Medical Frigate build by Jim C


Re: Medical Frigate / Nebulon B studio scale build

This is an absolutely amazing build!!! Been following this for a couple of months. Everytime I get on this thread I'm blown away!!! Great job Jim. Attention to detail-incredible!!! Keep up the great work!!!


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Attached the left-side curtain panel hanging down over the ship hulls.
I believe the panel on the studio model is glued on. I preferred making mine removable with hidden attachment points which will help a lot when painting time comes.


Big thanks to moffeaton for his donation of Koolshade thats placed behind all the various little openings.



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So Incredible! I can't wait to see this baby when it's done! Please post more pics and video if possible. I soooo want a medical frigate in my collection. I would even take one half the size.


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Absolutely amazing Jim!!! Holy cow, it kinda makes me feel like the Galactica is not so big after all! Great job and keep those pics coming!!! You are doing an incredible job with this thing.


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Have to say, I am very impressed by your work, and how accurate it is ! I'm currently working on a Lego version of the Redemption (about 1,20m long). I'm missing some details, hope you don't mind if I use your pictures as reference ?

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