Inconel Replica of Balance Pipe/Emitter for Ben Kenobi's Saber, ANH

Anakin Starkiller

Master Member
The emitter from my Ben's laser sword model is based off of my original balance pipe. It's a simplified model, that has been made one solid piece, but you should be able to work out most of the info you need for your replica. If you want to toss out the model you made referencing Roman's bp. You can redraw one of your own using my model as a starting point, and you won't have to worry about recasting since I am here giving you permission to use my file in your project.

And if I can get a minute in between baby feedings and changings over the next week, I'll try to post a more detailed model so anyone who wants the BP info has it.


Sr Member
Perhaps I’m not sensitive to the concept of a recast.

Just about as sensitive as Daisy Ridley calling herself a Skywalker ;)

As other's have said, your efforts in this project are admirable but please look into why guys here are so against recast work and the practice I general. Some people put a lot of time and money into these things and it only takes one dipstick to recast.

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