1. Fettastic

    Star Wars Sold

    Original Pulce 40 speargun. I’ve been sitting on this guy for a minute. Was going to convert it to screen accuracy but just don’t have the time. Asking $400 plus shipping or best offer. Everything in picture is included. Will only ship to CONT. US. Don’t buy it now. PM me please.
  2. DylanRose

    Han Solo ROTJ blaster - $400 OBO

    Making room in my collection for some new projects! My ROTJ blaster is over on ebay but i'm happy to accept offers here as well! I never got around to weathering this one but it's ready for modifications or beautiful as a display piece as-is. From the listing: " This is a highly accurate...
  3. DylanRose

    Jyn Erso blaster replica - $700 OBO

    Making room in my collection! Selling my Jyn erso blaster over on ebay. Open to offers here as well! From the listing: " This is a full-metal replica of Jyn Erso’s BlasTech A-180 From Rogue One. This was handcrafted and professionally weathered by Helios Models. The base is a working replica...
  4. Elfenstahl

    MGC Mauser C96 - used condition - Eu shipping only!

    I am giving up my blaster projects. There are 3 MGC C96 and serveral blaster kits up for sale. Here is a MGC Mauser C96 in used condition. It has some dried, but removable gun grease on the surface which conserved the coating underneath very well, an "X" on the left surface and scratches in the...
  5. Elfenstahl

    MGC Mauser C96 - perfect condition - EU shipping only!

    I am giving up my blaster projects. There are 3 MGC C96 and serveral blaster kits up for sale. Here is a MGC Mauser C96 in perfect condition. The flanks were machined plain by MGC and sold that way. I am asking 580,00 Euro, shipping excluded. New price: 560,00 Euro Please ask for shipping...
  6. Elfenstahl

    MGC Mauser C96 - MIB - EU shipping only!

    I am giving up my blaster projects. There are 3 MGC C96 and serveral blaster kits up for sale. Here is a MGC Mauser C96 in perfect condition. With original box. I am asking 650,00 Euro, shipping excluded. New price: 630,00 Euro Please ask for shipping costs to your country. Trackingnumber...
  7. Corellianexports

    Star Wars Blaster Display Case

    This display case can house any of the different versions of the Han Solo and Luke Skywalker blasters (Hero, GK/Alternate, ESB and ROTJ). This is a great way to display a blaster without taking up valuable desktop room and without having to purchase more furniture. Dimensions: 15 7/8" L x 10...
  8. mugatu

    Star Wars FS: 1 Boba Debt and 1 Anakin Starkiller ESB FLASHHIDERS

    Hello. Thanks for viewing this! I have for sale TWO (2) ESB FLASHHIDERS, one from a run by Boba Debt and one from Anakin Starkiller, a few years ago. I don’t remember whose blaster each one goes to. I am selling both in this listing, but as two units so if you purchase this, please...
  9. corliss1

    Star Wars Han Solo DL-44 Hero Blaster - now at auction!

    Hey there! UP for sale is a Han Solo DL-44 Hero Blaster. It's got a lot of great parts listed below, so that list and the photos should tell the story. If you have any questions just send me a message - thanks! Due to the nature of the item we should probably limit this to the lower 48...
  10. M

    Star Wars E-11 blaster scope MHR Co 1943 M38 tank telescope

    edit: SOLD a vintage brass 1943 M.H.R. M38 tank telescope, aka one of the stormtrooper E-11 blaster scopes. Includes the additional screw-in front lens, which removes and attaches smoothly. Price: $250/shipped in USA, $300/shipped international. Thank you. Photos:
  11. zeroskillz

    Master Replicas Rebel Blaster

    I have the Master Replicas Rebel Blaster up for sale. This item is complete, including all original packaging and original shipping box it came from Master Replicas in. I prefer to ship within the US, but can do overseas if need be. Thanks for looking!
  12. Anders

    Unlimited Run Stargate Atlantis Asuran Gun - Pistol - Blaster

    Here is my run for Asuran Stunner (Gun, Pistol, Blaster, Whatever) Replica will be in resin, fully working (lights, moving parts) like the hero. I'll split the run every 5 units, price tag is 450€ + shipping, first shipping are estimated around September/October. Deposit is 150€. -- Run...
  13. 00jimmyd00

