M60 Machine Gun Prop 3D printable 1:1


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Starting a new project. The M60 which has been in countless movies...but I think I first noticed it when I saw First Blood in the theater. There are little useful blueprints online, so I am mostly working from photos. I intend to make the variants like the M60D, M60E3, M60E4 and M60E6. Apparently there is supposed to be some accurate blueprints out there, but Google isn't finding them.
The foregrip and metal heat shield seemed like formidable challenges about a year ago, but I think I can manage them now. I just hope my software can handle it.

First Blood M60.jpg
Starting on M60.png

I've an Inokatsu M60 [original / VN version] & a nearby buddy of mine has a real steel M60, if you need help with specific measurements.

That's very generous of you to offer. I'll send you a PM with pictures. As of right now, I'm working off of photos, and an overall length of the weapon from Wikipedia and other sources that say the M60 is 1105mm long. So when I work with a base measurement, even if it's wrong, I have to go with that, and then every subsequent part that you make would reference that initial measurement. One could end up with a Frankenstein design afterwards and I've done so in the past. Also when making something that's 3D printable, obviously PLA doesn't have the strength of metal, so accommodations have to be made to accuracy.

I tweaked the dimensions of the barrel a bit thanks to help from septic . There are several dimensions and tapers to that barrel due to the components mounted on it, such as the front sight and gas tube. Most of my evening was spend trying to get the bipod hub designed. Slots, and springs in the hub mechanism will allow the bipod legs to latch upwards and downwards. But for the ease of simplicity, the height of the bipod legs will not be adjustable, since that will involve machining catch marks on a stainless steel rod.

Carry Handle Assembly.png
Bipod Assembly.png

I've designed the barrel locking mechanism for the M60 trunnion. Some modifications will have to be done. The cap on the end, is designed to tension a compression spring to keep the barrel latch mechanism rotated down to secure the barrel. Hopefully it works as designed when I print it out.

M60 Trunnion1.png
M60 Trunnion2.png
M60 Trunnion3.png
M60 Trunnion4.png

Today, most of my time was spent correcting mistakes in size of the components. When you make changes to one component it's going to affect others so it's an ongoing game. The feed cover was challenging, both in trying to find good pictures to go from and trying to recreate its curves. Once I did that my software couldn't work out the geometry to hollow it out, but I managed to create a workaround.

The real one(s) pictured below.
M60 feed cover.jpg

M60 Top Cover Assembly.png

I have the receiver and rail blueprints at home rolled up along with the M79 receiver that i had printed out many years ago. I use to have an 80% receiver many years back but sold it. Probably have the Army Tech manual too. I can give you any measurements off the blueprints.. Not sure how easy to make copies though as they are big, like 2-3 ft big. Now that i think about it i probably have the files i printed them from . Its been 20 years. Ill check when i get home.

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