Cyberpunk city diorama


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A little progress.
Now I'm working on this lower right-side corner building.

View attachment 1631146

I started to decorate the facade of the pleasure building.
I used the plastic folding container box I found in a dollar shop.

View attachment 1631147

View attachment 1631148

I planted the strip UV LED lights around the front and painted them with gold over matt black.

View attachment 1631149

View attachment 1631150

Then I lined up a couple of 2 mm diameter clear acrylic rods.

View attachment 1631151

Then I painted the rods with UV fluorescent paint. This paint is paint for a body or a face. so, it's not suitable for spreading over slick surfaces like this. So, I painted it and sprayed clear lacquer paint. I've done this process several times. Maybe there's another good paint but I couldn't find it. The rods glow slightly under the room lights.

View attachment 1631152

And in a dark lit up UV lights.

View attachment 1631153

View attachment 1631154

This is what I thought.

Thanks for watching.

Brilliant artwork.



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Looking good Katsu-san (y) There's always something to do as a homeowner :p Especially with a wife around:lol:
Eager to see your next update!
Oh, yes! That's the fatal principle of married life.

This morning...

Morning! What are you gonna do today?
I think I will clean up the shack and start to build that model.
Great! Before you do, would you check the curtain rail of my room? Looks like the end-stopper piece is missing.
Oh, I will fix it. (took 2 hours to make another piece from scratch)
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The gold old "Honey do" list never gets shorter
I'm thinking this could be a honey trap without any honey. :rolleyes:

Maybe i should do this.


Finally got the time for the bench!
Let's solve the emergency evacuation issue.


Just a few hours walming up but I was so happy.

Thanks for looking!


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I know that when Ridley saw the columns on the Tyrell set, he asked the set director to put them upside down...did you try it with yours?
I think that the look of the building would be better with the columns upside down (y) (y) :notworthy::notworthy:


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Thats really awesome. No one would ever guess what those were from.
Thank you so much, Michael-san!


Thank you so much!

I won't say the gunship was your best vehicle, since I think your skills improve with each model you build, but it's probably my favorite design. And nice to know the other parts aren't going to waste. The building's looking mighty fine.

Thanks for remembering that!

Fantastic! Creative thinking. I think they look great. (y) (y)

Thank you so much!

I know that when Ridley saw the columns on the Tyrell set, he asked the set director to put them upside down...did you try it with yours?
I think that the look of the building would be better with the columns upside down (y) (y) :notworthy::notworthy:

Mamma mia! joberg-san is right! This is the way it should be. Why didn't I notice? Uhh, I must be suffering from post-traumatic syndrome disease to the terrible experiences of the past few months.
Muchas gracias! joberg-senpai! :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:(y)






Although solemnly looking at the facade, this place is for the hall of fame of decadent entertainment. Unfortunately, I've never been to a place like this. cough. I have never been getting close to Kabuki-Cho in Shinjuku Tokyo. If I have enough funding, maybe I should visit there for further research. But it will never happen under my present circumstance. So I have to try my best to make such an atmosphere of decadence. If you are an expert on the subject matter, please advise. Analyzer-san? Michael-san? Tom-san? Stevie-san? joberg-san? Anybody? Huh?



Well, here comes a weekend. What will be the next mission from my highness?

Thanks for looking!



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Much better that way Katsu-san(y)(y):notworthy::notworthy: The look is more "solid" visually speaking!

Thanks for your kind advice!

I thought they looked great before, but I do admit, that does look even better

Thank you, Analyzer-san!

Amazing either way. You treat and honor us with your creative outlet, Katsu-san. Another visual story and adventure being told, and I love every minute of it

YOU treat and honor me with your great support. I am so happy to have many excellent audiences.

Well, I accomplished the mission from my highness last weekend. I just finished the stone steps and helped her shop for some plants and flowers. She looked satisfied.
So, I could get back to my work shack safely.

Continuing to make the facade of the pleasure dome.










It was a bit difficult to balance to make it fancy but not to be too vulgar.
I will add the showgirl's window on the left side and neon or holo signs.
Also, I will make some cute girl figures.
Hoping you like it.

Thank you very much for looking,


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