1. Serenity

    No 3 MK 1 Windvane sleeve

    This is a tough one, but if anyone has a spare REAL Hales No 3 MK 1 windvane sleeve (or the whole windvane if necessary), please send me a PM. I don't actually need the whole grenade or stem, just the windvane sleeve but I will purchase any combo of the sleeve, fins, and stem together if...
  2. Drew Baker

    Star Wars 2018 Anakin Starkiller V2 -- Unopened, with stencils and more

    Unopened V2 from Anakin Starkiller's 2018 run. This is his most externally accurate version to date, and designed to be FX friendly while retaining the spinning emitter seen on the original. Also includes stencils for weathering by Trooper Trent, a lightly weathered, unstamped Roman's replica...
  3. dmcox01

    Roman Props Obi-Wan parts (nearly complete)

    Selling a nearly complete Obi-Wan saber. Just needs a Mk1 grenade and some transistors. All parts are from Roman Props and are static versions. Includes handwheel with D-ring attached, booster, spacer, Graflex clamp, bubble strip, balance pipe, and threaded rod. $130 shipped to continental US.
  4. chronicles 4

    chronicles 4

  5. chronicles 3

    chronicles 3

  6. chronicles 2

    chronicles 2

  7. chronicles 1

    chronicles 1

  8. clamp


  9. obiANHpatch3


    Some of the reference I've accumulated over the years.
  10. Chronicles and Mechismo pics

    Chronicles and Mechismo pics

    Some of the reference I've accumulated over the years.