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    Limited Run screen accurate aluminum U-channel for Return of the Jedi E-11 blaster

    *EDIT* Thank you all for your interest! I did not expect to hit the 10 order minimum so soon! I am changing this from an "interest" thread to a "limited run" thread, and will expand the run up to 25 sets. Considering I work an 8-5 job and have a pregnant wife to take care of, most of my time is...
  2. skoota73

    Master Replicas Han Solo ESB Limited Edition Blaster

    Hi. I am letting go of my MR Han Solo Limited Edition ESB Blaster. Everything is included. This was opened twice. The first time being when it was first received, and for the second time, was to take pictures for this thread. This item has been sitting in storage and in my basement for years...
  3. M

    I made Deckard's Blade Runner gun for less than thirty bucks

    First of all, I plead guilty to the court that my gun is NOT at all movie accurate. But as someone who just can't afford Deckard's gun and who refuses to fork over seventy bucks for the squirt gun, I decided why not make one myself? I hope you folks might enjoy this, and again go easy on me for...
  4. Sni9er

    Din Djarin's - IB-94 Blaster (JBReplicasUK)

    Just wanted to share some photos of what I received in the mail today this absolutely painfully beautiful IB-94 from Joe Browning (JBReplicasUK) We were very fortunate to have been able to support Joe with our company...
  5. eethan

    Interest Padme's blaster, ELG-3A, screenaccurate details and proportions - idealized metal and wood materials

    Hi everyone and happy Star Wars day ! This is the interest thread for Padme’s blaster in polished aluminum and wood. The very detailed build log can be found here: Padme's blaster project - ELG-3A - screenaccurate details and proportions - idealized metal and wood materials As usual, I talk...
  6. chubsANDdoggers

    vinyl cutting

    I am looking to get a vinyl cutter to create stencils for blaster props that I build. Ive noticed that a lot of people use them for lightsabers, blasters.. pretty much everything really. I was curious to hear some suggestions on whats a good place to start. Silhouette cameo or Cricut Explore...
  7. MastahBlastah

    Build: Han ANH Hero DL44 (Steel)

    After tweaking and tinkering with this build for the past year, I decided it's time to finally post some progress pictures of this thing! I picked up this beautiful steel Mauser from Field Marshall almost a year ago (right after the pandemic started) and I've really enjoyed savoring the build...
  8. CntAllBeWinners

    My Mando Blaster! (Fieldmarshal modified for screen accuracy)

    More Pictures!!! I just finished (I think) weathering this guy up and I love how it came out and wanted to share. As great as Fieldmarshal’s Bergmann is, when I got it I thought there were some tweaks I could give it to make it a bit more screen accurate. It ended up being a lot more than just...
  9. DarthWilder

    MANU-ARMS Air Pistol for knockoff Skiff DL-18 Blaster

    Yeah, it's not the correct air pistol, but it can get close with some modification. A good, clean base. $75 shipped in the USA only.
  10. S

    Anders PKD Blaster - Screws, LEDs, weights

    I have some of these packed and ready to be shipped. The kit contains everything to assemble a blaster according to the instructions on Thingiverse (actually there's one extra M3x10 that's missing from the instructions). All screws are in stainless steel except for the slotted M3 for the...
  11. AjaxIronside

    Another Blade Runner Blaster

    Hi Y'all! So I'll be the first to admit, this model was a little over my head. I did a LOT of research, and did a lot of practice beforehand, but there are things that I feel I would've done a little differently if I had practiced just a little more. That said, I'm happy with it! I used some...
  12. DaBuild

    Star wars Han Solo Lego DL-44 blaster full scale ''replica''

    Hello guys! I don't know if this one fits the definition of a prop replica but here it is. It's the Han Solo Lego DL-44 blaster full scale that I built for my son. Nothing fancy here. Just a fun build. :) Cheers! Dan
  13. BigStick

    Star Wars Sale: Star Wars Mandalorian / Boba Fett Style Armor Display - Fully Wearable :)

