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  1. B

    Batman Latex Cape

    100% Latex Eight-fold Cape. Price US$150 plus shipping from Hong Kong. Width : 202 inches/51cm (photos with cape folded in half) Length : 52 inches/132 cm. The cape has never been used and in good condition. However,it does need some puff and shine as was kept in storage for many years.
  2. P

    Rubber Gorilla Batman Belt

    Rare Rubber Gorilla Batman Belt - has some wear, but it looks intentional - made from latex, can easily be repainted/repaired.
  3. P

    Batgirl Cowl - Cassandra Cain, one of a kind

    One of a kind foam-backed urethane Batgirl cowl mounted to a neoprene and spandex underhood - would be perfect for any Cassandra Cain costume!
  4. P

    Batman & Robin Batbomb Unfinished Replica

    Never got around to finishing this, but it's not far off... includes the wiring, battery, and LED's to actually make the thing function!
  5. Valor

    Recast Batman Utility Belt Designs

    This is a new one for me. I found a seller on Etsy who had copied my Batman Beyond belt design and was selling it online as his own. This was a belt design I created for a customer and now sell on my Etsy store. It's a very unique design I created and this guy copied Every. Single. Detail. Then...
  6. B

    Hot Toys 1992 Micheal Keaton Batman Returns Figure.

    Hot Toys 1992 Micheal Keaton figure. New. Just opened to check and never been displayed. US$320 plus shipping from Hong Kong.
  7. JayCVenlo

    Batman Begins Gauntlets

    I have two sets available of my Batman Begins gauntlets. Made out of impact resistant Smooth-Cast 65D. Fins are made of flexible, but form steady Vytaflex 60. (so they are cosplay safe) Dimensions: Long side (fins side) 25cm short side 17cm Wrist hole: oval 7,5 x 7cm Forearm hole: oval...
  8. P


    A whole bunch of Bat-stuff has been piling up and it's time to let it go, just in time for Bat Friday! Batman Taco Bell / McDonald's Cups - $30 Cinefx/ American Cinematographer Batman Forever and Batman & Robin magazine lot - $15 Batman Knightfall TPB - $10 Batman: Arkham Origins (Signed by...
  9. Aquaman

    My New York Comic Con cosplay pics

    Hi All. NYCC has ended and I had an amazing time with new costumes and updates on others. I turned 61 on Sunday so no better way to ring it in! Check them out... hope you like! Zaqpp Brannigan from Futurama: This year I decided to go with a wig for a more comic look. I wear a "name tag" I...
  10. peter74

    1989 Batman Long Barrel Joker Gun S&W Revolver

    Firstly a NOTE for the people or any other: this item CANNOT be made to fire anything, it is a toy non-firing prop replica. You are bidding on the " little" lovely joker's gun from 1989 Batman movie. What to say about it? this is the most beautiful gun that you can "easily" hide in your pants...
  11. K

    for sale/trade: Resident Evil, Star Wars, Batman Begins

    Gotta thin out the collection to make room for some new stuff and pay some bills. Probably a few more items will be added soon, potentially a TFA vintage Graflex and an Exactra 20. Also open to trades. Specifically looking for a Graflex Inc 3 cell bottom and ESB vintage circuit boards and Kobold...
  12. Valor

    Batman 89 Grappel Gauntlet

    I was commissioned to build the large arm-mounted grapple launcher from the 1989 Batman. This is the device that shoots two lines out and allows Bats and Vicki Vale to escape the art museum scene, and causes Jack to mutter the famous "Where does he get those wonderful toys?". The prop isn't...
  13. TheRealTalon

    Red Hood One way Visor??

    So I'm thinking of making an arkham knight/red hood build, but I need to be able to see through the red hood helmet, which has no eyeholes. Ill be 3d printing the hemet most likely, so I could leave some holes to put some acrylic lenses in or something, but when I paint it, I don't want to be...
  14. JoshuaSKB

    Want to Buy Batman 1966 Bat Shield

    Hello, I am looking for as the title says a Bat Shield from the 1966 television show, I can't find a life size replica anywhere and am not skilled enough or proficient with the tools and materials I would need. Any help finding one to buy or have made would be very much appreciated.
  15. CaylePhoto

    Harley Quinn Pop Gun! Releasing my files to Creative Commons.

    I just wanted to share my files to anybody interested in using them! I started a serious career an no longer have time to sell props. I love BTAS and Harley Quinn so this is my gift to the community! Also there’s a story saved in the files of Thingiverse!
  16. TheRealTalon

    Finished DC Court of Owls Talon Cosplay

    Hey guys, This is my finished pictures for my very first costume, Talon. I took bits and pieces from the animated movie and some comics, as well as coming up with some of my own designs. Anything that looks like it's made of leather is made of leather. The Gauntlet is brass and steel, the fins...

    Red Hood Cosplay Foam Chest Armor Tutorial

    I made this tutorial showing you how to build a Red Hood Cosplay Chest Foam Armor It's a follow up to the Red Cosplay Hood Helmet Tutorial found on the Heroes Workshop Youtube channel that I made a week ago. Please have a look and I hope it helps you out.

    Red Hood: Rebirth Cosplay Foam Helmet Tutorial

    Hey everyone, I put together this Red Hood Cosplay Foam Helmet Tutorial using Pepakura file templates and EVA Foam. I also have a Generic Chest Foam Armor Tutorial coming soon to go with this helmet. Check out the video if you'd like to make your own Red Hood Helmet
  19. joker_gang_inspired_mask_spade__by_blackmirage_studio_dd46f89-fullview.jpg


    So this is an original creation Inspired of the joker gang masks. This is the Spade version and i'm Working on the 3 other aces.
  20. 06.png


    So this is an original creation Inspired of the joker gang masks. This is the Spade version and i'm Working on the 3 other aces.
  21. LordVader01

    First Batman Cowl Sculpt

    This is my first real shot at a cowl, I've only really sculpted smaller things before. I took inspiration from the new animated Batman suit and some from Greg Capullo's work, and uh, here's what I've got so far. If anyone has any critics or anything like that please feel free to let me know
  22. Shc0088

    Arkham Origins Armor

    Another update on my project. Now I'm designing the body armor for the suit. Hopefully I'll be printing it next month!!
  23. Indy Magnoli

    MasterChef: Superhero Cook-Off (our latest fan film parody)

    We've been working on this a while... hope you guys get a kick out of it: Part I: Part II: Bloopers: Let us know what you think... and please share it around! Kind regards, Indy Magnoli
  24. NuadaDesigns

    Another Nolanverse Grapple Gun

    Here's my fully printed grapple gun from the Nolan trilogy. Modelled and printed this a while back. Made sure to include the removable clip and working slide.
  25. rubinekso

    Want to Buy 89 Keaton Batman Costume

    Hey gang.... Is there any one here with the sources, or know of anyone to commission, or sell a replica 89 Keaton batman suit (Must be 89, not 92). Thank you!

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