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  1. sketcherdan

    Trojan Warrior Helmet (Troy , 2004)

    Selling my Trojan warrior helmet from the movie Troy (2004). This is a great piece from the movie. Bought in 2015 from the Propstore of London, and comes with their certificate of authenticity. Made in cast rubber, it is flexible and wearable and shows signs of being used in battle scenes...
  2. Rook

    XL Finished Fiberglass Mandalorian Helmet

    Hi! Continental US Bidders only, contact me before using the Buy button. I am selling my Finished XL Mandalorian bucket I got off etsy. I love it, but making room for some new toys, plus I could use the cash to procure said toys! The best thing about it is that I can't imagine there is a...
  3. Rook

    Marvel Captain America Costume

    Hi friends! Continental US buyers only, contact me before using the Buy button. I bought this off Amazon a few years back, but I have been kicking my butt dieting and working out, lost 40 lbs and it is now too big! I have bought the same model, only smaller and I thought I'd offer this one up...
  4. rehjee

    Doomslayer Helmet WIP

    Heres my quarantine build so far. Eva foam, sentra plastic, foam clay and a little bit of model kit bashing. Tell me your thoughts!!
  5. Phantom017

    Need help building Klingon vest

    Hi I'm trying to build a leather vest worn by Klingon officers in the Star Trek Movies. I've searched high and low on the net and cant seem to find a good source for a pattern to make this vest. Any one have any luck making one of these?
  6. C

    Looking a making a stargate costume, need help on ID'ing a jacket.

    These uniforms were used during S4 & S5 of stargate atlantis for offworld use. Need help on IDing the base uniform. S1-S3 and S4 & S5 used two different dickie work jackets but i can't tell if these are the same just in black. S1-S3 uniform (modifed dickies jacket) S4-S5 uniform (modified...
  7. georgecosplay

    Bear in the Big Blue House Build

    Hey folks, I'm beginning a thread as I’m in the very early design stages of replicating Bear (of Big Blue House fame). You may be able to see one of my previous threads in which I made my own Big Bird, I’ll be drawing on my experience gained in this project and the experience I’ve gained since...
  8. Nanotyrannus

    Screen Used Edgar Bladder Suit MIB

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve owned in my movie prop collection! An Edgar transformation rig from Men In Black. This bladder suit was made for use during the climax of the film, where Edgar pulls his human skin off to reveal his true form. This suit consists of a rubber bladder vest, a...
  9. JKRIB

    DOCTOR WHO Space Suit Helmet!

    $250 + shipping (based on your location) PM for shipping price Hard to find helmet! Used in MANY Doctor Who episodes, to create the Sanctuary Base 6 space suit! The space suit has been worn by the 10th, 11th and 12th Doctor. Along with many other characters! (See reference photos above)...
  10. zachfejes

    The Mandalorian - Full Costume Project

    Hey there everybody - this is my first thread on RPF, and I'm looking forward to sharing! Like a lot of you, I loved the Mandalorian. It's well written, fun, and feels like a great addition to the Star Wars universe. I also fell in love with the Beskar armour. As soon as I saw it, I knew I...
  11. JKRIB

    Doctor Who - Space Suit Boots

    $40 + shipping (based on your location) Salomon F20 Self Snowboard Boots. Hard to find, black and yellow color scheme. Used but in great condition. Recently cleaned and disinfected. Size: UK 8 US 8.5 CM 26.5 F 42 Same model boots used in Doctor Who series 2. Featured in the 10th...
  12. Morkandmindy4ev

    Mork & Mindy

    Hi! Does anyone know where I can get/order a vest like mork's from mork and Mindy??? Or how I could make one? I have no sewing machine (it broke) and im not good at sewing by hand.
  13. G

    Scarecrow Disneys Return to Oz

    Hey guys, I've read posts from the RPF for years as I've done some odds and ends but never done anything super serious outside my Ghostbusters costume. That being said, I want to do a costume of the Scarecrow from the 1985 Disney film Return to Oz but don't know how to go about making the mask...
  14. Dreamweavers

