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  1. M

    Star Wars FS: Man of War ROTJ Boba Fett Gauntlet kit

    For sale: Man of War Studios Return of the Jedi Boba Fett gauntlet kit. Complete, unbuilt.Unwrapped some of the parts just for these photos. Includes gauntlets halves, hinges, greeblies, rocket, instructions, etc. $225 shipped USA. Thank you.
  2. JCulley3D

    DIY Mando Bag Cosplay!

    Hey All, I wanted to share my latest Star Wars Prop build video - a Mandalorian inspired survival bag! The video shows the whole build process and is a bit of fun too.. DIY Mando Bag - Build Video
  3. M

    Any batman cape makers?

    I've been trying to find a few that can bring my dream cape to life. Anyone can help me?
  4. NostromoCrew

    Interest ALIEN Uniform WINGS. Screen Accurate, Goldwork.

    Hi everyone, I recently completed a small run of screen accurate NOSTROMO jacket wings, for my jackets and the rest for sale. I sold out of them pretty fast…. This post is to gage if there is interest in me making more. These are all handmade, out of 1mm metallic French wire, gold and silver...
  5. DamianF

    Jay Garrick Helmet replica

    Hi guys, Im new to the forum here and I've been trying to search for a replica Jay Garrick helmet you see in the Flash series and one that's not cheap looking
  6. M

    Star Wars FS: Star Wars Master Replicas Jango Fett Blasters

    For sale: Star Wars 2005 Master Replicas Jango Fett Westar-34 blaster pistols. Excellent condition. Includes the numbered plaque (1224/1500), the box, and box slide cover. Does not include the clear acrylic display cover, display stand, or original MR brown shipper box. $1000 + shipping / USA.
  7. FranklyBuilt

    MK85 Iron Man Cosplay w/ Infinity Stones - 100% 3D Printed (Pic and resource heavy)

    Hello everyone! My name's Frank! I'm 29 and currently stationed in the UK with my wife and doggos. I've been in the USAF for 8 years now and been overseas the entire time. I've been a lurker here for a while and i've been wanting to post this but every time i think it's done; i want to change or...
  8. SemajOvured

    The Martian EVA Suit Armor and Backpack

    Has anyone tackled making 3D models for The Martian EVA chest armor and backpack yet? Are there models or templates?
  9. NostromoCrew

    ALIEN Nostromo Wings, Screen Accurate, GOLD and SILVER

    [Update SEP 10: Newly made, 3 of each available.] Up for sale are 10 screen accurate Nostromo Crew wings, 5 X Gold for Dallas's jacket, and 5 X Silver for Kane's jacket. They are HANDMADE no machines involved. Gold and Silver bullion embroidery. The wings for sale are the actual ones in this...
  10. AgentOfShield

    Best Looking Captain America Shield for the Money

    Looks like China has upped their 3rd party ABS shield game once again. I previously purchased the one in the first pic below from a store on eBay and I loved how sturdy and accurate looking it was for the price. It is just over 22" in diameter but for me that's not an issue since I'm not 6ft...
  11. Darthragnar

    Samurai Oni demon costume I made for Halloween a few years ago.

    Howdy my fellow RP-mutha-F%$kers!. lol Just figured I'd share some photos of a costume I created for Halloween a few years back. I wanted to make my own take on a Samurai Oni demon concept. I sculpted this on an Ultracal lifecast of my head using monster clay, then I made a mold with Ultracal...
  12. shareahack

    DIY Wearable Arc Reactor with 5 Interchangeable Designs (3D Printed, 1-day Build)

    Hi all! While I was working on my Mark 1 helmet video, I had the idea to make a quick 3D printed "under-the-shirt" arc reactor. It evolved into bigger project with adding the swappable faceplates with different arc reactor profiles. Some of the designs aren't 100% true because I had to come up...
  13. NostromoCrew

    Nostromo jacket replica Kane version

    Up for sale, is a NOSTROMO crew jacket replica, Kane version. Made by myself. My main consideration when working on this jacket and others was screen accuracy to the best of my ability, and to get the final product to look and feel as though it was actually issued by a semi-military, massive...
  14. A

    I need help choosing a new cosplay.

    Ive been doing cosplay for a few years, and ive been running out of ideas. I got anime nyc 2020 this year and idk what to do and NEW YORK COMIC CON MIGHT HAPPEN And I definitely need ideas :eek: For reference I usually do cosplay with my body type as im very skinny and tall. So im just trying...
  15. Penewton13

    tank girl Booga cosplay

    I'm looking to do a Tank Girl themed cosplay as Booga (the half kangaroo love interest). Im stumped on how to make a tail that is thick like a kangaroo but isn't going to be cumbersome. Thanks! Phillip
  16. alenami

    Iron Man MK4 (WIP)

    Hello everyone! Let’s do my first post here! This is my MK IV eva foam so far. Hope you enjoy!
  17. jakobhollis06

    Sportsmaster Bag

    Does anyone happen to know the brand of this bag?
  18. Thegraflexgenie

    WTB anovos bespin fatigues

    I would like to purchase a anovos Luke skywalker bespin fatigues jacket and pants in a size medium
  19. Lifeline Heirloom Shock Stick Apex Legends DIY..

    Lifeline Heirloom Shock Stick Apex Legends DIY..

    Read Description. In today's video we are going to make #Lifeline heirloom #shockstick from #apexlegends. This prop is way easy to make and it takes only a c...
  20. rehjee

    Doomslayer Helmet WIP

    Heres my quarantine build so far. Eva foam, sentra plastic, foam clay and a little bit of model kit bashing. Tell me your thoughts!!
  21. saint357

    Blood Bag Muzle From Mad Max fury Road

    MY NAME IS MAX. MY WORLD IS FIRE AND BLOOD! In my continuing quest to make quarantine fun i have decide to make different kinds of face masks from various genera of movies, TV and video games. so here's my latest face mask. It's the iconic blood bag muzzle from Mad Max Furry Road! while i...
  22. mmillette78

    Outlander Cycler Rifle Build

    RPF world. This is my first post here on the forum and I'm excited to share a build that has been a few years in the making. Originally based on a basic Tusken cycler style rifle it transformed into something with much more of a narrative as I was inspired by other builds, feedback and ideas to...
  23. Wraith's Heirloom Knife Apex Legends (blender tutorial).

    Wraith's Heirloom Knife Apex Legends (blender tutorial).

    In today's video we are going to make #wraithsknife in #blender 2.82 #apexlegends the process is quite simple and easy to make. the model is made in blender ...
  24. Wraith Heirloom Knife Apex Legends DIY

    Wraith Heirloom Knife Apex Legends DIY

    In today's video we are going to make #Wraith heirloom knife the process is quite simple but looks so AWESOME. #Apexlegends for more props and cosplay check ...
  25. Octane Heirloom Butterfly Knife Apex Legends DIY

    Octane Heirloom Butterfly Knife Apex Legends DIY

    Read Description. In today's video we are going to make #octanes heirloom #butterflyknife from #apexlegends. The process is completely easy also the required...

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