1. NuadaDesigns

    Another Nolanverse Grapple Gun

    Here's my fully printed grapple gun from the Nolan trilogy. Modelled and printed this a while back. Made sure to include the removable clip and working slide.
  2. Anders

    Unlimited Run Stargate Atlantis Asuran Gun - Pistol - Blaster

    Here is my run for Asuran Stunner (Gun, Pistol, Blaster, Whatever) Replica will be in resin, fully working (lights, moving parts) like the hero. I'll split the run every 5 units, price tag is 450€ + shipping, first shipping are estimated around September/October. Deposit is 150€. -- Run...
  3. S

    Destiny 2 Better Devils (Also Help?

    Hail and Well Met, my dudes. Been a bit, but I recently started a project for fun, and an excuse to boot up the 3D printer again. I've been working on finishing the print of Better Devils, the Destiny 2 Kinetic Hand Cannon. Because I know my machine well, I actually scrubbed some details off and...
  4. rozshreds1

    Paint is EVERYTHING

    recently I got a practically unusable resin prop gun. I tossed a few different colours onto it and 'recycled' it into a usable prop. I first painted it with a textured spray paint, then added different washes of acrylic and some graphite to make it seem metallic. now it looks kind of like a...
  5. A

    How can I make ivory effect grips for a prop revolver?

    Hello, everyone! I have been working on a PVC foam board six shooter. It is gold, so I need ivory grips. Does anyone have experience with painting an ivory effect, on plastic or otherwise? Any tips? I painted the grips in matte white (spray) but it looks too monotone. Thanks!
  6. Steelgohst

    Post Apocalyptic AK-47 - Airsoft rifle re-paint tutorial (Pic Heavy!)

    First off, stripped off all the 'wood' parts and primed- Found this great primer that etches into plastic and metal removing the need for sanding (the most tedious part!) After priming I painted on then stippled my 'Steelgohst copyright magic rust paint' (iron powder mixed into acrylic paint...
  7. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  8. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  9. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  10. Arc Generator from The Art of District 9 book.

    Arc Generator from The Art of District 9 book.

    This is from the art book, however even the art book had inconsistencies for screen-accuracy. Be careful.
  11. Gas Projector gun prop

    Gas Projector gun prop

    I believe this is an official Weta replica.
  12. Gas Projector Gun

    Gas Projector Gun

    Gas Projector gun concepts by Broadmore. Be aware the concepts do differ from screen versions.
  13. Arc Generator - Black and Orange variant

    Arc Generator - Black and Orange variant

    This version I don't believe was featured in the film, but it's still beautiful
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