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Hi! I have been a long-time stalker of these forums and have finally decided to join! I make all sorts of props, and am ramping up to hopefully make it a full time gig in the near future. For PAX East I made two guns for my Borderlands 2 Cosplay, one 3D printed directly from the Game mesh files, and one working spingun. Check out my website if you are interested. www.jacobmakesstuff.com

Oh, and you may recognize my work if you have seen the 23 pound duct tape Serenity.
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Greetings all!

I go by Kreed. I might be new to the RPF and semi new to costuming when it comes to armors and what not. But Im not new to costuming in general. I have a background in technical Theater, mainly set building but I have worked in the costume shop when needed. Most of my work was based in Ren Faire costumes and that style of armor to modernish clothing costumes. That was my first degree in school.

Most recently, I am a Gunsmith by trade school and profession but have always had a LOVE for conventions of all sorts. Thanks to this site I have come to realize that I would LOVE to make costumes and go and have a bit more fun. I am already started on a few with the help of others on this site and posts they have made showing work. Ive already done some work with Pepakura printouts and am going to be doing that and foam work. I DO NOT design Pep files at the moment but am looking at that down the road once i get a bit more familiar with how they all work.

Hope to be posting some pics soon of stuff Ive started and do some step by step shots of stuff in the works as well. Keep up all the GREAT work out there!


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Hello everyone! I am a new RPF member from Sweden. I am a Titaniac looking for props and J. Peterman replicas from the 1997 "Titanic" film, so if you are interested in selling, please contact me.



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Hey guys just made an account, I am new to this but already love this site, already working on a Iron Man replica! Opinions and feedback would be appreciated(I know its not far along waiting for the fiberglass resign to dry)unnamed.jpg
Also I made a post already in hopes for a Chappie replica.


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Hello, RPFites. Websurfing for information on costume making led me to this site. Its treasure trove of techniques, tips, and tricks convinced me to become a member. At present, cosplay is my primary interest. I look forward to learning and improving through interaction with other members.



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Hello :D My name's Rocio and I'm from Puerto Rico. I've been very enthusiastic about costuming and prop making since high school and now that I'm in college, I finally have time to build stuff! My first build was Gordon Freeman's HEV suit back in 2009, last year in 2014 I remade it using the pep to bond tutorial and it has gotten me back into doing stuff :D My current build for this year is Bahamut (Final Fantasy X) and hopefully next year, a Black Templar!

Nice to meet you all!


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Hey, everyone! My name is Ethan and I've been just creeping around this site for a while now. I love the work that people do and I wanted to be able to interact with the community! Nice to meet everyone!


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In the past two weeks, I've been lurking around the forums: gathering information, going further down the rabbit hole.*

*("Honey, I want to build some rad Star Wars models like when I was 10." turned into "Honey, I have to buy 40 German tank models issued between the years 1965 to 1975 to bash them to bits for parts so I can build a screen accurate Millennium Falcon!")

The only unfortunate part of my journey so far is that I now know what I don't know.

I'm sorry in advance for all the sophomoric future-questions.

Thanks, all.




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Hi everyone, my name is TRYER. It is my First, Middle, Last and Gaming name. I am not a collector of items, but always wanted to be. Maybe to collect items of some of my favorite games.
Who knows! I also joined, because I love watching Adam Savage on Tested, creating his props and always mentions this place.

Glad to be here!


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Hi everyone!!
I'm Fabien from France so in first time... sorry for my english ^^
It's may a few time i follow some wip and i'm really impressed! So i decided to begin a project :D -> the gold cloth of aries Mu from saint seiya

thanks all and see you soon on RPF


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Hello everyone.

I am peter from the netherlands.
Looking for parts to get the custume for: Jurassic world maintence worker .
I hope to get it before the movie is in the theaters in the netherlands.
The hard hat i already found and the bleu overall.
- sticker for on the hardhat en blackrain boots still to find.
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Hi everyone,
quick little presentation,

My name is Christophe, I live not far from Paris, where I work night nurse come to emergencies.
I am a hobby enthusiast since the age of 8, I was doing aircraft 1/72 with my best friend from childhood ,
and I have a lot of years screeching halt and then taken and then screeching halt , and finally again lol ...:p
Science fiction fan, including Star Wars, I decided to get into the scratchbuilding and make my first scale studio ... the Falcon...:rolleyes
Meanwhile I try to make a few things ....
I read a lot , before you sign up , your community is fantastic, as there is a good agreement, help and I had the chance to see it in my first post .
Thank you all for your advice and assistance, very fast on the forum!
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I go by Fin, and I learned of this site from it's Facebook page. I only recently started working in props, but I've been doing costuming for many years now. I'm interested in foam-carving, leatherwork, woodwork, blacksmithing/aluminum casting etc., 3D design, and wirework. My fave. fandoms are Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Sci-Fi, Marvel/Avengers, Steampunk, LOTR/Hobbit and I've done some work in Assassin's Creed costumes though I don't play. My current project is a cyborg post-steampunk costume, and though I'm not sure when it'll be finished, I'm hopeful to be done before summer starts. Any and all advice would be welcome, along with questions and suggestions!

Most Recent Projects:
LOTR/Hobbit theater production: Elrond's crown and brooch, The Elven Queen's crown, Gandalf's staff with lights and a proper crystal, costuming, some painting
Assassin's Creed: Black Leather cloak and hood, set up an outfit and borrowed some weapons from a friend


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Good Evening,

Not sure if this is the correct thread to post this in but....Hello
I am a second year degree student studying Production Design for Stage & Screen wishing to apply myself into a career in Props.
As part of my degree I need to create a report on what I plan to do when I graduate. I have created a survey for prop makers to complete in order to support my inquiry. I would massively appreciate if you could contribute to this short questionnaire. please follow the link here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9M5GTPT

On another note I am interested in exploring prop making techniques, gaining the appropriate knowledge from this forum, with this I can aid my practical skills as a hobby throughout summer but also within my course of study.

Thank you.


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Re: introduction Newbie to RPF

Thanks for the warm welcome folks, ive been looking at so many posts and learning a tonne! Ive been away for a bit with work but im eager to get into the swing of cosplaying again so chances are you may be seeing my name a little more :)

Thanks again


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so I am 21 years old and architecture student in my 4th semester. I am painting tabletop miniatures since 5 or 6 years.
After some time of pepakura building ( only small decoration pieces) I finally decided to start with a bigger project.
I like Dr.Who, Warhammer 40.000, Star Wars, Darksiders and a lot of other movie/tv series, video games and books.

And I am pretty bad at introducing myself ^^


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Hi and thanks for having such a great forum.
I have always been interested in building models of all kinds. Now with my love of movies and comics with better technology, I have an outlet for building again.
Looking forward to learning from the masters and sharing my crafts.


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Hello everyone, my mane is Nuno found your website while reserching for a Darksiders 2 Death Mask.

Liking alot so far. hope to have a great time is this comunaty :)




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I'm a makeup artist /special FX artist in Canada and have been interested in props for a long time. I'm a movie fanatic and love the sci-fi genre.

I'm really excited to start looking around and getting inspired by all of the talent on here.