1. Shc0088

    Arkham Origins Armor

    Another update on my project. Now I'm designing the body armor for the suit. Hopefully I'll be printing it next month!!
  2. Indy Magnoli

    MasterChef: Superhero Cook-Off (our latest fan film parody)

    We've been working on this a while... hope you guys get a kick out of it: Part I: Part II: Bloopers: Let us know what you think... and please share it around! Kind regards, Indy Magnoli
  3. NuadaDesigns

    Another Nolanverse Grapple Gun

    Here's my fully printed grapple gun from the Nolan trilogy. Modelled and printed this a while back. Made sure to include the removable clip and working slide.
  4. rubinekso

    Want to Buy 89 Keaton Batman Costume

    Hey gang.... Is there any one here with the sources, or know of anyone to commission, or sell a replica 89 Keaton batman suit (Must be 89, not 92). Thank you!
  5. P


    This is a full-wrap, almost complete urethane Nightwing costume! You won't find another like it, if you ever find one at all. This isn't a cheap or poorly constructed one - it's not paper thin urethane backed with almost no foam - this is as professional as you'll be able to find. Included are...
  6. T

    DC Talon Court of Owls

    So I've looked around the internet and haven't found any good Talon suits or cosplays, even though I think the Talons are definitely one of Batman's deadliest enemies and very high up in terms of badassery. This is my very first cosplay or suit of any kind so I Have decided to be the first good...
  7. Chris VanVlair

    Knightmare Batman Costume Build

    Hi, I'm Chris I haven't really posted much here but I figured, this project was a good one to begin posting here with. (Note, some of the pictures are screenshots from my phone, because the original pictures got deleted accidentally) Ever since I began making costumes and props back in 2018...
  8. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run Jokes Shoes (Ledger & Phoenix) in Ready-Made Sizes

    We're doing a run of ready-made sized Joker Shoes based on Heath Leadger's and Joaquin Phoenix's Jokers. Since we're doing them in runs and in standard sizing, the price is a lot lower than our made-to-measure shoes. These are $275 per pair (shipping included), but if you order the other set of...
  9. Aldo The Apache

    Mattycollector 60s Batman Lot

    All of these items are in great condition, except for the cardboard cutout on the batusi figures box. The plastic support in the back snapped. This can be repaired however. The utility belt and batusi figure have their original mailer box. I am still looking for the cowls outer box. The...
  10. P

    Batman & Robin Clooney Cowl

    A really really great casting of the Clooney cowl by Tundra Designs. Asking $180 shipped in the US, but I might be open to offers!
  11. P

    Screen Used Batman Forever Sonar Undersuit Top

    This was removed from a restoration project, and is a screen-used Batman Forever Sonar undersuit top. This would have been the "bib" portion of the legs. It can be used to source fabric, or pattern a screen-accurate undersuit... or it can be kept as a fond behind-the-scenes, "making of"...
  12. P

    Bane Comic Style Mask

    In great shape, with functional zipper up the back and foam padding inside (which can be carved down for larger heads)
  13. P

    Batman Hush Latex Belt

    Latex Hush belt - another project that never got finished. Included is all the paint I originally had to be able to weather it down.
  14. funny0

    (Hellskitchen)Batman TDK full armor kit set

    Hello guys. this is an screen accurate TDK armor kit set. ordered it from hellskitchen on 2013, after the long wait I finally got it on 2015. brand new and never used. I'm planning on build anther batsuit so I have to let this go...I only selling this as a set. The set including : 1...
  15. Valor

    Custom First Appearance Batman Utility Belt

    Own this beautiful piece of Batman lore. This Custom Batman Utility Belt is my own modern interpretation of the belt worm by the hero in hist first appearances. This belt brings the design into a modern, mechanical look that still honors the original design. This is a beautiful piece for...
  16. P

    Batman Forever Resin Batarang

    I have no idea who made this - I've had it for quite a long while - but it's a pretty cool looking Panther Batarang from Batman Forever. It doesn't fold, and it's made from resin.
  17. P

    Batman & Robin Batgirl Costume

    Up for grabs is a near complete Batgirl costume from Batman & Robin. It includes the bodysuit with mounted chest armor, gloves, fins, and corset - all you'd need to complete the suit are boots, a belt, a mask, and a cape - all of which are parts that can easily be gotten (I'd recommend GC5FX on...
  18. Nm1cciola

    BATMAN DIOARAMA 3D STL files modeling help

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but, I've recently purchased these STL. files for LINK. I've looked for a long time a 1/8 scale kit or near 1/8 scale kit diorama piece for my 1/8 scale batman horizon kits and I believe I found it in this 3D print. I've never delved into the...
  19. P

    So you want to be Batman? I'll be your Alfred.

    Throughout many years of enjoying Batman, I've amassed quite the arsenal of Batman gadgets and props - and after 2 decades of collecting and perfecting, I'm now very happy to be opening the vault doors to you. If you're looking for a Batman gadget from Batman Forever or Batman & Robin, odds are...
  20. P

    Henrywayne Functional Chrome Panther Belt Buckle

    Up for grabs is a SUPER rare functioning chrome silver Henrywayne panther belt buckle. It's missing a part, but it could easily be constructed from resin. You could also paint it black if you wanted it to be screen-accurate. With a little bit of work, this piece really could be phenomenal! I...
  21. P

    Batman Arkham Batarang MOLD

    I've only ever made a few of these, but it's time for somebody who'll actually use the mold to get it! Mold is still in great shape, I'm sure you could whip up a few of these and almost immediately make your money back. Asking $80, and shipping is included in the price, which is a DEAL, because...
  22. P

    Batman Forever Sonar Wrist Grappler

    An unfinished wrist grapple launcher from Batman Forever. I always meant to finish this, I just never got around to it... included is the resin base with a copper fitting and a resin batarang, a seperate set of two of the batarangs that would've launched, the mold to make the resin base, and...
  23. P

    Catwoman Arkham City Goggle/Costume Molds!

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE CATWOMAN GOGGLES. I never made these available to the public, but this is a complete mold set so you can inject your own Catwoman Arkham-style goggles and accessories. Included is the first resin master, a resin pull, the hydrocal face master (used for mounting the...
  24. P

    Harley Quinn Pop Gun

    Up for grabs is a Harley Quinn cork/pop gun. It's fully finished. Would make a great Suicide Squad accessory!
  25. antonisk1

    Batman Arkham Knight Cape

    So, as the title suggests, this is a discussion for the batman cape from the arkham knight game. I want you to share your capes, heroes, and if you can post a tip or two about making capes, for beginners like me. Also, a question of mine, how do you make creases on the cape like batman's...