flash gordon

  1. spockboy

    FLASH GORDON 1936 Rocketships

    Hey guys, :) Would like some estimates on either building, or finding already existing, (at least 24 inch) models of the Ming Bomber and Dr Zarkov's rocketship from Flash Gordon (1936) Hollow inside to place lights for windows would be important as well. Fantastic Plastic did a couple of 11...
  2. Tildane

    New Flash Gordon Action Figures

    The Flash Gordon franchise could have been huge. Thankfully Alex Ross gave us some fantastic figures, my favourite is General Klytus of course. But there were so many more action figures that could and should have been produced. Previously when I have made custom figures from something...
  3. C

    Flash Cowl full template for elastic foam

    ...Hi! I just want to leave the link to my template of my foam-made flash cowl here. http://www.cyehra.com/#!downloads/n4yok Materials i used: - Evazote EV30 - liquid latex - polymorph - acrylic paints For the stretchy paint i mixed up liquid latex with acrylic paints: 1:1 mixture. Bad...
  4. Martin-El

    Flash Gordon - Mongo Guard Sword - Help Needed..!

    Hi Guys - 2015 is the 35th anniversary of Mike Hodges Flash Gordon. There are unconfirmed reports of a cast reunion at November's London Film & Comic Con (in a similar vein to their upcoming BTTF reunion) which will be a personal dream to attend. I'm in the process of making a Flash costume...
  5. S

    what props so you want most?? i can help

    hello all. my name is Samantha and I work for my dads company westway aircraft models, over the years my dad has made movie props for such movies as flash Gordon,star wars,james bond,batman, doctor who and many many more.. our main company is making fibreglass display model aircraft but we are...
  6. H

    Glow in the Dark Space models (suggestions?)

    Trying to track down any and all Glow in the Dark Space models (any suggestions?). I just finished building a 1/500 Leif Ericson Galactic Cruiser by AMT Ertl and a 1/350 Star Trek Enterprise "Tholian Web Edition" both in the Glow in the Dark editions. I would like to find more ships and the...
  7. AZSneed

    Filmation's Flash Gordon - Ming's Drone Ship

    This is a scratch built model of Ming the Merciless's Drone Ship from the Filmation animated series. All of the line on the model are decals. The main body is from 1/2 inch tubing, and wings from sheet styrene.
  8. T

    Flash gordon stuff sells big at bonhams

    Wow...just wow... “Flash Gordon” conquerors Bonhams | the propstop's world of entertainment memorabilia