Limited Run DaveP's Obi Static Parts Run 2022/23 (Sign-Up Closed)

For sure, the transistors could have come from anywhere.

I personally believe calculators are the most likely source for the reasons I describe below.

My understanding is that the later GEC was a huge corporation with multiple locations, but the earlier Marconi-Elliott only made this type of semiconductors in their factory in Witham (that looks to be some 100km from Elstree studios) and only during 1968-1971. When in1971 M-E were merged into GEC they stopped the semiconductor production and closed the factory.

So, by 1976 I guess they could be found only in junk or some surplus (which was practically also junk because they became so obsolete just for few years).
That could include prototypes of devices that were still lying around in that other GEC facility close to Elstree, it is a very interesting possibility. Maybe the a prop guy met one of the GEC engineers in the local pub and asked "Do you guys have some junk electronics that we can use for our props?" I mean you never know how things could have happened so many decades ago.
We don't see much electronics used in the props, unlike the jet engines, the Michell and V8 parts that are all over the place - so probably they didn't get a large pile of electronics scrap (if such a thing existed back then) to scavenge, but just some random device or pieces.

But, if it was an obsolete or defective device that was just lying around at the time, it should be a very short list of possible sources.

Let's say once these semiconductors available on the market it takes an year or two to design and produce some device that uses them. That leaves a very short window of probably 1969-1972 that any devices that use them were made.

We know so far that they were used in the calculators, some obscure early British computers, the DAT11 was in a TV and I won't be surprised some were used in military electronics. Add to this some fancy (for the time) radios maybe and I can't think of any other common device in the very early 70s that would have advanced electronics in it.

These bulky calculators with limited capabilities were for sure junk by 1976, totally obsoleted by the pocked sized ones like the Exactras. TVs made in 1970 might still have been decent in 1976 I'm not sure, but they tend to have longer upgrade cycles and the military stuff as well.

So that's my theory, and that's all it is - just a theory.

Without a doubt, the ones found in the Anita are the correct ones, and I've not been able to find an example of any other device from the time that has the same ME decals.

I just found it to be such a crazy coincidence that there was a Marconi building in such close vicinity to Elstree studios. It just made me wonder, did they come from a dismantled Anita, or could they possibly have come from a box of surplus parts that somehow found their way to the prop department?

I guess we'll never know for sure.

I do like the pub idea though! :)

I know this is a way long shot and very late to the party, but is there any chance of parts available to purchase? That's if there is any left over.

Hi there. Thanks for asking. As of right now, there is actually one full hilt available. I'll send you a DM with the details. (y)

Hi everyone.

Time for another update.

I've been informed that at least some of the parts are now in the UK and should be arriving with me as early as next week, following quality control checks by my manufacturing partner. This is exciting news and as soon as I'm able to take some pictures, I'll post them here. I've also reminded them to send any images of parts still in production. I'm hoping to receive these next week too. So these updates should be a bit more exciting going forward, with more images to show.

As soon as I have the clamp parts in hand I'll be taking these in for chrome plating by a local firm, whilst I work on blackening the steel parts myself.
I've been busy preparing a new, dedicated workspace over the past couple of weeks, hence the slight radio silence (apologies). It's been a big job in itself but I'll be fully up and running by the beginning of next week and ready to hit the ground running as soon as the parts arrive!

I've now received commission preferences from the vast majority of people. Thank you all so much for taking the time to get that info to me. I've got that all noted down now. If you're still deciding or haven't had chance to let me know, don't worry. I won't begin work on anything without contacting you first. It's great to have a head start on this though.

Since the last update I've run some stamping tests on some steel bushings I have in order to practice on something cylindrical. These turned out great and I can't wait to finally start stamping the real thing!



I had a look at applying some electrical tape, just to see if the lettering is still visible through the tape. The result is very similar to what is seen in the reference images of the actual prop, with the lettering being more prominent at the point where highlights cross the surface:


I've pre-cut and weeded the guides ready to get going on this as soon as the rings arrive.



These guides have been made to fit my stamps perfectly, by stamping ink on to graph paper and scanning the letters to build up the stencils. So when stamping the rings, each punch fits in to it's corresponding cut-out. It has been working great. I've ordered a few extra rings so that I can have a good practice on actual brass and get used to the force that's needed to get the stamps to the correct depth. Cant wait!

As mentioned, there are a few finishing jobs such as the stamping/blackening/plating that need to be applied to some of the parts, either by myself, or by the plating shop. The order in which I tackle these will depend on which parts arrive first.

