Gladiator 2: Electric Boogaloo

There is a perfectly decent movie to be made - without Russell Crowe's character.

"He's dead, Jim."

IMO they need to step back and ask themselves why they are even trying to include Crowe now. It made sense during the early stages of the sequel ideas but that was decades ago. That first movie came out when the World Trade Center towers were standing and Limp Bizkit was on the radio.

Nothing against Crowe but I don't think he is an asset for G2 now. Physically he looks like a different person. He's not a box office draw with the young audience. His character is dead. That death was integral to the soul of the first movie.
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Maybe they will find that Maximus has been regenerated on The Genesis Planet

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Just re-release Gladiator in the theater for it's 25th anniversary, which is right around the corner, rake in a ton of cash, and call it a day. Do we need another pointless sequel?
I imagine it would go something like this:

DOn't regard the video removed logo" pic; it will still play)
Honestly, the only thing I could see being done is a prequel involving Proximo, Oliver Reed's character from the first film. But even then, I don't think this film needs a prequel, nor does it need a sequel (mostly because it has a definitive end to the story). It's perfectly okay to just have one film.
From the sounds of it, it's a sequel but not exactly a direct sequel. So it might work but it will almost certainly be just as historically inaccurate as the first.

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