>> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! <<

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I'm Scott from North Caroline. I've known about the RPF for years, but never considered joining until I realized how great a community it is, mainly from watching Adam Savage on Tested.com's YouTube channel. I've been a collector for many years, mainly toys from my favorite childhood TV shows. About 3 years ago, I discovered the cosplay community and was blown away by people building Iron Man and Master Chief. It was game over for me, as I immediately failed at two attempts building fiberglass pepakura suits lol. I was moderately successful at a foam Iron Man build however. After looking at this suit siting on my display rack and the horrible condition it is in after only wearing it once, I have decided to start another build. IMG_7125.JPG

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Hello everyone!

My name is kevin and I go by natterforme on most forums and games. I have just started making foam props and am looking forward to making my own costumes for the first time. My interests include most classic games from the ninties, the popular super hero comics, and everything science fiction and fantasy. I look forward to meeting all of you! :D



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I am from the US, and am an amateur seamstress at best. I've been sewing for a little over a year, after I decide I wanted to be Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and I didn't want to pay $80 for an inaccurate at best jacket. So, I found a Tumblr post, pulled out my mother's 20+ year old Singer, bought some fabric (had no idea what I was doing, by the way), and made a pretty damn accurate jacket... and bracelets... and choker... and earrings... and bat. Ok, so I got kind of obsessed with making things. I have a chronic pain disorder, so creating is my way of therapy when I'm in too much pain to ride (I'm an eventer- those people who ride horses and jump the large solid things, yup. that's me. But I do it at a low level in America, because young horse). So, I'm currently plotting my next project, the Sherlock coat from the BBC version. Yes, stereotypical, I know.


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Hello I am David B. Rhyee a programmer living in South Korea.

Few years a go, I have been absolutely captivated by Screen Accurate Chucky Doll from Mr. Ryan Nagata.

He was a very nice person who gave me some tips for making Screen Accurate Chucky Doll.

And my obsession on Chucky helped myself be part of Project Cult of Chucky last year.

I procured replica outfits for stand-in Chucky Doll to Mr. Tony Garner.

I look forward to be part of other movies as well.

Please refer to the following link of My most current Animatronic Chucky Doll.

[video]https://www.facebook.com/david.bladley/videos/1660492973993760/?hc_ref=ARSdBTpB6-I5WJV2JCsPOpotzXxeFTKxadT0Kk3qiOxZCtMr9skuYWPE_dNb f4ROezM&amp;fref=nf&amp;pnref=story[/video]

There is much to improve though I am quite satisfied with my piece.

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely David B. Rhyee


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Brand new here.

After many years of debate, I'm making more conscious moves in getting a Superman cosplay outfit. Things that have kept me from getting one in the past were deciding on a design and finding the resources. However, now the DCEU costume has evolved and I FINALLY found this forum, I'm excited to see the possibilities.

If anyone can point me in the right direction for a JL Superman costume, it would be much appreciated!

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Hi everyone, I've been casually lurking here for ages but finally made an account. I'm 33, from upstate NY and absolutely love Star Wars and Blade Runner. I collect action figures, make custom action figures, and own a few props including a PKD from Off-World Inc. I've started on a Boba Fett costume but have a very long ways to go.

I've been thinking of maybe picking up a lightsaber but not sure yet if I want to spend the money. Anyway, I love this forum even if I only stop in every now and then. Such wonderfully detail-oriented people willing to help out and problem solve. Cheers!


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Hello from Wiltshire in the UK :)

Im new here, found this place looking for ideas for a Harry Potter Christmas! Me and my fiancé are obsessed with HP! We're currently saving for a deposit to buy our own house and were gonna have Harry Potter stuff everywhere :D

Already found some fantastic ideas that I'm gonna try!


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Re: &gt;&gt; New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! &lt;&lt;

Hi all,
New to collecting and props. Very happy to have found this site and all the great info here. Now, on to my quest to have a nice ANH Vader helmet for display...
Welcome to the board! I recommend the Efx ANH Vader helmet... All the way.

