1. onderon

    Star Wars |Price Lowered| Rolls-Royce Derwent MK9 Male Balance Pipe with holder

    Hi, I am looking for a new home of my Male Balance Pipe. The top got polished to remove the scratches, the body got gently cleaned from the rust but I kept the vintage look as much as I could. There are members within the community who can help with the conversion. If you have questions feel...
  2. travellingsax

    Inconel Replica of Balance Pipe/Emitter for Ben Kenobi's Saber, ANH

    Hey there folks! I hope my first post here doesn't read as overly green. I have the opportunity to have a emitter(s) made inspired by the Derwent Mk8/9 female balance pipes CNC'd in actual Inconel, and there a few things I'd like to know from you all before I make final arrangements. The exact...
  3. JetEngineProps

    Rolls Royce Derwent MK9 Teardown and Lessons Learned

    So I bought an MK9 engine from a government auction up here in Canada. This is a bit of a write up on the adventure! Our Science and Tech museum was clearing out their warehouse, where they had had it in storage since the early 70’s. It was a factory MK9, not an upgraded MK8. The journey begins...
  4. khal1993

    Rolls Royce Derwent MK8-9 Combustion Chambers, Burner Cans and Balance Pipes

    Hey everyone! As some of you may have known or see in other posts on Facebook and RPF, I recently acquired a Rolls Royce Derwent MK8-9 jet engine. I purchased this in the hopes it had the correct balance pipes for my vintage obi build, but despite the data plate on the engine being 8-9 (hoping...