1. lellimecnar

    ROTJ Vader 3D Print & "Sculpt"

    I've always wanted a screen accurate Vader helmet for display, but I'm not the type to just buy someone else's work, and display it in my home. I've spent the last couple of years working on finishing my basement and building a high end home theater because when someone says "Oh, that's awesome...
  2. starbxrner

    Gareth Stranger Things

    Hey! So my partner is cosplaying Gareth from the new season of Stranger Things and obviously we want to get it as accurate as possible - right down to the pins… Only problem is we’re having some trouble finding the exact ones from the pictures we’ve got: does anybody recognise these?
  3. RIKER

    Peaky Blinder "Garrison Lane" street sign Build

    Hey guys, although this isn't exactly what I would normally build, I fell in love with the show and would love to make a few of the things from the show! The first few pieces involve me needing to recreate the Shelby brothers logo so will potentially be coming later. I have since visited...
  4. gabopos

    Help sewing this spider man mask pattern

    so this is the pattern and I don't know how to sew it
  5. ProfCoppersmith

    CA Glue and Baking Soda Problems

    Hello all! I was recently talking to my dad and he told me something interesting. He was looking through his attic and found one of my first models, a T-Rex from Jurassic Park which he had helped me with. The interesting part was that he found crystalline growth from every place we used CA...
  6. P

    Where can i find McLean's separate blue/red pieces Spider-Man patterns now that his Sellfy store is closed?

    I have been planning on building an Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit for about 3 years, but i didn't really want to buy the materials before i had everything figured out from the start, since it would suck to spend so much money for a high quality replica, only to hit a roadblock. I recently decided...
  7. Spideywebbed

    Remove Screen Printing from Spider-Man Costume?

    Hello RPF! This is my first thread ever on this amazing website. I have recently ordered a TASM1 costume from, formerly known as ZentaiZone, and opted to have the screen printed emblems. However, a few days ago I came across a photo of someones printcostume TASM1 suit with...
  8. ProfCoppersmith

    HELP! 3D Print issue

    Hello, all! I've been running my first 3D printing project. A DE-10 blaster pistol (technically 1 of 2) for a Mando armor kit I'm assembling. For some reason every print comes out with this big, 3mm thick, plate of resin at the base. It covers the entire print area. Anyone know why this...
  9. jyhash

    Questions about making templates of inside of mask

    Hey more talented prop builders! I have a"helmet" construction question someone here may be able to assist with. So I bought these "Iron Man"-esque face shields from Amazon as an extra barrier of protection for a plane flight we took over the summer. However, they never arrived in time, were...
  10. Peter Parke 67

    first time making a batman armor

    Hi, So I decided to build a batman armor for myself but unfortunate I haven't done anything similar before. I heard that foam is what am supposed to make it from but what type of foam exactly? Is there any cheaper material you would recommand? As for the suit I'll be building I was sinking maybe...
  11. Peter Parke 67


  12. Crescentmage

    Issue with Vacuuforming. NEED HELP!

    I'm trying to vacuuform some lenses for a Madness Combat mask I'm working on. The bucks are resin printed, and originally the thermoplastic would pick up the print lines when I'd do pulls, so I decided to sand out the print lines on the bucks to a glasslike finish. Upon attempting to vacuuform...
  13. Mrfusion115

    T2 T-800 Battle Damaged Bust

    Hi guys. I recently bought this T2 bust to try painting a ‘human’ face/skin for the first time. I’m pretty pleased how it’s turned out so far. I was hoping someone on here may be able to help me with how to do the hair for it? I’ve seen people use wig’s and I’ve seen people glue hair (which I’ve...
  14. Peter Parke 67

    First time cosplaying.

    Hi, I've never cosplayed before and I finally decided to make my own spidey costume and at first I settled for a tasm 2 replica but quickly realised that with my budget and experience it would he near impossible. My other choices where a tasm 1 replica or a Peter B Parker suit from into the...
  15. Peter Parke 67

    How do I learn pattern making?

    I want to make my own spider-man suit pattern but I've never done such a thing before. I am looking any type of tutorial, tips, forum for this type of stuff. Please don't hesitate to mention any kind of resource that might help. Every suggestion is greatly appreciated!
  16. TymanRoach

    Lethal Weapon (2016) Martin Riggs Hawaiian shirt

    I've been a fan of the lethal weapon film series for years and I finally ended up checking out the 2016 television series a little while ago and really enjoying it. In a few episodes throughout the first two seasons. Riggs goes full magnum P.I. with a awesome Hawaiian shirt and I absolutely love...
  17. Galifreyscall

    Help please! Wiring an 11x40 LED matrix for a Daft Punk helmet

    Hi all! I'm a huge fan of Daft Punk, and while searching for a new project to distract me from the 3 unfinished ones I have I settled on the robot's helmets, specifically Thomas'. I'm trying to make the electronics like the original, a programmable 11x40 3mm LED matrix. The problem arises when I...
  18. charliesg22


    Any advice massively appreciated. I was asked to make a martian tentacle, it needed to be 2.4 m in length, be strong enough to be dropped from a ceiling everyday a few times a day for 3 years have flexibility and look slimey. I was only given a small amount of time to do this therefore was...
  19. Patronic27


    Hey everyone! I'm a major Spider-Man fan and cosplayer like many of you out there and was considering buying this already made Spider-Man suit from a seller on Instagram. This suit has no webbing or logos printed or painted onto it which is perfect for me as I have always wanted to make a suit...
  20. NycWallCrawler9

    [Help!] Painting Faux Leather

    Hi! I found an Arsenal (From Arrow) Jacket I'm considering purchasing, the issue is, on the show the jacket is red with black fading up from the bottom, and this jacket is just pure red, does anyone have any ideas on how I could make the bottom part blacker? And fading up into the red? Thank you!
  21. TimDRX

    3D printed Half Life: Alyx pistol

    Hey all, currently 3D printing this lovely looking weapon from HL: Alyx. I've only ever previously printed and painted stuff, so I'm looking to develop some new skills with this build. I really want to work some electronics in, but have no idea where to start! The model has the pistol's grip...
  22. Skullzy

    "We forgot to hook up the doll" Weird Science help request

    Hello. I am new here and and am trying to make a shadow box with the magazine from Weird Science and want to put the ends of the wires in the Shadow Box, but I can not identify what is on the ends of the wires. Can anyone please offer suggestions, or help me find better images? Thank you so...
  23. Miak1031

    Cleaning Up Foam/Paint Prep

    Hey All, I finally took the leap and made my first foam prop. I molded a brick from my yard in silicone and cast it FlexFoam-iT 17. I'm really happy with the results, but am having an issue at the location of my pour spout. After cutting off the excess foam, I now have a nice rectangle with no...
  24. NycWallCrawler9

    PVC Flash Cowl Painting?

    Hi does anyone know what kind of paint would be best to use on a pvc flash cowl? I have a black xcoser one I want to paint but I'm not sure what to use.
  25. GeekyRaptorStud

    Foam clay help?

    I am new so I have no idea where to post questions please forgive me if I posted in the wrong area. I was thinking of buying foam clay in September or October and I was wondering, is there any way to coat dried foam clay pieces to increase their durability and life "due to foam clay being...