imperial Spacestation


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Another idea. If you are making lots of Star destroyers, make a crown of thorns with the spearhead of the ISDs being the spokes of a smaller battlestation.


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Shaping up nicely! I assume you'll pose some of the SDs as leaving/entering the docks, with some fully docked?


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I'm thingking about it, but i have no good solution at the moment. It should look like they are floating in space and not like they are pinned to a steel rod ;-)

barney five

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Awesome Project and great Idea and craftmanship (y)

I always loved that Rogue Concept Sketch from the first time i saw it in the Net. Used to have that Pic as my personal desktop background for quite some months ;)


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Very good work!! Would be fun to try to find a trick to make one or many ships to hover inside their bay. Maybe the same idea as an hovering globe?