doctor who

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  1. AjaxIronside

    Wilfred Mott's Revolver and a Gallifreyan Casket

    Since I've been recovering from a surgery that keeps me from being able to do much getting up, I've started tinkering with my Bill's Replicant Blaster - but while I waited for paints and parts to come in (Thanks DaveChaos for sending me replacements for the bits I stupidly broke), I've decided...
  2. LtPinkerton

    LtPinkertons 3d Printed Cyberman Helmet Build

    Two years ago I bought a 3d printer, and I got a big one, so I could print helmets. To date, I have printed 0 helmets. Ive always done smaller scale props, such as blasters and the like. However, I wanted to 3d print a helmet. Everyone and their mother 3d prints Iron Man helmets. As much as I...
  3. davidnagel

    Vortex Manipulator v1

    So my eldest turned 6 last month and for his birthday I decided to make a vortex manipulator, because he's a big Captain Jack fan (no comments on John Barrowman's noted behaviour thank you!) and so the journey began! I wanted to do this out of leather, so watched endless leather making videos...
  4. davidnagel

    Hartnell Console Replica Project

    Hello forum goers! I hope this is ok to post here, do tell me off/remove this post if you don't think so. But this is prop related! And TARDIS related!! I'm David and for the past 5 years have taken a full size Tom Baker style TARDIS console to events around the UK. It goes down quite well...
  5. RobertHack

    Vintage fiberglass helmets- Cyberman advice needed

    I'll have a vintage(at least 20 years old, the previous owner wasn't certain beyond that) Cyberman helmet. It's resin/fiberglass. I need to cut out the eye, mouth and handle holes. Is there any special care or prep work I should do for an older helmet? This is actually my first fiberglass...
  6. RobertHack

    Scratch built KLF "Dalek"

    Here's a very simple build that was way more satisfying than I would have thought. It started as a one day build, but of course took several. A big inspiration was watching the asavage styrene plate kitbash video. Previously, I had only used it as a material to modify off-the-shelf...
  7. 13doctorwho

    Sonic Saber (Sonic Screwdriver Lightsaber Mashup)

    I had this idea recently of combining elements of the classic sonic screwdriver (4th Doctor version) with parts from my favorite lightsaber(s) (Luke's second and Ben Kenobi's). I modeled the parts and here is what I came up with. I plan to add an activation box, I just didn't model that as it...
  8. Kobeque

    Custom Sonic Screwdriver, 10th Doctor Inspired

    Hi all, this is just another quick one day build from me, this time a custom sonic screwdriver, very loosely based on David Tennant's screwdriver from his run as the 10th Doctor. I wanted a nice metal replica of this prop, but after seeing the price tag on those I decided I better make one...
  9. DarthBen123

    Wand Company 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver AUCTION

    RELISTED DUE TO DODGY AUCTION WINNER: Howdy everyone! Here is my 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver from the Wand Company. Had it for years and it is collecting dust, so time to move it on. Works when plugged in, but doesn't hold charge. Imagine it's the usual dead battery issue. Auction listing...
  10. Kobeque

    TARDIS fragment from Doctor Who

    Hello! I just got finished watching the first season of the 11th Doctor, and this prop stuck out to me as something cool and achievable that I could turn into a one day build. So here it is, my version of the TARDIS door fragment as seen in S5E9 "Cold Blood". This is the finished piece...
  11. PB Props

    Cast from the original: TARDIS Door Key prop

    I thought I'd share with you a project that I did some time ago, it's quite simple - replicating the 7th Doctor's TARDIS door key to the letter. (Above) A screen used original TARDIS door key, used in the final season of the Classic run of Doctor Who in 1989. A collector bought this and wanted...
  12. RoccatiDaniele

    8th Doctor 1996 Sonic Screwdriver Replica

    Hi everyone! After seeing one of the originals sonic screwdrivers from the 1996 movie at the Prop Store auction I decided to make a replica. Here you can see some photos of the 3D model made in Fusion 360 and then the turned aluminium version. Now I'm going to cut in half the "bullet" tip and...
  13. Sybernettik

    Done / Completed Tenth Doctor Who David Tennant Sonic Screwdriver Replica Kit

    Hello everyone! I recently designed a David Tennant Sonic Screwdriver and had one machined in aluminium. The parts turned out great and gathered a lot of interest on my build thread, so I have decided to start a run. The sonic will be sold as a kit of parts priced at £250 + shipping. I may also...
  14. Mr. Clever

    Mr. Clever

  15. S

    (Doctor Who) Twelfth Doctor Coat help

    Hey so first time posting here, I had no idea where to look/ask and I thought here would be a great place to start! So basically, I'm looking for the navy/black frock coat with the red lining that the Twelfth Doctor wore. Any long frock coat would be helpful but that's the one I'm aiming for...
  16. ScreenFashions

    Doctor Who Time Lord Victorious Costume Analysis

    This is my analysis of the costume worn by David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor in the new multi-platform story "Time Lord Victorious." Currently, only a few promotional images have been released. He appears to be wearing the floral printed under robe worn by an unnamed Lord Cardinal who appeared...
  17. N

    Anybody know what sound chip Nick Robatto uses in his Fourth Doctor sonic?

    I just recently got a custom classic sonic from Russ at RB, and I know he doesn't like do deal with the electronics much anymore. Looking to maybe install my own soundchip. Does anyone know what the setup is on the Rubbertoe Fourth Doctor sonic?
  18. ScreenFashions

    Doctor Who Rose Tyler Crown Shirt Replica

    Hi everyone! Just popping by with a review of a Rose Tyler shirt replica. She wears it in Season 2 Episode 2, Tooth and Claw. The shirt I bought is from Zazzle, if you want to grab one. There’s also a more screen accurate one from the same designer, which was posted literally the day after I...
  19. glasscannon

    Doctor Who MOTOE plaid blanket screen accurate prop build recap

    After a few years of focusing on more original costuming, I've returned to making screen accurate props and costumes (and returned to the rpf!), and I thought I'd share my big build from this past winter: hand-knitting a replica of the lavender and yellow plaid blanket Clara Oswald wraps up in...
  20. clara2.jpg


    Screen accurate beaded overdress was purchased and modified for fit. Underdress was self drafted and sewn, wig cut and styled. Photo taken at GallifreyOne 2020.
  21. clara3.jpg


    Doctor Who cosplay based on Clara Oswald from the episode Mummy On The Orient Express. Screen accurate beaded overdress was purchased and modified, underdress self drafted and sewn, hair clip handmade, wig cut and styled. Other near-screen-accurate props purchased. Photo taken at GallifreyOne 2020.
  22. claraandblanket-1.jpg


    Clara Oswald cosplay from Mummy On The Orient Express. Screen accurate blanket prop was hand-knit over the course of three and a half months. Photo taken at GallifreyOne 2020.
  23. Claraandblanket-2.jpg


    Clara Oswald cosplay from Mummy On The Orient Express. Screen accurate blanket prop was hand-knit over the course of three and a half months. Photo taken at GallifreyOne 2020.
  24. MOTOEblanket-6.jpg


    Hand-knit screen accurate Mummy On The Orient Express blanket prop. Completed blanket is 154 stitches wide by 224 rows long. With the double-purl technique, this results in 69,300 stitches total, including cast-on and cast-off rows. The hand-knitting took more than 100 hours to complete.
  25. MOTOEblanket-5.jpg


    Hand-knit screen accurate Mummy On The Orient Express blanket prop. Completed blanket is 70″ by 56″, with 7″ long tassels along the knit edge, 56 in total. It weighs more than five pounds.

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