1. dkraude

    Star Wars ROTJ Boba Fett EE-3 Blaster Greeblie Parts (Aluminum)

    I was going through my old boxes of spare parts and came across these. I have a set of all metal greeblie parts for your Boba Fett EE-3 Blaster. These parts have been custom machined $136.00 for the set of 4 pieces. Free Domestic Shipping. International please message me for a rate. MTFBWY!
  2. Macoro

    Delete thread

    ¡Hola! ¿Alguien por casualidad hizo un patrón de Spiderman sin llegar a casa? (traje final) o tiene el archivo gunhead por favor? Yo realmente lo apreciaría
  3. Kekkuda

    Morgott the Omen King (Elden Ring) Creature Build Thread

    Hey, never actually documented any of my builds here before but I figured I'd kind of slowly put together a thread documenting the work I've done so far on my Morgott cosplay as well as the work I've yet to do. I've been working on this one since about mid-May and at this point it's mostly in...
  4. evoskater

    Captain America 1945 Rescue Cap Cosplay

    Hello! I am selling my Rescue Cap Cosplay because I am not going to many cons and I have too many cosplays haha xD (also want to tackle some new projects and need to make space) :D I am asking for everything: 320 € ~ 330 USD + Shipping ( I am located in europe = if you live in europe shipping...
  5. evoskater

    Owen Grady Cosplay

    Hello! I am selling my Owen Grady Cosplay because I am not going to many cons and I have too many cosplays haha xD (also want to tackle some new projects and need to make space) :D I am asking for everything: 170 € + Shipping ( I am located in europe = if you live in europe shipping will be...
  6. M

    Need help with space marine cosplay

    Hello all, I am mono an aspiring cosplayer and warhammer 40k i am making a space marine cosplay and i need help, i do not know how to rig the lower portion as well as the arm portion to myself so it wont fall, i am making the suit height accurate and out of foam and any help would be greatly...
  7. Isukun

    Han Solo Belt by myself

    Greeting, nice to meet you all. This is my first post, my name is Ismael but you can call Isu-kun or Isu. I'm a beginner leather worker, that's my hobby, I don't own a business but sometimes I make things for other people so yeah, I get paid. I want to share with you one of my first props I...
  8. ATBrooks

    Deadpool mask half shell

    Hey guys. So I just got my El Fett / Professional Cosplay Deadpool 2 suit but the current mask I have (by IlustraStudios) doesn’t match the same shade as the suit. Does anyone have a half shell Deadpool 2** (not Deadpool 1) mask that they’d sell or know someone who would? Below I’ll post a few...
  9. spiderpleb


    **THESE ARE NOT FINISHED SUITS THEY ARE DIGITAL PATTERNS** Here’s the the eaves brooks patterns I made with @ult_spidey and @tison.mp4 on Instagram over the summer :•) the pattern will run for $40 This pattern has accurate seams and i can provide instructions on how to sew it for people who may...
  10. ATBrooks

    Looking for a Deadpool half shell mask

    Hey everyone, I’m looking for a HALF SHELL DEADPOOL MASK by EL FETT, GEEKEDDEAD or ILUSTRASTUDIOS, if anyone has one they’d sell. Extra eye expressions would be great too as I have an appearance to do soon and unfortunately, I don’t have the time to wait on one from the makers themselves...
  11. greenmachines

    Richard Petty Impersonation cosplay costume NASCAR 43

    This Richard Petty cosplay and costume build was another challenge from my buddy Eric. His family are all race fans and when not yelling for their team are instead driving for the same. Late in 2021, I shared a, head and hat only, picture of my Kid Rock cosplay and Eric's instant reaction was...
  12. greenmachines

    Qui Gon cosplay, Qui-Gon cosplay, Qui-Gon Jinn Cosplay / Liam Neeson Cosplay

    Qui-Gon took several years and multiple attempts. My hairline was very similar so I figured it was worth a try. My first attempt was simply borrowing my son's costume. It was very tight but I wanted to wear something special to the movie. This has started builds several times. I did my hair...
  13. S

