Cyberpunk city diorama


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Still, I say 'Ouch!!' when my thumb hits something. But here is a little progress.

I have designed some letters and added a few signs.





Added a show window on the left corner.




I will add a few more signs and then figures.

I am hoping you like it.


PS: The name of the club is 'Green Door' ;)


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Perfect! Really like the details above the show window on the left corner. (y)(y)
Thank you s much, stevie-san! That part will be close to the viewer so I gave many details.
Love it to bits Katsu-san:cool::cool::notworthy::notworthy: Are you going to use sand paper for the road?

Thank you, joberg-san! Yes, that's the one idea. I need it looks wet surface of the rain. I'm thinking about the idea but it will be later. I will have to build the upper stories of this nightclub. Shops and restaurants, something like that.


Thank you so much, Analyzer-san.


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Yes, sand paper grit should be 120 or 100. As for rain, you could always spray a clear high gloss varnish on top and make some puddles with clear epoxy;)

Thanks a lot, joberg-san! Nowadays, I can buy clear epoxy at the hobby corner of a dollar shop. What a convenient age!

I want to live and shop there.

Live and shop there!? Satisfaction guaranteed!
Thank you, Thaddeus-san!:D

Today I started to build some figures.
Before proceeding to the upper structure, I have to build at least six figures to put inside the nightclub.

Reshaping and rejoint the limb.

This lady needs whole-body cosmetic surgery and a workout for shape-up.

This is what I call plastic surgery or a full-scratch build.

The two standing ladies will be in a show window. I've tried to look like they are dancing.

Other girls will be in those bubbles upstair.





I need a few more of them.

Still, the injured thumb is so hurt. So that I couldn't get a good grip and hold on to those parts in my hands and that was frustrating. And at last, the wound has opened again.:eek:


So, let me call it a day today.:notworthy:

Thanks for looking!



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That really does look like it would hurt. Be careful!

Any time I use my power tools in my workshop I try to remind myself that those tools WANT to hurt me. So far, paranoia has kept all my fingers attached and my eyes still functioning. The tools occasionally have a small victory, but nothing too big to gloat about.

So will this establishment cater to those who like cybernetic enhancements, or be limited to off-the-rack humans?

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