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  1. 13doctorwho

    NECA Grapnel Upgrade

    The NECA Arkham Origins Grapnel is a pretty cool prop for being a reasonably priced toy. There is one thing about it that throws the whole thing off. The tines on the grappling claw are foam (for safety... it fires). I don't want to fire it, I want to display it so I really wanted to redo the...
  2. MattgomeryBurns

    Batman Forever Production Riddler Question Marks

    6 total production made question marks from 1995's Batman Forever. I purchased these at the last ScreenUsed auction, however I never got around to making a display for them. Now that I'm putting my collection into storage I'd like to offer them up to someone who get better use out of them...
  3. gregday

    Batman Forever starter kit

    Up for sale is most of my Batman Forever stuff. All of these are very rare, high-end pieces. - Leather Panther gloves (size Large) from Fins attached, includes wrist zippers. - Panther belt with functional, metal, locking buckle made by Henry Wayne. It's attached to a...
  4. Patattack

    Batman TDK (The Dark Knight) prop and promo lot

    Doing some quarantine cleaning and decided to unload some props that have been languishing in storage. Give them a good home! Here we have a smattering of small props and promo items from Nolan's Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The props are all from various RPF member runs, but...
  5. Valor

    Batman 89 Speargun Kit

    This is an extra kit I have for the V1 version of my 89 Speargun. All the pieces are printed in smooth SLA white resin. Some parts have been dyed black to aid with painting. All necessary hardware included to make a GREAT Speargun. One note: This does NOT include a Spear. But hit me up in a few...
  6. P

    Arkham City / Arkham Knight Catwoman Costume

    A complete Arkham Catwoman costume, in excellent shape. Cowl is by Reevfx (Shawn never really made these available, so they're very rare), goggles and pendant are by Cape&Cowl, costume is a Snakepit Studios (I think) - includes glued on shoulder pendants and knuckles. Costume is full-footed but...
  7. jvasilatos

    Nolanverse Chrome Metal Gotham PD Badges w/Display Boxes

    In 2007, I acquired a prop resin badge from the production of "The Dark Knight" while shooting in Chicago used to accessorize police department extras. Hastily produced to outfit hundreds of actors, they were painted silver and black and glued onto stock police commendation bar backers...
  8. Superman

    Ironman vs Joker helmet

    It’s been awhile since I posted here but thought this would go perfect to show off my latest Build. WHAT IF ...,,,, the Joker got his hands on Stark technology...specifically the Ironman suit. What would that look like? This is how I picture it. The IronJoke helmetis painted in the Jokers...
  9. H

    The (re)making of an 1/6 1966 Batmobile. (PIC HEAVY WARNING)

    hi, folks.... It has been a while since I last posted here at the RPF. Heck, I don´t even recall when I did it, anyway, but I thought this would be a nice post to get back to the fold, as it were. Just like Kermet, who posted a thread here - 1966 tv Batmobile 1/6th scale - I got the same...
  10. NuadaDesigns

    Concept Batman Grapple Gun

    New concept for a grapple gun, I've been working on. A bit of a mashup, inspired by Batman the Animated Series, Batman 1989 and Bvs. I will be printing it over the next week and hopefully have molds made in the next month, for anyone who is interested in a copy.
  11. K

    Cheap BatSuit idea

    Hello everyone, I had an idea for a cheap batsuit and was hoping to tap into the collective knowledge of this forum to improve on it. Basic idea; take a cheap halloween muscle chest made from EVA foam (like this ) and use it under some thermo underwear shirt in a...
  12. josh2112

    Batman Returns Cowl

    Looking for a returns or 89’ cowl, preferably UK or Europe based for easier shipping options but open to the right cowl if the shipping costs are reasonable. Thanks in advance
  13. Hero of Justice

    LF Arkham Knight Undersuit Ideas

    Hi everyone! I'm making an Arkham Knight cosplay and I'm looking for advice on making the under suit. I'm mostly trying to replicate the jacket as accurately as I can with the high collar included. If anyone can share a few pics, patterns, or point me in the direction of someone who sells it...
  14. P

    Batman Forever Panther Fins

    Another "last cast set" - molds are now gone, so these are the last ones I've got! They're in great condition, and would perfectly finish any glove. Asking $60 shipped in the US
  15. GRINCH

    COMPLETE 89 Batman Costume

    This took almost 7 months to piece together. The 89 Batman has always been my favorite suit. During my wait, I started "The Mandalorian" costume & sadly I need to sell this to fund the upcoming costume. Everything is BRAND NEW. The armor needs to be glued to the undersuit, which is great for the...
  16. iDReamer

    The Batman/ Battinson

    Hey guys I started working on the new batman costume seen from "The Batman" featuring Robert Pattinson. I know this will be a difficult task since there's limited reference pictures on it so I'm going to need your guys help. Ill post my ref pics and my progress so far. I'll do my best to work on...
  17. P

    Arkham / Comic Style Dye Sub Batsuit

    Up for grabs is a great finished Arkham / Comic style dye sublimated batsuit - fits me, and I'm 6'1" and 185 lbs, but it could probably stretch up or down a few inches and pounds. It has been worn, but is still in good shape, and yes, it has an invisible crotch zipper (best part of dye sub suits...
  18. Axis Replicas

    Interest Batman telltale cowl and neck piece.

    Going to open a run for the telltale cowl and neck ,if there is enough interest . Cast in urethane rubber and fits 23 inch head . Cost is $200 plus shipping.
  19. Valor

    Recast Batman Utility Belt Designs

    This is a new one for me. I found a seller on Etsy who had copied my Batman Beyond belt design and was selling it online as his own. This was a belt design I created for a customer and now sell on my Etsy store. It's a very unique design I created and this guy copied Every. Single. Detail. Then...
  20. Aquaman

    My New York Comic Con cosplay pics

    Hi All. NYCC has ended and I had an amazing time with new costumes and updates on others. I turned 61 on Sunday so no better way to ring it in! Check them out... hope you like! Zaqpp Brannigan from Futurama: This year I decided to go with a wig for a more comic look. I wear a "name tag" I...
  21. Valor

    Batman 89 Grappel Gauntlet

    I was commissioned to build the large arm-mounted grapple launcher from the 1989 Batman. This is the device that shoots two lines out and allows Bats and Vicki Vale to escape the art museum scene, and causes Jack to mutter the famous "Where does he get those wonderful toys?". The prop isn't...
  22. TheRealTalon

    Red Hood One way Visor??

    So I'm thinking of making an arkham knight/red hood build, but I need to be able to see through the red hood helmet, which has no eyeholes. Ill be 3d printing the hemet most likely, so I could leave some holes to put some acrylic lenses in or something, but when I paint it, I don't want to be...
  23. JoshuaSKB

    Want to Buy Batman 1966 Bat Shield

    Hello, I am looking for as the title says a Bat Shield from the 1966 television show, I can't find a life size replica anywhere and am not skilled enough or proficient with the tools and materials I would need. Any help finding one to buy or have made would be very much appreciated.
  24. CaylePhoto

    Harley Quinn Pop Gun! Releasing my files to Creative Commons.

    I just wanted to share my files to anybody interested in using them! I started a serious career an no longer have time to sell props. I love BTAS and Harley Quinn so this is my gift to the community! Also there’s a story saved in the files of Thingiverse!
  25. TheRealTalon

    Finished DC Court of Owls Talon Cosplay

    Hey guys, This is my finished pictures for my very first costume, Talon. I took bits and pieces from the animated movie and some comics, as well as coming up with some of my own designs. Anything that looks like it's made of leather is made of leather. The Gauntlet is brass and steel, the fins...

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