james bond

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  1. Submarine Lotus

    Submarine Lotus

    007 spy who loved me Lotus
  2. C

    “Bond Strap” Webbing

    Hi I’m looking to source some webbing in the same colour scheme as the strap worn by Daniel Craig in Spectre. I need it in 25mm width. Can anyone help as my google-fu is weak on this one. Thanks Corin
  3. Brigandia36

    James Bond: Live and let die (1973)

    I am looking for the Solitaire's tarot game. Everywhere I look, it is currently unavailable. Is there anybody here who can post hi res scan of each face and the deck ? Thank you proud members of the RPF.
  4. VariablePenguin

    The Golden Gun from James Bond 3D Printed

    This is a 3D printed replica of the Golden Gun from The Man with the Golden Gun starring Roger Moore and Sir Christopher Lee. I modeled it in Fusion 360, printed on my QidiTech X-One in PLA, sanded and painted with rattle can Rusoleum Bright Gold. Then I mounted it in a shadowbox to give to my...
  5. J

    Skyfall Sniper Rifle

    So I fell in love the the custom designed, suitcase born sniper rifle in Skyfall. The basic gist is this: an assassin sneaks in a rifle inside of a briefcase, as shown in the first picture, he then pull it out and assembles it in a certain way. The hard part of this build is that there are not a...
  6. Aldo The Apache

    Done SD Studios Moonraker Wrist Dart Gun

    I know it’s kind of a rare prop, but if anyone has one that they are willing to get rid of please PM Me. I’m hoping it has the wood case, plaque, and darts, but if not that’s fine. Thanks for reading.
  7. N

    Want to Buy Jcrew Abingdon Weekender (Spectre)

    Looking for a used one for a good price.
  8. RobertMuldoon

    Spectre (2015)

    It's not my favourite of the franchise, but I loved the day of the dead opening scene. The PropStore have just put a crew poster up for sale: https://propstore.com/product/james-bond-spectre/spectre-crew-poster/ Just in case their link dies, here are the images from it:
  9. Indy Magnoli

    Magnoli T-Shirts, Henleys, Polos, etc...

    As many of you know we at Magnoli Clothiers have been creating t-shirt based on various original costumes in ready-made sizes (s, m, l, xl). We're looking for more ideas and styles that you guys may be interested in. Here are some of our current offerings: Henley from Drive: James Bond Polo...
  10. C

    Want to Buy WTB - Factory Entertainment Golden Gun (signature edition)

    Hi all, As per the title I'm looking for one of the signature (autograph) editions signed by Christopher Lee and Roger Moore. Here's a link to one I found on a google search...
  11. Irken Tech

    The Empire Strikes Back Homage (Title Sequence) James Bond style

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but absolutely amazing fan-made title sequence.. https://vimeo.com/165592795
  12. S

    007 James bond Spectre DB10 gadge switches

    Hi guys, I was hoping someone could help me find parts for a project im working on. I am trying to make the switch panel in new 007 movie but am having trouble finding the right black switches. Originally I was planning to make the panel but if anyone knows if it can be bought that would be...
  13. Mr Danger

    007 Lotus submarine scratch build

    I Finished my Moonraker project and now I'm working on the Lotus submarine. Here are some pictures of the process. Still have some details to do, lights, logos, paint stripes etc. Everything is made with simple methods and tools, nothing fancy here.
  14. R

    Please help me ID the James Bond Spectre Aston Martin DB10 switches

    Hello good people of RPF, I searched everywhere and looked at thousands of switches but could not find the exact made used on the switchboard of the Aston Martin DB10 in Spectre. The Markings on it read: TOGGLE SW 6PDPDT other side: O 6A O N 125V N Bottom: TAIWAN Heres a photo...
  15. lunastrixae

    Q's Scarf- SPECTRE- James Bond

    Slowly getting together my Q cosplay from SPECTRE. I re-created his scarf: Tech details- handknit diamond eyelet pattern. The grey yarn was handspun on my spinning wheel because I couldn't find a commercial one close enough. (Slightly better color representation- also with the hat from...
  16. bondpropfan

    James Bond - Licence to kill - Signature Gun

    Hi Guys Been an observer on here for a while but not posted a title before, and not as many James Bond props as I would imagine so heres my adaptation of the Signature Gun given to Bond in 'Licence to Kill'. Its been on and off the bench for a couple of years and also it takes that long...
  17. M

    Diamonds Are Forever

    Sorry but I have some other posts that should have been posted here in production Props and not Replica props. If anyone is a James Bond fan you'll recognize this I would think. This is the real prop used in the movie which was purchsed by planet Hollywood several yrs ago and was on display at...
  18. sp1derman

    Want to Buy Maurzen or ACM PPK/s for parts.

    Need some new grips as mine are damaged and if possible a metal barrel and slide but the grips are the main thing so happy to buy a broken gun for the parts needed. Thanks
  19. sp1derman

    Are maurzen and umerax ppk grips compatible

    Hi guys I've melted the grips on my maurzen ppk and I can't find any replacement grips however I can find umerax grips.anyone know if I can swap them over? Thanks
  20. hodginsa

    James Bond: Spectre Ring

    When I saw the ring in the Trailer I knew I had to make it. I used images from the trailer to recreate the spectre symbol and then designed the ring for 3D printing You can get them from my shapeways store and with a little polish and some paint this is how it turns out. I ordered mine raw...
  21. paulp

    James Bond SKYFALL Stone Sign Replica Build

    Wrapped up this project a little while ago and thought I would post it. Recreated the SKYFALL sign on Bond's house from the movie. I had a couple of research images that showed the actual prop being handled. The piece is 36" wide and 11" tall. To figure out the exact dimensions, I found...
  22. kingpiranha

    "Smiert Spionom"-tag from The Living Daylights

    Just watched "The Living Daylights" again and quickly decided to make a replica of the "Smiert Spionom"-tag. I've always thought that it is a neat but effective little prop. Now this is (kind of) a prototype and I plan on doing a better version, so I would like to hear what you think about...
  23. S

    what props so you want most?? i can help

    hello all. my name is Samantha and I work for my dads company westway aircraft models, over the years my dad has made movie props for such movies as flash Gordon,star wars,james bond,batman, doctor who and many many more.. our main company is making fibreglass display model aircraft but we are...
  24. A

    James Bond Sculpts

    Some 007 sculpts from my portfolio of work at Tussaud's in Blackpool, UK. For anyone interested in sculpting Bond.
  25. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run 25% OFF: Quantum of Solace Cardigan (100% merino wool)

    I thought of trying something out to save everyone a few bucks. If we can do a run of 15 QoS Cardigans at once, that would save on yarn purchase and labor costs, allowing us to take 25% off the normal price. These would be made in our usual black 100% merino wool with leather covered buttons and...

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