Please rest assured though, that I'll do everything I can to get things completed in good time and will have these out to you as soon as I can. I'll need to maintain the highest possible standards that you've all come to expect though, and quality will always take precedence.

I'm ensuring that any other time consuming tasks, however small, are completed before the parts get here, so I've begun work on constructing shipping boxes and preparing stencil packs, etc


As a little gift and thank you, I've had the colourised Chronicles images printed at 1:1 scale for you to compare against your hilt when it finally arrives.


I've been holding off from posting this update in anticipation of bigger, more exciting news but felt that it was time I at least did a short post. Even if it is a little thin on news. Hopefully after next week, things will start to get really exciting!

I'm very conscious of time, and realise that the production of the parts has taken longer than expected. I can only apologise for this and thank you all for your patience. It's looking like the wait is very nearly over though, and I can't wait to share the final results with you all.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

For anyone interested, there are still a couple of spots available. I'm no longer able to reserve these now and will be letting them go on a first come - first served basis. The reason being, more people have expressed a possible interest than there are spots available, but not every enquiry leads to one being taken. This has made it difficult to keep track of just how many there are available still, as up until now I've been trying to reserve these final spots based on enquiries alone. Spots are then being officially taken and paid for as previously interested parties are dropping out. This puts me in a slightly awkward position when I receive new enquiries as the final numbers are in constant flux, and I'm having to message people to ask if they're still interested, etc.

So, just for simplicity's sake, and to avoid any confusion, these last couple of unconfirmed spots will be let go on a first come first served basis until they're all spoken for. I hope this makes sense and sounds fair.

As the parts are set to arrive soon, I'd like to be able to draw a line under this side of things and have them all spoken for. So please give me a shout if you'd like to take one.

Signing off again for now, but the next update, which should be some time next week, will finally include pictures of at least some of the parts!

Thanks again for your patience and support everyone!

All the best and MTFBWY!

Thanks for the update. I am totally fine with the delays. Your products are definitely worth the wait.
Thanks Gary! Much appreciated :)
Terrific update thanks, Dave! will you be attending celebration?
Thanks Luke! :) I'm not sure at the moment to be honest. I would have loved to, but not sure if I'm going to have the time/funds that weekend. It depends where things are up to with the run really. There's a chance I might pick up a last minute ticket closer to the time if I can fit it in to everything (y)

Hi Everyone.

Apologies for the delay in getting these pictures out to you all! The Easter holidays pushed back the delivery of the parts that I was expecting, and they finally arrived yesterday! :eek:

I’ve spent some time since then checking everything over and trying out how everything fits together. I still need to check every single piece over individually and check quantities, etc.

I was conscious that you would appreciate some pictures though, so I’ve spent today taking some beauty shots of the parts that have arrived so far.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I would just like to thank you all for your incredible patience and understanding once again! It is not lost on me that it has been a long time to wait for something for which you have made a considerable up-front payment. This really does weigh heavily on me. This particular run just could not have happened any other way though, and I thank each and every one of you for helping to make it happen!

I'm determined to make it worth the wait!
Going forward, it’s my hope that future runs will be done without the need for upfront payments. It’s a lot to ask of you, and it’s a huge responsibility for me.

This run has had a number of hurdles to overcome sinse I announced it nearly one year ago, but I am VERY happy to say that the first set of parts have now arrived, and they are BEAUTIFUL! :love:

PXL_20230413_105903955 copy.jpg

The first part that I unpacked was the wind vane, and I was just ecstatic! There was a part of me that was worried the machinist would ignore the small tab part, and the geometry of the actual vanes is surprisingly complex. I was worried that they might take it upon themselves to simplify this. Very happy to say that this was not the case:

PXL_20230413_103219149 copy.jpg

PXL_20230413_103202105 copy.jpg

PXL_20230413_103035869 copy.jpg

Miraculously, the T1 samples for the injection moulded parts arrived on the same day! These are from a completely different manufacturing partner, so this is a staggering coincidence.

PXL_20230412_115446669 copy.jpg

PXL_20230412_114920625 copy.jpg

In these shots, the replica injection moulded parts (on the right) are actually threaded on to a vintage metal shoulder part (They arrived before the CNCd parts did).

It was an awesome feeling threading it together and snapping on the cap. Great to know that everything is interchangeable and fits perfectly.

Here is the full replica threaded on to the booster (the brass part will be chrome plated next week):

PXL_20230413_105700837 copy.jpg

These are the T1 samples for the injection moulded parts. I have requested that they improve them slightly by removing some of the ejector pin marks prior to plating (these are visible still on close inspection), so they are currently running a couple of T2 samples off based on my feedback. Once these are approved, which I’m sure they will be, they can go in to full production. (y)

It was my hope that the CNC’d parts would all arrive separately to give me chance to process things, and to drop smaller, incremental updates as things arrive.

