Gellert Grindlewald costume - help wanted


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Hi all, I'm putting together a Gellert Grindlewald costume for next year.


Here's what I've done so far,

I've sorted the hair via a wig I'm going to style from Arda Wigs Arda Wigs Canada - Supplier of wigs for cosplay, fashion and drag!!

The boots I've worked out are actually based on British WW2 Motorcycle Dispatch Rider boots, super difficult to find and rare so looking for some tall male boots (but I can go with female if it works) and sew in the leather buckles.

The coat I'm on the fence of either finding a double-breasted trench coat and adding the buttons or making my own.

The waistcoat I'm pretty sure I've got something similar somewhere, need to do some hunting.

Then the bracer, or cumberbund, is a bit more leatherwork so can do that.

The pants look like leather or pvc pants so gym work required.

Now the one I'm currently stuck on is his eyes?

I can do contacts but I'm struggling with matching the eye colour?

The left is definitely grey and the right i'm figuring is blue but on the second photo from the Crimes of Grindlewald seems to have a kind of star-like design to it?

Any ideas?

And where's the place to get them?




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Managed to find two suppliers for contact lenses.

Via the stan winston school, if you've got the money check out Cantor Nissel in the uk they do tv & movie lenses and probably are where these are made so going to be quite expensive.

I also contact my optician and they suggested crazy lenses by colourvue which they can fit for me and also check the breathe-ablilty of when i wear them for about $70.

ColourVUE Coloured & Crazy Contact Lenses

I'm going to try them colourvue once I figure out the right styles to choose, sadly I'm not working on the movie so can't get cantor-nissel but worth noting.

All the best,



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Managed to find a couple of suppliers for the contacts.

So there's Cantor Nissel, a company based in the UK that provides contacts for movies & tv and definitely out of my price range.

However there is also ColourVue Crazy Lens which after talking to my opticians would cost about $70 for prescription contacts, plus they can check about breathe-ability with regards to my eyes.

ColourVUE Coloured & Crazy Contact Lenses

Going to go with Crazy Lenses for now.

From what I can see the left one is white, and the right one is a much darker red / brown which added to my natural eye colour should work out ok.

So that's the eyes worked out and the hair, now on to the boots which should be a nightmare to find, i'll probably have to take some and mod them.


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Grey with a slight lavender tint? In those photos at least. Not an ordinary "cool" grey or "warm" grey, at least from those photos.

Thanks, it's a tough one but I think you're right. I'll try and get as close as I can the real tough one is the hair as i'm essentially bald on top. Have a few ideas brewing so should be able to manage it.

Thanks again.
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