11th sonic progress (Update in 1st Post)

Anakin Starkiller

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Almost everything on this prop has been rebuilt and replaced from the last pics I posted.

I still need to make the bottom cap, replace the lens, and a couple other minor tweeks.

I'll post some pics when I'm done.


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Re: 11th sonic progress

It's sized to the actual prop. However, the CO 11 toy is not that far off. The stainless steel slider part will be plated copper soon, and I should be receiving some (like 50 LOL) aluminum prongs next week (the ones in the pic are plastic prototypes.

This is such a complicated prop, but a lot of fun to work on.

Re: 11th sonic progress

Looking great so far. Why 50 prongs? Would they fit the toy if someone were to purchase 4 from you and replace the crappy hollow plastic ones?

Is that the green emitter tip in the bottom right of the picture?

Looking forward to seeing any more progress on this.
Re: 11th sonic progress

They probably wouldn't fit the toy.
I had a lot of 50 watercut. But they need a lot of secondary machining done and everything has to be fitted by hand.

Not sure what was in the background.
It might be. I don't know.

Re: 11th sonic progress

No run. I don't think. I had to have some parts made in multiple, so you might see one or two pop up for sale in the future. But these take a lot of work.

I plan on using the extra aluminum slider bits to make a sonic cane, and I was thinking of making an upgraded WOW toys sonic screwdriver that would be aluminum and copper plated, with a working slider, but still function as a real screwdriver.

What do you mean the crystal bits? If your referring to the the green jade colored parts. I think I'm going to machine those out of some hq pen blank stock. I found a peppermint swirl acrylic that looks really close.
Re: 11th sonic progress

Yes it will open up just like on the show. The only real difference will be is that mine will have sound.

Here's a pic of the green swirl acyrlic I'm using for the innards. It may be a touch too green, I wish I could fins one that was a bit more aqua. But I may have to live with it.
Re: 11th sonic progress

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I really enjoyed working with the pen blank acrylic. It cuts really easily (doesn't melt like most acrylics) and polishes up so nicely. It's a lot of work--especially since I'm doing just about all of it on a rusty 7x12 mini-late with a dieing motor :) . But I just love this design and working with all of these different materials is a lot of fun. Although, every time I run into a problem or screw something up, the neighbor's do get an earful of my cursing Nick Robotto and his crazy over-engineered props ;) .

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Re: 11th sonic progress

That looks great so far!!!! What is the process you used to polish up the plastic after you machined it?
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