imperial Spacestation


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I found a pic in the internet with a Imperial Spacestation.
Something that's really cool but not seen in a Movie or comic now.
So i decides to build this thing.
I need a plan for the size:

and i need 22 Stardestroyers and a lot ob dockingbays. That's the size of the ISD and a first Model of the dockingbay

At the Moment I'm producting stardestroyers.


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Hey, unfortunately it's a bit late for the star destroyers, but for the station modules, maybe you should consider molding and casting. It will be much faster and cheaper than printing it over 20 times. Also, it means you only have to do post-print work (filling, sanding) only once.. Believe me, since I have tried, if I need to print something more than twice, I go for the mold/cast route


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Ok, the weight makes sense. However, for the cost, I'm not really sure. People often only take filament into account, in which case, yes, it's cheap. But they if you add power consumption, having a 3d printer running for dozens of hours, it adds up quickly on the power bill, just saying :)


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One strategy is to make your printed masters hollow so they can be cast that way. The SD also would be better casts (if you don't have a pressure pot or vacuum pump to deaerate the resin) because you can make the molds so the internal surface is topside for the bubbles to 'rise to'.
Because the way the SD is detailed, it really should be three pieces at a minimum: top and bottom 'halves', plus a rear part for the engines and the back of the "neck".