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Re: &gt;&gt; New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! &lt;&lt;

Welcome to the board! I recommend the Efx ANH Vader helmet... All the way.

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Thank you, and thank you for the rec. I’ve been eyeing the PCR. Best option for me at this time. I look forward to learning from, and contributing to, this forum.
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Hello! New to the site (and forums).

My interests include lightsaber/Star Wars props, and wearable masks/props.

I’ve been cosplaying since Feb 2016 (very new to the community).

Darth Nardi

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Hi everyone,
I’ve been a collector of pretty much anything pop culture related since 2002. I’m now trying to concentrate my collection on Star Wars. I have a few 1/4 scale premium format statues and a Master Replicas Millennium Falcon as well. I’m interested in finding more replica Star Wars ships to add to my collection. I’ve been told by a few friends that I can probably find some here. If anyone can help guide me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.


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Hello, I am one of the new members who was drawn in by the Star Wars spoilers thread.

I don't know exactly how active I will be, I like the idea of props and cosplay but just am not talented enough to do it myself. If I had disposable income I'd love to collect props and replicas, but I have a child and can't even recall the last time I spent money on some toy for myself. I've been to a few conventions in Pittsburgh (they have a pretty nice toys/comics show a few times a year) but I'm more of an observer than an active participant.

Assuming I remember to check back on occasion I would most likely participate in the "Entertainment and Movie Talk" section. I have a feeling that there could be some nice discussions when Ready Player One comes out.


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Hi! I'm new today. I found you while searching for Harry Potter printables for book covers. We don't have much of a collection, but my hubby and I have an IMMENSE appreciation of all things geeky, especially related to Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, LOTR, Firefly, Marvel Universe, Sherlock, et al. I look forward to seeing all the fun things people share and I may even brave sharing something myself, eventually.

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Urban spaceman

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a returning member of the RPF, having originally joined in 2007 and last posting in 2015.

Have I got a lot of catching up to do!!

I'm a sculptor and prop maker with more than 17 years experience of mask, prop and costume making for performance, cosplay events and exhibitions.
My work has been utilsed by the BBC (Eastenders, Blue Peter and the re-launch of Doctor Who in 2005) and I have delivered sculpting demonstrations and workshops at sci fi events and conventions across the UK.
My website address is


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Hi there, just joined today! I have been building props for around 5 years now, mostly Star Wars and Tarantino film props! I'm excited to become a part of this great community!


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I been a member just a few months sorry for the late intro. Actually still not used to navigating on here. I'm in Tampa fl btw.
On another note I just got a star lord mask kit from Joatrash and looking to see who can finish it.
Thanks received_1910508619212773.jpeg

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Hey there!

After being a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember, wearing those cheap predominantly fabric kids costumes and loving to dress up as characters or people from films or games, I came to a realization after watching the latest Star Wars Movie (The Last Jedi), and that was that I could /keep/ doing it, only this time with a significantly ramped up budget from when I was a child. I have a strong desire to eventually nab myself a full Phasma outfit, I just fell in love with Phasma in the first two of this new trilogy. I googled up outfits online and ordering more professional costumes, and I found this place! I eagerly signed up and now here I am!

Now that's just a brief insight as how I came to join! Other than my still-existing childhood desire to dress up as sci-fi or fantasy characters, I'm a South-African-Born (And living) artist (Trying to be anyhow) with a deep love for The Lord of The Rings, The Silmarillion and everything beneath the LOTR umbrella. My second love is Star Wars, having grown up with the prequels (Such a crime, I know), I instantly fell in love with the universe and its lore, only deepened by my watching of the sequels. Much like LOTR Star Wars will always have a special place in my heart and I hope to embroil myself in the fandom and see if I can nab myself a costume (or four).

I look forward to getting to know people from here and seeing all the amazing things you do!

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