    Mr. Knight Suit Patter

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows what the patterns for the outside and inside of the Mr. Knight suit are, thanks.
  14. I

    The jokers suit chain from the dark knight

    I've been trying to track down the jokers chain in the dark knight. Here's everything I have. Seems to hook up from his suspender to maybe a loop inside his pocket? Or a loop at the bottom of his pocket? Not 100% sure. Its a gold fob chain that reaches close to his knee from his suspenders which...
  15. greenmachines

    Galen Erso Cosplay - Rogue One

    This Galen Erso Cosplay build was a rapid two day build geared toward having something to wear for a local Star Wars premiere. I found a promotional shot of Galen and found that I already had a similar jacket and pants that were an office suit and tie set. In my favor, and to my surprise, the...
  16. dallinkjones

    Captain America First Avenger Cosplay

    Wanted to share my Captain America First Avenger cosplay. I love the chase scene right after Steve gets the serum and the foreshadowing of wielding his shield by holding up the Lucky Star taxi door. I found some helpful posts here on therpf (specifically this one) and decided to build my own...
  17. BruceGrayson21

    The Batman 2022 Cowl Adjustment

    So I just got a The Batman 2022 Cowl from gc5fx and it looks great. The only thing is, its not snug to my face on the sides at all (exposing my earlobes which looks goofy) and the chin piece is about 1-1.5 inches too low. What I'm wondering is, does anyone know how I can modify the cowl to have...
  18. MabellWhilby

    SCP Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 V1-V3

    This is my first time posting on this forum, so apologies if my formatting is strange. I've been working on this costume for the better part of three years, currently it is in its third version (more like 3.2). I figured I'd post it here to see what everyone thinks, as I can't find any past...
  19. Harryfrei4443

    Need tips for mounting Batman Returns armor

    Hey everyone, New to the RPF so apologies if someone points out that this has been answered somewhere else. I have a full set of Batman Returns armor coming in sometime within the next couple of weeks and I can use a little help mounting it to an undersuit. I'm pretty handy when it comes to...
  20. W

    Need help Rescaling the Mclean Krieger TASM2 pattern

    Hi I wanted to get a TASM2 made by myself, wanted to use the mclean files to do it but I seem to have troubles rescaling it to my size. I am 188cm tall so its about 6ft and 2in. I heard that mcleans pattern was done for 5ft 10in guy so after doing calculations I upscaled the project by 5.71%...
  21. WebHeadedHero

    Moon Knight Reference Photos

    Hey everyone! I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Moon Knight premiere here in LA. I’m not personally working on a Moon Knight costume but I knew that others would be! I was pressed for time but here are the photos I could get of the suit! Feel free to use them as you wish! -Andrew...
  22. shadowbreakre

    Kingdom Hearts- Terra's Linger Will Armor - 3D Print build

    So over the past 2 months I've been working on terra's armor for the kingdom hearts 20th anniversary event in Austin. I'm nearly done with it but I should share my progress and work flow. I created the 3d printable models for this which you can get on m thingiverse...
  23. SimonVestford

    The Batmans The riddler costume

    I was watching the new batman movie yesterday and found these items for the costume afterwards: Not 100% accurate, but close enough for what I could find in 24 hours :) MASK ( custom made by this guy and only one for sale )...
  24. The Batman Cosplay (gc5fx Cowl)

    The Batman Cosplay (gc5fx Cowl)

    The grind has started on making my Robert Pattinson Batman cosplay, and this cowl by gc5fx is the perfect start. More updates to come!
  25. KirenVy

    Chainsaw Man Cosplay

    Here is my cosplay of Denji from Chainsaw Man! It took me about 3 months of working on it on and off to finish it, but I'm glad I took my time because I'm quite proud of the result! I wore it to the third day of Toronto FanExpo where I had the amazing experience of meeting Adam Savage and...