    Star Wars E 22 Blaster

    I'm selling my Diamond State Props E22 Blaster. Prop is all painted, tactical flashlight is attached (no batteries). Please see pictures and ask any questions you may have. Thanks, Jimmy
  14. mugatu

    Star Wars FS: Real Found Part 1943 M38 Telescope

    Hello! I have for sale one MHRCo M38 Telescope from a WWII Sherman Tank. As you know, this is used on the E-11 used by the Stormtroopers. Please view the photos as they are the best description of what you will get. Price includes shipping in the lower 48 states of the...
  15. Corellianexports

    Limited Run Han Solo Luke Skywalker Bespin Blaster Mounts

    I made a mistake today while installing my own mount, so I'll be machining a new one for myself this week. I thought I would put this out there just in case anyone else wanted one. If you need a mount just post a reply or send me a pm with the number of mounts needed. The Luke version just...
  16. D

    LTB PKD blaster kit

    I’m experienced hobbist and painter, looking to expand into prop building, and I want to to try my hand at building Deckard’s infamous “blaster” from Blade Runner. Any recommendations as to where I could acquire a decent quality kit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and nice to meet you guys!
  17. F

    Blade runner blaster

    Looking for a DOPPELGANGER or similar blade runner blaster kit.
  18. tmax

    Limited Run Looper Blunderbuss - Epoxy/Fiberglass hollow cast

    Big fan of this prop... So some time back I purchased molds for the Blunderbuss. These molds were made by FakeBritishAccent after his epic and accurate Blunderbuss build. Build thread here... Looper Blunderbuss - Pics of Painted Slushcast Kit on pg. 18 The molds are in great condition...
  19. M

    Blade Runner Deckard 1:1 scale head by Andy Wright

    Hi all.Just thought I would share Andy Wright's 1:1 scale Rick Deckard head that will be for my full statue.Hopefully I should have pic's of the full statue in the next few days.
  20. Vintagetunes

    All metal NN-14 blaster build. Looking for the best reference material.

    Hi there! I'm a long time lurker on the RPF now, but kinda want to get into the mix myself. Really want to build an all metal NN-14, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding the most accurate photos, and such. I'm a bit of a machinist, so I'm hoping to finally stretch my legs out on a blaster...
  21. F

    Questions on assignable LEDs for blaster

    I am trying to make a custom blaster, using foam and PVC (and other odds and ends) fact I have most of it built. The question I have is more about the assignable LEDs...has anyone seen or programmed a sound/light kit that would let you hold the trigger of the blaster and allow it to...
  22. Screen Shot 2019-01-05 At 10.37.46 PM

    Screen Shot 2019-01-05 At 10.37.46 PM

    A still of Tomenosuke-based stunt blasters from Vice's interview with Blade Runner: 2049 Prop Master, Doug Harlocker.
  23. tmax

    Limited Run Resin Cast Thermoptic Pistol - Ghost In The Shell - 1st Run Full.

    First Run Full! (y) On a recent trip back to New Zealand, I made some very interesting industry connections that have allowed us to offer this incredibly accurate Thermoptic Pistol, as used by Major played by Scarlet Johansen in the Weta produced Ghost In The Shell. While I can't name...
  24. mgoob

    4x20 Model 7 Scope - What Have I Got?

    I recently found this Model 7 in my basement (!) in a box of disassembled scopes. I've had the 2 Jason 4x20 scopes for years (the one w/ the return address label was mine taken to the Ranch when MR researched Boba Fett. The Nikko Sterling he took didn't match up) (I have read the...
  25. mgoob

    Star Wars Leia DDC Defender Blaster ROTJ Metal Parts

    Solid barrel to replace the one in your Margolin. Aluminium machined Tomit engine cylinders & flash hider. I couldn't remove the grey glue, but it'll be glued over anyway. Ships worldwide from USA zip code 14620 $80 + P&P