Instead I received the vast majority of the parts all at once. So it'll take a couple of days to go check everything over.

Here is the assembled emitter:

PXL_20230413_102621407 copy.jpg

PXL_20230413_102724749 copy.jpg

I was very excited to finally see this. So much research went into this part alone behind the scenes so to finally see it in person is a real joy!

I’m looking forward to testing the chemical bath on the emitter parts too. I’ll obviously share the results of that as soon as It’s done.

I am still waiting on some parts, but like I say, the vest majority are now with me. Importantly, the steel parts are here, so I can get moving on blackening them as soon as I’m finished with QC.

PXL_20230413_103557030 copy.jpg

PXL_20230413_103615976 copy.jpg

PXL_20230413_103432259 copy.jpg

PXL_20230413_104145820 copy.jpg

I’ll be taking the handwheel shoulders and the clamp levers for chrome plating early next week whilst I get to work on stamping the wind vane rings and blackening the steel parts for the un-weathered orders.

Here are the Lever parts for the clamp:

PXL_20230413_113553322 copy.jpg

I threw on a Folmer style dome head rivet to try it out. Note the rounded top to the lever bar too.

It’s only a small detail, but I’m really very happy to share the replica transistor/washer set:

PXL_20230413_112955478 copy.jpg

They turned out great and as soon as I get chance, I’ll get a set installed on to a spare clamp to see how they look.

I’m not able to put a full hilt together just yet unfortunately, as one of the parts I’m waiting on is the central coach bolt! As soon as I receive this I'll obviously get a full hilt assembled and share how it's looking! :)

For now, I’m going to get my head down and go through all of these parts to ensure that there are none missing, and that none of them are damaged or incorrect.

I realise that it sounds like a lot of work to do still before these start to go out, but I will be working methodically, and in batches over the next week or two, focussing on getting the un-weathered parts ready for when the remaining parts arrive, and chrome plating is finished.

I will continue to keep you all updated as the remainder of the parts turn up, and as I make some progress on what's left to do.

Thank you again for your patience everyone, and for your continued support! It's been a long wait but we're VERY nearly there! Based on the parts that have arrived so far, I think it's going to be worth the wait! I hope you'll all agree. :)

All the best and MTFBWY!

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On the wind vane is this the finish you wanted? I have circled to show what I mean as not sure how to describe it (looks a bit rough). Is this how it is on an original part.? Forgive my ignorance as I don't know much about the genuine parts used.
On the wind vane is this the finish you wanted? I have circled to show what I mean as not sure how to describe it (looks a bit rough). Is this how it is on an original part.? Forgive my ignorance as I don't know much about the genuine parts used.
View attachment 1690580
Hi Dean.

Absolutely. I was actually worried they'd get this wrong, but I'm happy they've followed the model/drawings and included these details.

This is the original that I based the inner wind vane part on:

Hi Dean.

Absolutely. I was actually worried they'd get this wrong, but I'm happy they've followed the model/drawings and included these details.

This is the original that I based the inner wind vane part on:

View attachment 1690582
I don't know why I questioned it when I know what a perfectionist you are. This is going to be amazing, and all the other parts look fantastic. Cheers Dave.
Dave everything looks fantastic! Very excited for this! I’m also glad on your behalf that some of your troubles are eased now that things are in. I’m sure it must be daunting having all eyes on you and hoping everyone pulls their weight. My heart goes out to ya on all that weathering you’ve gotta do as well man!
Brilliant update Dave!! Everything looks so good, very happy to be on this run. I know i dont speak for everyone here but i think most people dont have an issue paying up front to help the run start. We know the quality of your work and your intregrity. It would be a hard ask for you to pay for everything before we place orders.
Thanks once again mate, keep up the good work!
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Fantastic work, Dave! I’m sure it’s a relief to have the parts arriving as your models take shape. The shop has done a very nice job making them come to life!
Brilliant update Dave!! Everything looks so good, very happy to be on this run. I know i dont speak for everyone here but i think most people dont have an issue paying up front to help the run start. We know the quality of your work and your intregrity. It would be a hard ask for you to pay for everything before we place orders.
Thanks once again mate, keep up the good work!
Not only do most (all?) of us not mind, it definitely weeds out people who would sign up and then not pay when the time came. I can really see it both ways, but I wouldn’t feel pressure either way.

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