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Hi all - wondering if anyone has input on where to buy 1/144 scale Imperial figures? Looking for pilots / stormtroopers / shoretroopers/etc. I'm familiar with what's available at larger scales on Shapeways, but coming up short in my own search. Any input would be great.
For context, I'm working on dioramas incorporating the Bandai U-Wing / Tie Striker vehicles and will post progress here.


Have you seen these?

here are a bunch of other sets (using the index on the right go to the 1/144 figures sci-fi

they are great sculpts. I picked up both some 1/144 as well as 1/72 sets

these are an example of the 1/144 "Arctic troops"


I don't have any 1/144 Snowtroopers painted yet, but here is an example of the same available sculpts in 1/72

there is also a cockpit set for the 1/144 Snowspeeder if you are looking for that

there is another set for an open cockpit canopy

At 1/144 scale you probably could paint up the "arctic" troops as U-Wing rebel commandos using the camo scheme
Hi Analyzer,

We are on the same page with those micro troops, I've gotten a set and have started painting them in Scarif fatigue. I'm not sure how Holden got such good detail on 3/8" figures but they're amazing. I'm sure for another project I can modify the open T-47 canopy for something like the X or Y-Wings.

Check out darkfire designs or if it's darkfyre. They have a large catalogue of star wars stl models for tabletop scale that you could have printed in 1/144th scale.
Hi Basement,

Will do, thanks!

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