Limited Run [BRRogers/Verity Cosplay/7 Chambers] "Mom of All Heroes" ORDERING


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Still no update on my trade in.
Best thing to do is contact Lewis through the shop chat dialogue to ensure your message gets through as his new shop email has changed for that format.. he (and we) are intent to make sure everyone is accounted for.
Got mine through today. So happy with it. Thanks guys! :)
Looks great! Glad it came in safe and sound.
Congrats! I still haven't even received tracking on mine
Depending on trade in or waiting on crystal chamber? Or a normal order? If it is a non crystal chamber trade in message Lewis through the chat dialogue at to check in. Otherwise he is still processing orders so I wouldn’t be concerned.
Contact 7chambers on facebook.
Or the chat dialogue at
I wasn't able to get one of these hilts this go round, but I'm interested in the crystal chamber. Presumably, the hilts will be made again in a batch sometime later. Should I get a chamber now, or will they be available with future hilt runs?
We’re working on batch 4 details: considering some different avenues for production to limit delays and improve reliability of production so yes… you can bet you’ll be able to get this again with the chamber


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Received mine yesterday. It is very nice. I am excited to have it. I have a couple questions though.

Is there a diagram that shows what each piece in the box is?

Curious to understand if there are instructions on how build out the FX. I found this tutorial, but I understand additional are pieces needed.

Is there a diagram or instructions that show what each of the brass pieces are for? Only a few are used in the tutorial

I am brand new to sabers and don’t want to screw it up. If therpf is the best place for answers let me know.

Martin Sabers

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Since Brian have opened an interest thread for a replica of the tool that activates the Hero MoM and that this tool will be offered with static hero MoM kit I would like to address the following point:
I remember that for the static hero it was planned to receive one piece part for the hilt not Painted. Since then KR sabers has released his new version of eco hero with a great anodised paint scheme. Very accurate neck antic gold color.
I was wondering if you have changed your mind and that you will offer an anodised solution like the KR Sabers one?
Thanks for your feedback and for what you are doing

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