M60 Machine Gun Prop 3D printable 1:1

I have the receiver and rail blueprints at home rolled up along with the M79 receiver that i had printed out many years ago. I use to have an 80% receiver many years back but sold it. Probably have the Army Tech manual too. I can give you any measurements off the blueprints.. Not sure how easy to make copies though as they are big, like 2-3 ft big. Now that i think about it i probably have the files i printed them from . Its been 20 years. Ill check when i get home.

It's appreciated. Are they those rail blueprints available on archive.org?



  • M60-Machine-gun-blueprints.pdf
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Trigger Assembly.png

Some progress. I redid the foregrip since I wasn't satisfied with the shape ( I may redo it again to provide more detail). The gas tube grips were made more accurate and made a charging handle. I still have to do the rear sight and a few details with the rear part of the M60 to accommodate turning it into a M60D pintle mounted version.


This is an incredible project!! Any idea how long it will take to print?

Thanks! I have no idea how long it would take yet, but there are some parts with a lot of detail, so that will slow down the travel on an FDM printer. I'm still redesigning some parts, hopefully for the better. A few parts such as the sight above, would most likely need printing on a resin printer.


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