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Is anyone making a replica quality 10th doctor sonic screwdriver. It seems like the Toynk screwdriver is made of plastic and the Wand Company screwdriver is pretty rare and has battery issues, making a pick up of one problematic. I was hoping for a metal build that can make the sonic sound and extend. I don't need remote control ability.

Are there company's making the sonics like there are with lightsabers, or is there just no demand for it.

Thanks for any insight - searching online has not revealed much other than $40 plastic options that are "officially licensed" and $800 used The Wand Company options and people trying to pass of the Toynk as The Wand Company and selling them for $200 bucks.
Rubbertoe Replicas makes an officially licensed one, but it's very expensive. It's up for preorder (a new run) and they sell out quick. There are some people who make them on Etsy (all metal), and they are very reasonably priced... but I don't have any idea how accurate, or if the sellers are reliable. Etsy's only a little better than eBay. Good luck.
Thank you everyone, the Rubber Toe was what I was looking for, and didn't turn up on searches. They really need to work on their SEO :) I was a bit surprised it was more than a Lightsaber, however perhaps the size of it makes it more difficult to create and / or demand is less for making batch orders. Economy of scale and all that.

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