The Jayne Cobb complete outfit build


For reasons that should become obvious later on in this build, I've decided I need a complete Jayne Cobb cosplay outfit. I recently completed a full-size, operator on the inside, motorized, full electro mechanical Dalek. I've also done a full Mandalorian with Amban pulse rifle, Bo Katan (for my wife), 10th Dr Who and an original character I call 'Future Man' so I have some experience at putting together screen accurate costumes. I recently started a full Halo Master Chief build as well but while I'm waiting for my new PRUSA XL to arrive i thought I'd work on this.
A lot of the pieces can be just sourced so 'only' his weapons will need to be fabricated and his boot gaiters.
For reference I'm using The Titan Books 541 page book called "FireFly A Celebration". It has tons of high quality full color images of the actual props and costumes as well as lots of explanations of prop details and costume details. So from that, starting at the top, here's the pieces I plan to put together:
- cunning wool Chinese hat
- cheap half used unlit cigar
- go-T (I'll just grow one prior to any appearance)
- a couple of brown, earth tone t-shirts with the appropriate images on them
- light tan cargo pants
- black duty belt with brass buckle and 4 chrome belt keepers
- black leather bracelet
- leather knife sheath, small army style canvas pouch, small nylon rectangular pouch (like used for a leatherman tool), thigh pistol holster
- coffin handled, model 225 liberty Bowie knife made by Rough Rider
- modified civil war LaMat pistol
- Callahan Full Bore Auto Lock with tan shoulder harness/bandolier
- green army M65 jacket
- fingerless gloves
- black nylon boot gatiers
- green/black army combat boots

I'll be fabricating the following items:
- Callahan Full Bore Auto Lock
- LaMat Pistol
-Bowie knife and leather sheath
- boot gaiters

I've managed to source the wool hat, t-shirt, leather bracelet, gloves, duty belt, thigh holster, belt pouches and combat boots so far. I found several M65 jackets on eBay but I'm going to check out some local thrift shops first. I'll post pics of items as they arrive as well as progress pics of the things I'm building. Questions and comments are always welcome ...
Ok so some progress to report ...
Just got notified that the wool hat I'm having made is complete and being shipped. Teh gloves recently showed up and after cutting off the fingers I'm in the process of dying it to the correct colors. Even though most of the pics of his gloves seem to show them as this light brownish with black color the research I've done indicated that the gloves are actually gray with black. I found a post where someone who was making the outfit ran into Baldwin at a convention and asked him about it. Baldwin said teh gloves are actually grey with the black accents. I'll post a pic once the are done being dyed.

Still waiting on the leather duty style belt and belt keepers to arrive but my green/black combat boots and black leather bracelet are here.
The 3D model of his Bowie knife was completed and so I printed it to check fit and started priming it. Still hoping to find a M65 green army jacket at a local thrift shop but I may have no choice but to buy one on eBay ... I also need to go to JoANN fabrics and look for some black nylon material to make his boot gaiters out of.

Once I finish the knife I'll take it to my leather guy and have him make me a screen accurate sheath for it. I also need to find a suitable pair of tan cargo pants but I can get them anywhere so I'm not in. Big rush to get them


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Jayne's knife is now complete. Unfortunately also just realized for the actual prop the handle nameplate is rss not silver so I'll need to repaint it. Also I'll need to add a little weathering to it to more closely match the prop. Next up is his pistol.


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Repaint of the knife engraving plate to a screen accurate brass plus a light weathering pass has been completed. The 3D model of the pistol is done and I've started printing it. I've also completed dying the gloves, making 13 bullets for the rifle sling bandolier and several other clothing pieces have arrived. I still need to get a pair of tan cargo pants, green M65 jacket and make the boot gaiters and knife sheath. I'll lay out what I have so far and take a few pics to post as well. And of course we don't want to forget about Vera ...


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here's a quick image of where I stand at the moment ... the next week will be spent printing & finishing his pistol


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Looking good so far. But you will hate those boots, and so did he, so they changed later. My were issued and sucked.
lol ... I also had a pair of these issued to me back in 1982 when I got commissioned. I don't remember them being an issu?
We had to take a couple of steps back on the pistol model. First there was som issues with the checkered pattern on the grips printing correctly but we finally got it worked out and got them printed. We then noticed that the barrel would spin freely even with the hammer engaged to be able to pull the trigger. Took some redesign of the barrel, frame and cylinder but now we have it where there is a ball bearing and spring mechanism so that e@ch time you pull the trigger the cylinder will rotate once with the ball bearing registering it in place with the barrel and keeping it from spinning freely.
I just finished printing the new parts so tomorrow I'll prime them while I start airbrushing all the other parts. Also my kaki cargo pants arrived and I got 6 nylon buckles and some black nylon fabric to make the boot gaiters
I also managed to source an authentic M65 field jacket on EBay for $13! Every once in a while you can get lucky there.. I need to get some embroidered gold stars to put on the epaulets and I need to dye a small piece of fur I have to glue to the inside of the collar. I also found a graphic of the patch he had on the jacket but so far I haven't been able to source an @ctual patch so I my have to pay to have one embroidered.


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Quick update ... completed the faux wood paint job on the grips ...
Top section was done using 2 different colors of India ink over a gloss white paint base. Bottom section was done with first airbrushing a base coat of brown, then dry brushing with raw sienna over the ribbing, then a final light airbrush pass with brown again. The center screw details were a base coat of Matt black followed by rubbing over them with graphite power


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