1. trvann

    Keaton '89 Batman Bust

    I'm putting these up for sale, need to raise some funds. Keaton '89 Batman (painted by Joe Evans) $425 shipped US shipping only. PM me with any questions Tom
  2. joshthememelord

    Is there a place where I could find a wearable replica of one of the contacts used in The Batman?

    Or a place that lets you upload a design and puts it on contacts?
  3. P

    Be The Batman.

    Have you ever wanted to *BE* Batman? This is your chance! What you're looking at is the most COMPLETE, most ACCURATE, and most PERFECT Panther costume and armory that you will *EVER* find. Don't believe me? Let's run down the list. Starting with the costume: The panther cowl is molded from a...
  4. bryen88

    Batman Armor foam build

    I'm gonna attempt my first full foam Batman armor build. I can't wait to get started. Might be challenging but it wouldn't be fun if wasn't. I will post pictures and updates as i go. :cool:

    Urethane Rubber BATTISON COWL For 24-inch Head (SOLD!!!)

    No time to put a suit together for a local event, so I'm letting this go. GORGEOUS SCULPT from a renowned cowl maker. Had a six-week wait to get this baby. This one's ready to ship. Will fit up to a 24-inch head. Comprised of bat cowl, neck piece and collar. You'll need to supply your own...
  6. NuadaDesigns

    Batman/Michael Keaton Cowl insert

    Last weekend I decided to make a Michael Keaton face insert to go with my cowls for display. Sculpted in monster clay over a blank buck, molded and cast in fast cast black, from arachnidfx. I painted up my first casting last night. Very happy with the result. Let me know what you think!
  7. BruceGrayson21

    The Batman 2022 Cowl Adjustment

    So I just got a The Batman 2022 Cowl from gc5fx and it looks great. The only thing is, its not snug to my face on the sides at all (exposing my earlobes which looks goofy) and the chin piece is about 1-1.5 inches too low. What I'm wondering is, does anyone know how I can modify the cowl to have...
  8. Harryfrei4443

    Need tips for mounting Batman Returns armor

    Hey everyone, New to the RPF so apologies if someone points out that this has been answered somewhere else. I have a full set of Batman Returns armor coming in sometime within the next couple of weeks and I can use a little help mounting it to an undersuit. I'm pretty handy when it comes to...
  9. I

    Heath ledger joker tie accuracy

    For the film the dark knight they used a tie from Turnbull and Asser for joker. But the costume designer lindy hemming stated they dipped it in a dark substance. Anyone know how to or how they did grunge it up? The bright version is the original.
  10. Jake Kassnoff

    Kryptonite Batarang

    This was actually inspired by an episode of robot Chicken:
  11. SuperheroDIY

    Superhero DIY Arkham Explosive Gel Dispenser -- and it DOES dispense shaving cream!

    Hey all -- so I'm a 3D printer and cosplay props/accessories maker. I got into it after wanting a Superman Returns costume back in 2006, and in 2017 I got my first 3D printer which really leveled-up my game! I've made a few functional (Batman) props, including the Sticky Bomb Gun from The Dark...
  12. Jake Kassnoff

    Batman Cowl (EVA Foam)

  13. haasofprops

    The Batman (2022) Grappling Gun

    I've been a batman fan for quite a few years now, and with The Batman releasing I can't wait to see how the character has been adapted. I've been hearing pretty good things about it. Let me know what you think about the film!!! While I've been waiting, I've been working on the grappling gun and...
  14. The Batman Cosplay (gc5fx Cowl)

    The Batman Cosplay (gc5fx Cowl)

    The grind has started on making my Robert Pattinson Batman cosplay, and this cowl by gc5fx is the perfect start. More updates to come!
  15. 13doctorwho

    Batman Gadget Display (Armory)

    Ever since I was a kid I want to have a collection of Bat Gadgets hanging on the wall with a Batsuit next to them. I've been making the gadgets all my life waiting for a time when I had enough gadgets I liked and enough money to put a display together. I finally found a display case I could...
  16. 13doctorwho

    Batman Forever Folded Batarang (Stunt)

    I saw a resin folded Batman Forever batarang prop on one of the auction sites. I thought a few hanging on the wall would look really cool. I have a mold for an open version so I used it to make the wings. I decided to model the main body in Fusion 360. I had them printed in resin and used the...
  17. Jake Kassnoff

    Foam Batarang

  18. N

    The Batman 2022 Battinson Cosplay

    Hello Everyone, I have been working on this suit for the better part of 2 months now and I finally am getting around to posting all the work in progress pics from my build. I know seeing other creators' posts helped me put mine together, so hopefully someone can get some use out my build as...
  19. thatmikeflynn

    A "Working" Bat Phone Prop

    I thought my Batman collection on my shelf needed something from the Adam West area so I built a Bat Phone prop that "rings" randomly (but regularly), and when you pick it up audio of Commissioner Gordon plays. If you pick it up when it's not ringing you get a dial tone because no emergency is...
  20. Kame

    Batman: Arkham Origins Batsuit

    Kit and Muscle suit modifications, belt, pants: Fev Studios (Note: Fev Studios customized this for me as a one-time deal.) Kit & Cape: Gauntlet and Tundra Designs Muscle Suit: Flex Designs
  21. J

    CG Keaton Batwing parts identification?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this...I'm wondering if anyone has ever identified some of the parts used in the '89 Batman Batwing cockpit. I'm doing a 3D model and am having a bit of a bear figuring out some of the steering section which is scene very briefly... seem almost to be...
  22. I

    What camera did heath ledger use as joker

    I'm trying to figure out which camera this is. I know it's some sort of camcorder but I'm trying to find the *exact* kind. Heath ledger used this one for the Jokers personal videos during the dark knight
  23. I

    Screen used dark knight trilogy items

    I would like to find any props from the whole Dark knight nolanverse trilogy for sale. If any of you have Batman Nolanverse trilogy props and wanna sell, I'll be highly interested to see what you got
  24. I

    Perfect heaths joker suit replica

    I need help finding the most perfect material for heath ledgers joker suit. I don't know what the most perfect shade or material is. It seems like everyone has a different interpretation. The film plays with lighting a lot and when people take photos of it with flash it shows up more bright then...
  25. JokerMan

    100th LE Batman by Kenner

    So this arrived in the mail today, and I'm super pumped This is the Limited Edition 100th Batman figure produced by Kenner back in 1996. It's a figure I've been meaning to get my hands on, and I'm hoping to get it graded soon. Considering it was produced in 1996, the box is in good nick, the...