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  1. Elfenstahl

    Star Wars Boba Debt/ThinkJedi M19 tankscope bronze cast

    Up for sale is a Boba Debt/ThinkJedi M19 tankscope bronze cast. Full ring light socket version. With steel bolts. The tankscope replica is already assembled. Only the wire needs to be put around the light socket. Never used, in like new condition. Shipping within Germany: 5,50 Euro...
  2. Elfenstahl

    Star Wars Genuine Hensoldt&Wetzlar 3x Dialyt in perfect condition

    Up for sale is a genuine Hensoldt&Wetzlar 3x Dialyt. Perfect condition and well precerved bluing. Lenses are clear and have no scratches. The scope is located in Germany. All shipping costs contain an insurance that covers the full value of the scope. Shipping within Germany...
  3. dmpsk8

    Tomenosuke - Upgraded & Modified

    REALLY sad to let this one go, but I need to thin out my Blade Runner blaster collection a bit. This is a Tomenosuke Pro, which has been upgraded and modified. I've refinished Tomen's to look really beat, and I've done several that are more clean. This blaster is on the clean/idealized end of...
  4. GermanRedrum

    Boba Fett EE-3 question

    Hey guys, I’m new. I was looking up to see if there was the most accurate tor version of Boba Fetts EE-3 blaster out there. I’ve tried to dig into the threads here but can’t find a clear answer. Hasbro? Rubies? Etc. or, should I just find a kit on Etsy or eBay and build it up?? thanks for the...
  5. phase pistol

    LOOSE Tomenosuke metal Blade Runner blaster replica works (NO box stand bullets)

    Click here to go to Ebay auction Note, this replica does not include its original box, replica bullets, or a display There is some paint wear on the grip strap (see photos). The moving triggers, bolt and cylinder all work fine. Cylinder advances with trigger pull. This version of the Deckard...
  6. Gearhead

    "Traitor's Race: A Han Solo Adventure"- Full fan film build log (Pic Heavy)

    Hey gang! Long time, no speak on the actual forum here, although I've been posting on the official Facebook page. It gives me great pleasure to announce that I, along with many of the most talented people I know, have embarked on the sort of project that every kid who grew up watching Star Wars...
  7. alecpop

    FS: Rare Disney Parks 2015 Stormtrooper Blaster

    For sale is a stormtrooper blaster that was discontinued in the Disney Parks. It had light and sounds and can be set to stun :). Selling $59.95 shipped US or best offer.
  8. mugatu

    Want to Buy Blade Runner Blaster Grips (Amber)

    Hello. I am looking for a set of Blade Runner Blaster grips in the screen-used amber color. Would prefer a set in the size and shape of the Worldcon or recent Coyle’s or Tomenosuke. Thank you. Andy
  9. Psab keel

    Star Wars E-11 Field Marshall Blaster Kit with Electronics

    It pains me to sell this, but alas, I must. DUE TO STRICT GUN LAWS I AM ONLY ABLE TO SELL THIS WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES! NO EXCEPTIONS! Field Marshall: -The basic build Sterling Replica -Scope Rail -M38 Scope- with recticle, copper wire detail and light port detail (glass) Also...
  10. phase pistol

    sold delete

    sold delete
  11. BadAtNames

    "Black & White" Tomenosuke Patrolman Edition Blade Runner Blaster with Holster, Steel Upgrades & Extra Grips

    "Black and White" Tomenosuke Blade Runner Blaster Replica - (Modified) Patrolman Edition with steel upgrades, holster and 3 sets of grips. This blaster originally belonged to Karl Tate (Phase Pistol) and I believe it was given to him by Nobutaka Toku/the Tomenosuke team in gratitude for taking...
  12. Moviefreak

    Black Bladerunner Grips that fit Tomenosuke Blaster

    These were part of a trade and I do not have need for them. They are a black grip for replacement on the Tomenosuke Blaster. Not sure of the origin or maker. This would be great for converting your blaster into a all black police blaster. Good condition but might have a little wear to them that...
  13. Corellianexports

