what props so you want most?? i can help


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hello all.

my name is Samantha and I work for my dads company westway aircraft models, over the years my dad has made movie props for such movies as flash Gordon,star wars,james bond,batman, doctor who and many many more.. our main company is making fibreglass display model aircraft but we are now going to focus on movie props and I want to know what people are after?? what special item have you always wanted but just cant buy. I know theres many sites out there where you can buy props but as we all know they aren't the best.. everything we make is handmade and can be custom made aswel by a model maker whos been in the business for 45 years.


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Would what you make only be fiberglass? most Of the things I would desire. would be metal or a combination of metal and fiberglass etc.


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Hi Sam, welcome aboard.

What props or models did your Father make for Star Wars and Bond?


Welcome aboard! The pics on your profile were pretty sweet. Especially liked the Viper. Will definitely mull over your proposal! Sounds interesting! :)


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I've always wanted one of the maintenance bots from pacific rim. On my ever long list to create. [I love pretty much all insect/spider robots]
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