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  1. shinzo

    BTTF 3 Marty McFly 1885 Poncho

    Hello! :) The last months I was working on my "Back to the Future III" Marty McFly costume. My boyfriend modellbaubert was working on his Doc Brown and our friend derYoshi was working on his Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen costume. These costumes have been on our to-do list for years. It started...
  2. GotWookiee

    Star Wars Cara Dune season 1 armor (Clever3DStudio) and Parallel Life Studios fabric (3 sheets)

    Full kit of season 1 armor printed by Clever3DStudios. Pieces are photographed against a cutting mat with 1” squares for scale. PLA plastic Also included is 3x 90cm x 70cm sheets of the Cara Dune fabric from Parallel Life Studios. Two sheets are green for the pants, 1 black for the top. All...
  3. EvilBatman

    Star Wars Anovos Han Solo Belt Accessories & Imperial Buckle; Disney Sith & Jedi Class Rings; Droid Caller

    This listing includes: Anovos Han Solo Belt accessories - 3 pieces, original box and packing - no longer being made. Opened but never used. Anovos Imperial Belt buckle - worn once, original packaging Han Solo Droid Caller - generic version - displayed only, no packaging Jedi Class Ring Size...
  4. Peter Parke 67


  5. Crescentmage

    Issue with Vacuuforming. NEED HELP!

    I'm trying to vacuuform some lenses for a Madness Combat mask I'm working on. The bucks are resin printed, and originally the thermoplastic would pick up the print lines when I'd do pulls, so I decided to sand out the print lines on the bucks to a glasslike finish. Upon attempting to vacuuform...
  6. dogbite

    Lich king

    Lich king from warcraft. Trying to make a blend between in-game and newer art. More bulky than streamlined. Used narga's pattern for starter, but not following it completely.
  7. Peter Parke 67

    First time cosplaying.

    Hi, I've never cosplayed before and I finally decided to make my own spidey costume and at first I settled for a tasm 2 replica but quickly realised that with my budget and experience it would he near impossible. My other choices where a tasm 1 replica or a Peter B Parker suit from into the...
  8. Peter Parke 67

    Need help making a tasm 2 suit replica

    Hi, I am making my very first cosplay so I don't really have any experience at this point. I chose the amazing spider-man 2 suit to make a perfect replica of but I don't know where to start. I've seen a lot of people on the internet attempting to do so but even tho they love it, the suit is...
  9. MrSpideyXD

    Boba Fett's Repainted Armor (The Mandalorian Season 2) W.I.P

    Hey everyone, im new here on the rpf and i want to share with you some of my progress on my Boba Fett's armor from The Mandalorian Season 2. Any kind of advice is welcome.
  10. S

    Invincible Cosplay Pattern Files

    I just made an account on the RPF to upload my custom Invincible cosplay files and some resources I've found to put it all together. I wasn't able to find any patterns that I liked (and I didn't really want to spend more money than I already did on the fabric), so I made my own. I decided to...
  11. RuBBaFishE

    The Mandalorian beskar build

    Hey all. It's my first time posting here, but though it worth sharing my newly completed Din Djarin Mandalorian beskar armor build. This was my COVID quarantine project and it turned out great. Goin into this, I had little experience with sewing, electronics, and designing mechanical...
  12. ZadeWilson

    Captain America 2012 v 2018

    Just wanted to show the evolution of my work, I thought it was pretty cool! The Jacket was not made by me, but everything else shown was.
  13. Day Spartan

    Sealing Plastazote

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice on sealing plastazote. Making some armour and am having some trouble sealing the foam. there are a few parts the move and bend a little but if it just paint on the foam it flacks off and then i tried to seal it with latex the skin started to peel off or tried...
  14. R

    Mon Calamari

    Some photos of the mask that I make in latex. I hope you like it.
  15. ThatOneDude2994

    My Raimi suit build/guide *Starts soon* *PIC HEAVY*

    Hey guys! Ever since I was a kid, I've long dreamed to own a screen-accurate Raimi suit down-to-a-t Replica. Spidey4fun and Spidey planet have the best replica's but are very expensive and takes time to make. Print only suits are fine but for a Raimi suit, it can be quite bland. We won't even...
  16. WTCreations

    3D Printed Safi'Jiiva Helmet from Monster Hunter World Iceborne

    Here we go, my first RPF thread. Howdy everybody! I'm a 3d Print Designer, Prop Maker, and Costumer; and I have a personal project going. The helmet of a fantastical set of armor from Monster Hunter World Iceborne. The Awakened Safi'Jiiva Helmet Alpha. I love this armor set so much! Wanted...
  17. flutefreak05

    The Lost World: Sarah Harding Cosplay

    My partner and I were able to piece together a Dr. Sarah Harding cosplay from The Lost World. The bandana is made of olive green fabric from Jo An Fabrics. The shirt was found on EBay along with the jacket. We matched the seems up on the jacket as best as we could from screenshots. The jacket is...
  18. shadowbreakre

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Printable Thread

    Decided to make a single thread with all of my 3D printable Kingdom Hearts props. I will update this as I create new models or finish a physical print. If anyone decides to make any of them feel free to post it here as well.
  19. SeaMoon

    Any recommended primer paints for foam besides Plasti-Dip here in the Philippines / Asia?

    I'm looking for a good cheaper alternative to Plasti-Dip spray paint as its quite pricey here going around ₱1000 ($20). I know Bosny made a similar spray can called Elastic dip but I haven't found anyone who has used it on foam. I'm thinking of trying out acrylic gloss emulsion which Gelo...
  20. dogbite

    Ra , Stargate(1994) 3d print helmet

    Ra from the movie stargate. Modelled in 3ds max and zBrush. Printed on my prusa mk3. A very fun build( the modelling was hell), painting this was so much fun. I am selling the STL files on cgtrader
  21. LimeyBuilds

    Bajoran Collection by LimeyBuilds (Saxon Props)

    Today I got around to starting to photograph my homemade-from-scratch Bajoran collection. All stuff I 3d modelled, printed , molded and cast in resin. Rifle, Pistol, Derringer, PADD, Tricorder (solid), Badge & Pip. Along with a custom earring and Silicone nose ridges that I sculpted and cast...
  22. MaxGeek

    Free Spider-Man blank pattern

    Hello I've been searching a free base for making Spider-Man patterns but i didn't succeed So,does somebody here have one that they would agree to share with me ? Thanks in advance for those who'll accept Have a nice day -Your Friendly Neighborhood Max
  23. Patronic27


    Hey everyone! I'm a major Spider-Man fan and cosplayer like many of you out there and was considering buying this already made Spider-Man suit from a seller on Instagram. This suit has no webbing or logos printed or painted onto it which is perfect for me as I have always wanted to make a suit...
  24. Caleb656

    My custom Spider-Man cosplay

    This a costume thread about Spider-Man This is my first Spider-Man cosplay and my first cosplay. I am making this 100% from scratch from sewing to puffy painting to lenses to soles. The fabric I got for this suit is an ity stretch jersey from fabric wholesale for about 4.99 a yard...
  25. JaredRmz

    A Leap of Faith: Post your Miles Spidey Costume

    I don't know if there's actually a thread for this, but this one's just for Miles Morales (Harlem's Spiderman) cosplays or WIP cosplays. I've been working on mine and still don't finish, but I'm eager to finish it as soon as possible (:

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