    Star Wars ROTJ Han Solo Blaster Scope Cap - Machined Aluminum

    What you get: Machined aluminum cap, CNC machined aluminum knob (Black Anodized), aluminum rivet and a resin "waffle" tip. The cap design is the same as the original Boba Debt caps made for his last run. The knob and tip is from his last run.
  14. E-11 Blaster Rifle

    E-11 Blaster Rifle

  15. E-11 Blaster Rifle

    E-11 Blaster Rifle

  16. dmpsk8

    Blade Runner Binding Posts

    Up for grabs are a few Blade Runner binding posts. I know prices on these have sky rocketed to crazy-town lately, so I'm trying to list them at a fair price. Please read the details carefully below. Message me to confirm your total before hitting the purchase button. I have (1) vintage binding...
  17. alldrops

    Screen accurate Star-Lord Blaster - Finished and Weathered

    Hey all! I spent quite a while trying to find a screen-accurate Star-Lord blaster 3d model, but I wasn't 100% satisfied with the models I was finding (both free and paid), so I decided to learn 3D modelling to get as many details as I could, and after a good few months learning, I'm pretty happy...
  18. Harada357

    Limited Run One Kit Available - Blade Runner PKD Mk-VII Concept pistol blaster gun weapon prop

    Blade Runner PKD Mk-VII Concept pistol blaster gun weapon prop Offered for a VERY limited run: TAKING ORDERS 9/22/2019 for second run of Ten - ONE gone - 9 left Paypal PM me. $ 175.00 plus 25.00 Shipping US. Paypal: PM me. Include full mailing address. $ 175.00...
  19. Corellianexports

    Star Wars Rebel Fleet Trooper Blaster DH-17

    $150 or best offer. Shipping is calculated.
  20. BadAtNames

    Boba Debt "Han Bespin" DL-44 (+ Blaster Core v5.0)

    This is a Boba Debt Han "Bespin" DL-44. It is from his most recent run. The base is a fully accurized Denix and includes a cast brass scope & two different thickness mounting bolts. It has the small resin greeblies already mounted on the non-scope side of the blaster and also includes a set of...
  21. Elfenstahl

    MGC Mauser C96 - perfect condition - EU shipping only! *LAST BIG PRICE DROP*

    I am giving up my blaster projects. There are 3 MGC C96 and several blaster kits up for sale. Here is a MGC Mauser C96 in perfect condition. The flanks were machined plain by MGC and sold that way. I am asking 580,00 Euro, shipping excluded. New price: 560,00 Euro, 540 Euro, 530 Euro, 520...
  22. Elfenstahl

    MGC Mauser C96 - MIB - EU shipping only! *LAST BIG PRICE DROP*

    I am giving up my blaster projects. There are 3 MGC C96 and several blaster kits up for sale. Here is a MGC Mauser C96 in perfect condition. With original box. I am asking 650,00 Euro, shipping excluded. New price: 630,00 Euro, 610 Euro, 599 Euro 590 Euro, 580 Euro 570,00 Euro LAST PRICE: 520...
  23. Anders

    Unlimited Run Stargate Atlantis Asuran Gun - Pistol - Blaster

    Here is my run for Asuran Stunner (Gun, Pistol, Blaster, Whatever) Replica will be in resin, fully working (lights, moving parts) like the hero. I'll split the run every 5 units, price tag is 450€ + shipping, first shipping are estimated around September/October. Deposit is 150€. -- Run...
  24. Corellianexports

    Limited Run Han Solo Luke Skywalker Bespin Blaster Mounts

    I made a mistake today while installing my own mount, so I'll be machining a new one for myself this week. I thought I would put this out there just in case anyone else wanted one. If you need a mount just post a reply or send me a pm with the number of mounts needed. The Luke version just...
  25. D

    LTB PKD blaster kit

    I’m experienced hobbist and painter, looking to expand into prop building, and I want to to try my hand at building Deckard’s infamous “blaster” from Blade Runner. Any recommendations as to where I could acquire a decent quality kit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and nice to meet you guys!

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