Loki season 2

There has been speculation (at least in the Screencrush breakdown) that — because of the timey-wimey nature of the show — we may have seen some of the season finale events in the first episode.


at the very least references to later events, Mobius meeting OB for example. And the whole elevator thing certainly.
I made up a new screen graphic for the Tempad I made during series 1 of Loki.
TVA Tempad Screen.jpg
Ke is a delight as always.

I know I'm picking a bad time to get sick of multiverse stuff, since Marvel has been building it up for years and its culmination (I assume), Secret Wars, is still forthcoming, but...

.....I'm getting sick of multiverse stuff.

My brain is getting a little weary of thinking in the metaphysical or the abstract so much for these shows/movies. I'm just a caveman. I fell into some ice, and was later thawed by your scientists...
I don't get it. What does Secret Wars have to do with the Multiverse. I know Kang was there, but I don't remember any multiverse activity, other than just the fact that The Beyonder was from 'beyond'.....
Not the original, but the 2015 Secret Wars was all multiverse-y. Or so I understand (haven't read it).

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