2X Kyle Katarn lighsaber DKII


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I have been working on these two guys for a little bit now. I think the flash took away from them though. I beat the heck out of them to help with the look. I still need to add the metal strip along the handle. They were made out of scrap pieces that I had laying around. I think the length is right around 8.5 inches.

Good? Bad? Ugly?



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Not bad.

It would help the look quite a bit if you turned down the diameter on the main grip.


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Thanks for the comments.

I am currently reworking the grips, but I am having problems with the lathe and I can't turn them down anymore. I have to grind them down with sandpaper. One them came out great and in the process of being refinished.



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Thanks for the info. It looks like I need to make the grooves and the handle more defined. I will also need to get rid of the plat along the top and replace it with the proper panel. If you take a look at the game when Boc is standing over Katarn, you can see the 1/4 panel around the top.

Google Image Result for http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m305/Koda_Vonnor/Katarn%20Saber/IMG_0381.jpg
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