Cooper Howard - AKA The Ghoul full cosplay outfit build


Well for the last 3 years I've been working on a single build - a full size, screen accurate, opertor-on-the-inside, drivable, complete electro-mechanical Dalek, complete with an F-15 flt stick which controls every function. Dalek Nim made his debute at the 2024 Orlando MegaCon as part of the Florida Dalek Builders Group. Now having all this time on my hands I've gone in the complete direction, working on 3 different cosplay outfits at the same time ... yes I have no life ... lol.
The costumes are: Jayne Cobb from Firefly, Halo Master Chief TV Series and The Ghoul on the Fallout TV series. I've never been a 'modern' video game player and while aware of Halo and Fallout I knew nothing about them before the tv shows came out having never played them. Halo was first this past Nov when I discovered the TV show and I'm currently neck deep in that build focusing on completing the undersuit first. My Jayne Cobb outfit is 98% complete - I'm waiting on the arrival of the patch that goes on his M65 jacket and I'm finishing up assembling his pistol and need to make the knife sheath. So obviously it was time to get started on The Ghoul .... lol
Been doing a ton of research and my ghetto version of screen grabs ... I wish I knew how people do this but I've been relegated to taking cell phone pics of freeze frames ...
So I have the following: sawed off rifle, pistol, leather bandolier, leather rifle sling, horse saddle bags, leather vest, leather belt/holster, belt buckle, boots, vest blue cowboy shirt, buffalo gloves. For the pants I found some brown with white pin stripes cotton material and my sister-in-law is a seamstress so I just need to send her the material and pattern.
I also own an authentic western cowboy leather duster that I had for when I used to go to Wyoming on yearly dinosaur fossil hunting trips. I saw a recent post where a leather costume shop is making a Ghoul coat so I'll probably wait to see how that. Ones out and the cost as I'd prefer not to destroy this authentic duster ...
Still looking for the right cowboy hat. Finally managed to figure out what style it was - western Cattleman - but I haven't found the right one yet as I don't want to buy some $200-$300 hat .
Everything of course will need the '219 years of wasteland' treatment but I'm going to wait until I have everything so I can do it all at the same time to ensure a cohesive look.
Belt buckle and gloves I think are an exact match, saddle bag and rifle sling need a little work, bandolier is a match, I plan to dye the blue shirt a darker shade to match the show and have a local embroidery company embroider a scorpion on the collars. The gun belt has the wrong style of buckl, no square so I'll swap that out as well and I need to take a belt sander to the butt of my 1863 rifle to make it the proper shape. Right now it looks like Zoe's rifle from Firefly which is close but not accurate enough. I actually managed to find a pair of the correct boots (98% least I think) in my size that are used for $45! Better lucky than good any day ...
The big elephant in the room of course is the full face silicon mask I'll need to make and honestly compels me to admit that as excited as I was to make this outfit once I saw the character, learning how to make a full silicone mask is what convinced me I had to do this ...
I recently got a Revo 3D scanner so my cunning plan is to make a 3D scan of my head and then 3D print that so I now have an armature of myself that I can do the clay sculpture on. I may have to make a resin cast of my head but we'll see.
I'll try to start posting some pics ne t week of things I've already sourced and show what mods need to be done to them ...

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