    Hey All, Just finished this project after 3 years of planning, prep & elbow grease! This display is a dedication to our troops fighting terrorism around the world. It depicts a mashup of U.S. Military gear & Mandalorian style armor. I'm a huge Boba Fett & Mandalorian fan & this was a fun project...
  14. J

    looking for star wars blaster 3d printing files by shakin from thingiverse

    accidentally deleted my copies and cant find them on thingiverse anymore
  15. GoodSamaritan

    Blaster, disaster, and everything in between

    Greetings everyone, Ive been learning Fusion 360 over the last few weeks and been trying my hand at making some Star Wars inspired blasters, as well as recreating some already existing designs. Ive created all of them to be easily 3D printed with minimal waste for supports and easy assembly. I...
  16. DFC Props

    Custom Cyberpunk Inspired Toy Blaster Prop

    Hello all! I'm selling this custom made prop made from a Rubies Han Solo blaster. The majority of the build is made from plastic, aside from some metal glued on the inside to add a little weight. The only moving part is the trigger, which still plays the stock firing sound. Batteries can be...
  17. zenx13

    Blade Runner "Inspired" Blaster (Scratch Built): PKD-13

    Greetings everyone! I am new to the RPF Forum and wanted to share my Blade Runner Inspired Blaster project to date. I have been working on it (on and off) for about 4 months but some of the items I collected for the build go back a number of years. I was not sure if I had the right skills yet...
  18. dkraude

    DK's Star Wars Props and Blaster Builds

    Ever since I was a kid I have loved everything Sci-Fi, especially Star Wars. I am a huge collector, in fact, my wife would say fanatic but honestly, I think she likes it too otherwise she would put her foot down and she hasn't so far. Knock on wood. With that said, I thought I would start off...
  19. Lowbeer

    Another Snub-nosed Blade Runner blaster thread because... can you ever really have too many?

    So before everyone gets so sick of Blade Runner blaster and snub-nosed blaster posts they just tell me to take it the hell over to Propsummit already I figured I'd post about my own snub blaster build. veektohr once described Luke's saber as "a perfect object". This is an accurate description...
  20. tennantlim

    Yet another Blade Runner PKD!

    Greetings fellow builders! I hope everyone is doing well amidst the COVID-19 conditions in your respective regions. Personally, I'm grateful to be residing in my home country Singapore where the situation is efficiently contained. Aside from abiding to regulations that require us to wear masks...
  21. s2jesse

    Interest Cobb Vanth aka The Marshal All Metal Blaster S2Jesse / Puzzlebox Props

    Hi everyone. Its time for another Metal Blaster Build. Im working on Cobb Vanth aka The Marshal from The Mandalorian. I just acquired a vintage Hebel Model 1895 Flare Gun which is used as the base for Cobb's Blaster. Now i can confidently begin the build. If you are interested in a metal version...
  22. s2jesse

    S2Jesse / Puzzlebox Cobb Vanth aka the Marshal All Metal Blaster Build and Run

    Hi everyone. Its time for another Metal Blaster Build. Im working on Cobb Vanth aka The Marshal from The Mandalorian. I just acquired a vintage Hebel Model 1895 Flare Gun which is used as the base for Cobb's Blaster. Now i can confidently begin the build. I'll also use this thread as a build...
  23. rASPONOV

    Could Anyone Identify this blaster rifle?

    G'day my friends, hope everyone is fairing well in these turbulent times. I'm watching the Mandalorian Season 1 and in episode 5: The Gunslinger. there's a scene with an engineer, who pulls out a blunderbuss looking blaster rifle. Now I've only been able to get a few screenshots as it's a...
  24. Buckethead

    Interest CNC Aluminium DC15s Clone Blaster - Price Update!

    Update 4.11.20 So I have a quote in, if at least 25 of us can get on board they would be £600 GBP each + shipping for a kit. This is a great price for a full size kit! Project Start I have been working with the very talented Jetstorm_3d, aka Léo, (who modelled an extraordinary model of the...
  25. Rufus72

    My Star Wars Prop builds

    Hello to everyone. My name is Ralf and I'm new on the RPF. I'm making props and models for quite a while and want to show some of my works. Please tell me what you think. If you're interested I'll post some wip pictures. My most time I spent on the DL-44 and E-11 blasters but there are some...

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