just joined RPF.

I am a Cadet in the 501st Garrison Carida (Philadelphia) and started working on several Start Wars uniforms.

I work as a storyboard artist for commercials and also teach Graphic Design and Illustration at a Philadelphia university, so I've got a little art talent. I'm also in the Air National Guard and enjoy working on old cars (30s-60s). So I keep busy but am looking forward to learning more about my new hobby.

Thank you!


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Hi there,
I've just joined the RFP and I am new to the Prop and Cosplay world.

My background is in tech and 3D printing, with my first printer being a scratch build Delta.
For the last 2 years, I have gained experience building printers and practical printing for fixing things or building things to solve problems.

Recently (last 6-8 months) I have turned my attention to making a prop from my favourite movie (Blade Runner) which i completed in November.
It was 3D printed, modified and I molded and cast a set of custom amber grips to give it that movie prop look.
I will be revisiting this project in a year or so to see how far my skills have come from this first attempt.

I have almost finished my 2nd prop (another pistol, this time from a game) but I will post a WIP thread for that :)



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Hi boys and girls.
I'm from the not so sun north of England
Newcastle upon Tyne.
I have been into model making for over 40 years and have won a lot of shows.
My mane interests are sci-fi fantasy.
I have only just become aware of costuming and it has peaked my interest big time.
So here I am be gentle with me.


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Hi everyone, I've been wanting to do a Cap impression since First Avenger; as a kid I idolized Cap even while realizing I couldn't ever be that good. Still, the inner teen was sparked and so I thought about it for quite a while, until I was faced with several choices (that weren't immediately obvious to me as I was slow in seeing the movies); anyway- it seems every search I do for pulling together different aspects of Cap's CW suit, RPF is consistently at or near the top. Thought I'd drop by and see what's what and am amazed at the wealth of knowledge and talent I've seen thus far. I may not be a prolific poster as I tend to do these things somewhat slowly, but I will be around.


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Hello all,
Edit: i didn't like what I wrote here, and I cant think of anything to replace it.
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Hi guys, Naz here. I'm a plush doll maker from Australia. I've been freelancing for a few years now, and mostly work in fabric. But recently branching out to use resin and other materials (made Trico this year with resin and silicone casts w/ faux fur and feathers).

Hoping to get into 3d printing this year and move my work towards display character replicas using all sorts of different mediums.

16997713_1311093762293500_5014984709504265604_n.jpg 14440736_1151314391604772_5813248696731666623_n.jpg 19225188_1564139133636240_8547861809060157956_n.png 19225840_1564139256969561_8331320559525823311_n.png


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Hey everyone! Just got into forums today seeing their communities are as helpful as can be when needing answers. My name is Derrick Zanni and I'm an artist, model builder, and I do some photography and writting (visit my instagram via zanni_projects for a look into my art/ hobbies). Happy to join this forum! I am from CT and currently only 17 and have had years of experience in the modelling world(been building since I was 7) if anyone has any starwars related questions I am happy to help.
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Stephen Savage

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Hey everyone. Thanks for the membership. Have been into Star Wars since 1977. Now my kids are also into it. As a father,son project my son has purchased a Anovos production ANH Stormtrooper kit to work on together before he goes into the USAF. He has already purchased a Shepperton Studios E-11 blaster that we are modifying for a closer resemblance to the weapons used. Weathering,d-ring ect. All this for a membership to the 501st. Any pointers when we begin assembling this armor will be beneficial for us. Thanks!


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Hey, I'm Beannn.

I found out about this forum when researching how to aquire an Inferno Squad Armour Kit.
As of right now I do not have many props (other than some official Sonic Screwdriver toys).
I live in England, and hope to find the Stormtrooper Armour I am looking for!


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Hi, I'm SJ.

I found this forum while looking for inspiration to make some more props for my 1985 Marty McFly costume. There's so much enthusiasm and expertise on this site, so I'm very glad to have the chance to join!

I've been a cosplayer for, yikes, 15 years, and I do a lot of amateur prop making as a result. My two main prop-making efforts this year are going to be painting my own Marty skateboard and doing two sets of prop weapons for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for me and my sister. Nice to meet everyone!


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Hello Everyone. I'm Roger Friberg. A 38y old Swede with a movie interest, especially Star Wars. Have JUST signed up here since it was recommended by others that my creating a replica of Ninja from the movie Chappie might be of interest for you to read and help with.

Looking forward to delve into this pool of knowledge and movie goodies!


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Col from Scotland. Been creating Halloween costumes for my son for a few years now but looking to get into more serious projects. Diving in at the deep end with an Alien xenomorph costume so I’ll be mining the expertise and experience of the folk on here. I’ll probably ask some stupid questions so hopefully you’ll bear with me!

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