FYI on Project Run - Kyle Katarn / Qu Rahn Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight Lightsaber


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To a lot of people Kyle Katarn is THE greatest hero in the Star Wars franchise, myself included.

Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight was my first experience of a Star Wars game and it holds such a special place in my heart, the nostalgia is strong! I still watch the FMV's on YouTube to this day, they are so cheesy they are great.

The Kyle Katarn / Qu Rahn lightsaber has been THE unicorn for me and over the years there have been some disastrous attempts to bring us this saber, some ok and 1 really promising one that has sadly been shelved for the moment.

I was SUPER excited to learn that RPK will be manufacturing this lightsaber and there is currently an interest post on Facebook where you can check out the saber a little closer and show your interest in this run.


RPK has been manufacturing a fantastic V2 lightsaber over at It was my first ever v2 and first weathering job I undertook and its a fabulous hilt and lovingly manufactured.

If you are a Kyle Katarn nut as much as I am then this isn’t to be missed.

I hope I'm ok to post this here, I thought as it's not my own run putting it in the projects page was not the way to go.

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