    Wrath of Khan - Khan's Accessories

    Hello there! I'm looking for any information on the mechanical/ electronic elements used for Khan in "Wrath of Khan." He has a wristband with wires, a necklace, a belt buckle, and a bandolier/ chest strap. I'm a professional costumer and makeup artist, but alas, all the rest of this costume...
  15. Nibenon

    LOTR Faramir Full Costume WIP - Pic Heavy

    Hey all, back again. Sometimes it feels like I'm using the forum as a backup drive of all my WIP pics, but then I realize the RPF is exactly why I started taking WIP pics in the first place. ANYWAY, Faramir. We're gonna start with sewing the shirt; considering the number of layers, I don't...
  16. rehjee

    Royce, Cyberpunk 2077

    Alright, so here's our Royce cosplay for the Cyberpunk 2077 costume contest. Six months of hard work!! What do you folks think?! Resin and silicone prosthetic makeup!!
  17. darkside501st

    Interest Dark Matter Props Death Stranding Prop Replicas - for Cosplay Costume

    Hello Everyone. I wanted to gauge interest in some items for the upcoming video game Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima. We have started work on the aluminum rigging brackets... I was able to find a source for the aluminum at a lower MOQ so I could start on these without taking on preorders. We...
  18. Neolun

    Always know a working Joe - ALIEN: Isolation Costume

    Hi there fellow makers. I try to make a working Joe costume from ALIEN: Isolation. As of now i have a similar Jacket and a quite fitting Mask. Cloves and a neck-tube are on the way. Next step is the "Seegson" Patch and I search a way to make the eyes light-up but still be able to see...
  19. oldgojira

    Captain America Endgame costume

    I'm pretty sure I did a thorough job of searching the forums, but I could not locate any threads on what people are finding to be the best Captain America Endgame costumes they have picked up. Looking for a fairly accurate one without going insane on money and I'm interested in what people have...
  20. haylcron

    Mythos Ben Kenobi Goggles

    I'm working toward a complete Mythos Ben Kenobi cosplay for NYCC and thought I'd share the progress I've made on the desert goggles. All of my props for this costume have been a compromise between the original statue, the sixth scale figure, and my own take on how some of these objects would...
  21. D

    80's Sontaran Costumes (Doctor Who)

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out what kind of material was used for the Sontarans in Doctor Who when they showed up in the mid eighties (The episode was called The Two Doctors.) I know the modern ones are made out of a sort of rubber foam, and these particular 80's ones look to be slightly...
  22. RettMikhal

    Advice for lighting in clothing for a custom costume idea I had based on Quantum Leap

    Hello. First time poster, long time lurker. I had a crazy idea for a themed costume the other day, which would involve using a complicated lighting system attached to my body. I'm not sure how feasible it is and would like advice. The idea is to replicate, as much as technologically possible...
  23. mahesh114

    The Amazing Spider-Man PS4 Suit Cosplay Suit (FIRST SUIT EVER!)

    ----PRICE LIST (As Of 23/01/2020)---- Suit: (Was £29.99, with discount= £16.41) Puff Paint: £21 Fillers: £1 Clips: £1.90 Webshooters: £4 Red paint: £6 Yellow gloves: £1 Velcro Pads: £1 "Balenciaga" Shoes: £11 Neodymium Magnets (100 Pack): £2.99 Total: £66 Sunk Costs: Velcro was useless...
  24. TheRealTalon

    DC Talon Court of Owls Making Of

    (This is my "making of" post, if you want to see my finished pictures, check out my "finished" post: Finished Court of Owls Talon Cosplay ) So I've looked around the internet and haven't found many Talon suits or cosplays, even though I think the court is definitely one of Batman's deadliest...
  25. JBHoke

    Newt Scamander's Suitcase - Crimes of Grindlewald Edition

    A friend of mine cosplays as Newt Scamander, and to help him out I decided to go ahead and re-create all of the papers tacked to the interior of Newt's suitcase. Luckily I was able to find most of it: I am, however, having some trouble finding some elements: The areas circled in...

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