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  1. dmpsk8

    Blade Runner Tomenosuke - Heavily modified & upgraded

    Up for grabs is a modified Blade Runner Tomenosuke blaster. I finished this one with a cleaner look, and it feels great in hand. Hefty prop. Lots of time and effort in this one. Custom Work: -Stripped and refinished receiver -Steel barrel (old barrel cut off and replaced for upgrade) -Steel...
  2. Buckethead

    CNC Aluminium DC15s Clone Blaster - Buckethead

    I have been working with the very talented Jetstorm_3d, aka Léo, (who modelled an extraordinary model of the DC15s for 3D printing) to bring to life something I have always wanted, a full metal version of the DC15s (short) Clone Trooper blaster from Star Wars. We are now at a point where all...
  3. M

    Star Wars FS: Star Wars Master Replicas Jango Fett Blasters

    For sale: Star Wars 2005 Master Replicas Jango Fett Westar-34 blaster pistols. Excellent condition. Includes the numbered plaque (1224/1500), the box, and box slide cover. Does not include the clear acrylic display cover, display stand, or original MR brown shipper box. $1000 + shipping / USA.
  4. Andy3E

    Battlestar Galactica Clamshell Blaster

    Selling a Matsuo Clamshell Blaster, resin prop replica, no moving parts, painted by myself Asking £100 shipped in the UK
  5. tmax

    MIB 3 Sidearm

    MIB 3 Standard Issue Sidearm Unfinished project - This printed kit was assembled, prepped and painted in Molotow chrome and clear coat. Electronics have been installed with blue LEDs. The chrome isn’t perfect (see pics) especially on the trigger which needs work. The electronics function but...
  6. tmax

    Grordbort Manmelter

    Dr.Grordbort’s Manmelter 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol Made by Weta New in box (packaging removed for pics). Includes original shipping boxes. Number 185 of 500 Shipping is from New Brunswick, Canada
  7. Rufus72

    My Star Wars Prop builds

    Hello to everyone. My name is Ralf and I'm new on the RPF. I'm making props and models for quite a while and want to show some of my works. Please tell me what you think. If you're interested I'll post some wip pictures. My most time I spent on the DL-44 and E-11 blasters but there are some...
  8. BeardySi

    Blade Runner PKD blaster / That Gun

    This came as a nice surprise birthday present from my wife. She knew Blade Runner is a favourite of mine, but she'd no idea that this gun also appears in Fallout which is a big obsession of mine. The kit came from etsy and a bit of research reveals it to be a recast of the Doppelganger...
  9. phoenixjj

    What is the best way to add a laser diode to Starlord blaster?

    I am looking at the best way to add two 5V 5mW laser head diode to a modified nerf star lord blaster. I have been looking into powering it by some sort or rechargeable battery, thinking of cutting out a space to plug it in when it needs to be charged. I have already removed most of the nerf...
  10. TridCloudwalker

    Tomenosuke Assembly Kit Tutorial Video

    Despite getting the kit over a year ago, I've only had time to finally sit down and put it together last month, and to be honest, I was a little intimidated. This is my absolute holy grail kit; the one I've wanted since the beginning. I didn't want to screw it up, and wanted to have a very solid...
  11. GermanRedrum

    Boba Fett EE-3 question

    Hey guys, I’m new. I was looking up to see if there was the most accurate tor version of Boba Fetts EE-3 blaster out there. I’ve tried to dig into the threads here but can’t find a clear answer. Hasbro? Rubies? Etc. or, should I just find a kit on Etsy or eBay and build it up?? thanks for the...
  12. Gearhead

    "Traitor's Race: A Han Solo Adventure"- Full fan film build log (Pic Heavy)

    Hey gang! Long time, no speak on the actual forum here, although I've been posting on the official Facebook page. It gives me great pleasure to announce that I, along with many of the most talented people I know, have embarked on the sort of project that every kid who grew up watching Star Wars...
  13. mugatu

    Want to Buy Blade Runner Blaster Grips (Amber)

    Hello. I am looking for a set of Blade Runner Blaster grips in the screen-used amber color. Would prefer a set in the size and shape of the Worldcon or recent Coyle’s or Tomenosuke. Thank you. Andy
  14. E-11 Blaster Rifle

    E-11 Blaster Rifle

  15. E-11 Blaster Rifle

    E-11 Blaster Rifle

  16. alldrops

    Screen accurate Star-Lord Blaster - Finished and Weathered

    Hey all! I spent quite a while trying to find a screen-accurate Star-Lord blaster 3d model, but I wasn't 100% satisfied with the models I was finding (both free and paid), so I decided to learn 3D modelling to get as many details as I could, and after a good few months learning, I'm pretty happy...
  17. Harada357

    Limited Run One Kit Available - Blade Runner PKD Mk-VII Concept pistol blaster gun weapon prop

    KITS ARE AVAILABLE NOW !!! 8/16/2020 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Blade Runner PKD Mk-VII Concept pistol blaster gun weapon prop Offered for a VERY limited run: $ 175.00 plus 25.00 Shipping US. Paypal: PM me. Include full...
  18. Anders

    Unlimited Run Stargate Atlantis Asuran Gun - Pistol - Blaster

    Here is my run for Asuran Stunner (Gun, Pistol, Blaster, Whatever) Replica will be in resin, fully working (lights, moving parts) like the hero. I'll split the run every 5 units, price tag is 450€ + shipping, first shipping are estimated around September/October. Deposit is 150€. -- Run...
  19. Corellianexports

    Limited Run Han Solo Luke Skywalker Bespin Blaster Mounts

    I made a mistake today while installing my own mount, so I'll be machining a new one for myself this week. I thought I would put this out there just in case anyone else wanted one. If you need a mount just post a reply or send me a pm with the number of mounts needed. The Luke version just...
  20. D

    LTB PKD blaster kit

    I’m experienced hobbist and painter, looking to expand into prop building, and I want to to try my hand at building Deckard’s infamous “blaster” from Blade Runner. Any recommendations as to where I could acquire a decent quality kit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and nice to meet you guys!
  21. F

    Blade runner blaster

    Looking for a DOPPELGANGER or similar blade runner blaster kit.
  22. tmax

    Limited Run Looper Blunderbuss - Epoxy/Fiberglass hollow cast

    Big fan of this prop... So some time back I purchased molds for the Blunderbuss. These molds were made by FakeBritishAccent after his epic and accurate Blunderbuss build. Build thread here... Looper Blunderbuss - Pics of Painted Slushcast Kit on pg. 18 The molds are in great condition...
  23. M

    Blade Runner Deckard 1:1 scale head by Andy Wright

    Hi all.Just thought I would share Andy Wright's 1:1 scale Rick Deckard head that will be for my full statue.Hopefully I should have pic's of the full statue in the next few days.
  24. Vintagetunes

    All metal NN-14 blaster build. Looking for the best reference material.

    Hi there! I'm a long time lurker on the RPF now, but kinda want to get into the mix myself. Really want to build an all metal NN-14, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding the most accurate photos, and such. I'm a bit of a machinist, so I'm hoping to finally stretch my legs out on a blaster...
  25. F0recaster12

    Questions on assignable LEDs for blaster

    I am trying to make a custom blaster, using foam and PVC (and other odds and ends) fact I have most of it built. The question I have is more about the assignable LEDs...has anyone seen or programmed a sound/light kit that would let you hold the trigger of the blaster and allow it to...

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