Limited Run Dredd Lawgiver 2012 Full Electronics and Action

You wont see anything like this again . Go back in the threads since this forum has started nothing even close .
You're a machine brother, just a freakin' machine. I truly hope anyone/everyone considering a future project run at the RPF (or anywhere else) is taking notes on how things should be done.
Appreciate the kind thoughts, ADHD is a blessing and a curse ;)

I know some people throw ADHD around for fun, I had to short-bus it for a while in school before they figured it out, wasn't as recognized back then. Some people take medication, I funnel it into making. It's either this or I would be 100%ing Skyrim again...

This has been an epic project and I am kinda sad to see it coming to a close. Co-ordinating with other talented makers on this has been hugely educational and made this project awesome, though it did blow scope out a bit, so apologies for the delays:

Seeing Spidey74 get into the low level Arduino code that I didn't even know existed made this far more interactive (and stable) then I could ever have.

BeakZ amazing metalwork and tips and tricks on machining finally pushed me over the edge to get a lathe and mill, though I did walk away with band-aids from my first 3 times using the lathe.

There's no more parts, my Lawgiver bins are empty, these last few operations are it!

Except for the videos. I'm bribing my daughter to rough cut edit all the footage for me with a fat stack of cash for getting video 2 done on Thurs and Video 3 done by next Tuesday, and if I get a final cut of all three videos done by next weekend she gets a final bonus, even though it'll be me doing it I really need someone behind me with a sharp stick to poke me to get it done. So if I don't have the full video series by the 26th you know she's not going to be living large at the arcade next month (or whatever kids do with money these days).
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Props3D - your dedication and kindness have just been incredible. My LG is the pride of my collection (just have to train it for my Irish accent haha! My bad Karl Urban obviously isn't good enough :D) but really - you should be so amazingly proud of this.

To quote Wayne's World - "We're not worthy!"

Much love and appreciation from the Emerald Isle ;)
Greetings Judges

Well, it appears that both Chris and I have rubber arms when it comes to this run :) I have been filming some footage of me making the Lawgiver barrels, so that it could be part of the series of videos Chris is doing. I'd made three more barrels as part of this: one to screw up, one to keep and one to give away. When chatting to Chris, he mentioned that he was clearing all his Lawgiver stock and selling electronic kits to get shot of everything. Somehow, we ended up including metal barrels in the kits, so eight more came off the production line:


These are on their way to Chris, and will be part of the clear out kits he'll be selling soon. So when the kits come up for sale, grab 'em while they're hot!

I'm happy that everyone is enjoying their Lawgivers, it was a hell of a ride!

Stay calm, and carry on.

Got all the electronics together and working, this also included a code upgrade from Spidey74 and a surprise if you hold the trigger down for 6 seconds. I'll do an update on how everyone can get it later but I'm exhausted and just want to be brief.

If you're waiting the finals are rolling off. Only got one today because the electronics took longer than expected (of course) so I'll try and get 2 done tomorrow. They're all painted and cured, just waiting for electronics:

I also idly muse while I work and I had a fun idea, couldn't resist mocking it up:


This is a 3 part swap to turn the Lawgiver into a Gun4IR lightgun. All lawgivers will be compatible, just need to swap the heel, barrel, and add the lightgun electronics caddy and you're off. This is as far as I'll go with this until after the videos are published, just had to see if it was possible, and it is :)
The repair, the last parts kit, and the two extras are ready to ship!

Video 1 and 2 now have complete cuts, 2 hours EACH. I can probably cut that down some but I wanted this to be absolutely complete end to end guides, something I haven't seen before, no wonder why.

On to editing the third video and completing the Toy Traders Lawgiver. Almost done! (still)
The last Lawgiver...


That's it! All orders complete and shipped!


It's been a hell of an experience. I'll def do a post-mortem once the videos are done, this is my first run and it's been a wild ride, think I can speak for all of us there ( BeakZ Spidey74 )

-=Losing your primary weapon or having it taken from you is an automatic fail.=-
Pictures of your Lawgivers in action and/or at events will be considered admissible evidence in your defense
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