doctor who

  1. agliarept

    Dr Who 12th Peter Capaldi 1/6 figure

    Selling my rare, sold out, 12th Dr Who figure. Bought it 2 years ago, sat in a box in storage and never displayed. MINT condition, only missing the tiny "jelly babies" and mini "Tardis" toy. Would love to keep this figure but i know i won't use it so want to part with this to a collector...
  2. JKRIB

    Doctor Who - 12th Doctor's Record Beethoven's 5th

    As seen in Doctor Who Series 9, Episode 4, titled "Before The Flood" The 12th Doctor (played by Peter Capaldi) has this vinyl record in his TARDIS. He uses it to explain The Bootstrap Paradox to the audience. I have included HD screenshots from the episode, for comparison. This is a genuine...
  3. SaberTooth99

    MFX or CT sonic screwdriver

    Hi all! I’m looking to buy a Millennium FX or Celestial Toystore 10th doctors sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who! Please show me what you’ve got!!
  4. P

    Time War Dalek gunstick...?

    Are there any kits or reasonably-priced replicas available?
  5. Redd Summers

    Torchwood Hand in Jar replica help (please!)

    Hey all! I'm a complete newbie to making things and I might be jumping right off into the deep end with this but I figured I might as well get the best information I possibly can before even starting. I would LOVE to recreate the iconic "Hand in the Jar" from Torchwood/Doctor Who to go with my...
  6. P

    Want to Buy "Day of the Doctor" Gallifreyan Rifle replica...?

    Is there any one who would make or any place where one could get a 1:1 replica of the Gallifreyan/Time Lord rifle as seen in "Day of the Doctor"...?
  7. BiggiesBuilds

    Want to Buy Looking for The Wand Company Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver T.V. Remote

    Hello! Im looking for the 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver T.V. remote by the wand company! I recently went looking for one everywhere (Here on the RPF,Ebay, TWC website, Amazon, and even ThinkGeek) and can not find one! I would love to have one for my 9th/10th Doctor cosplay and for display as...
  8. emiliejoelle

    In Search of a 13th Doctor Trench Coat Pattern!

    Hello all, My name is Emilie, cosplayer and geek girl. I'm new here and was referred by a friend to check out these forums! I am in love with Doctor Who, and excited for Jodie Whittaker's run as the new 13th Doctor... and I especially love her costume. I cosplayed her at the beginning of the...
  9. Robajob

    Cyber Controller Throne

    The starting point for this build was a 12” figure of the Cyber Controller that my son has in his toy collection. He was never really very keen on this figure as he hadn’t seen the Episode from whence it came, “The Age of Steel”, as it was deemed to be too scary for him to watch at a tender...
  10. SpiderPhantom5

    Doctor Who 1/13 Scale Hartnell TARDIS/dematerializing TARDIS WIP

    Hey everyone! With the twitch marathon of Classic Who that's going on right now, I felt inspired to make a TARDIS— which I have a surprising lack of in my apartment, so it's about time— specifically modeled after the first appearance of the TARDIS. A couple days ago, I decided I wanted to try...
  11. D3adrock

    Want to Buy Celestial Toystore Ltd Edition Deluxe Ceramic Crackle Sonic Screwdriver Season 3-4

    Hi, I've been looking for this one for a while. If you've got one you'd be willing to part with let me know. Thanks!
  12. Robajob

    A Junk Tardis from Junk

    ​The starting point for this entire build was a little toy keyboard that my son just happened to have in his toy collection, the exact same keyboard used on the real thing in the episode “The Doctor’s Wife” that he had spotted. So after a few attempts of making a Tardis Console out of the...
  13. RayR

    Want to Buy Doctor WHO 9th or 10th Sonic

    I'm looking for a good build of a 9th/10th Doctor WHO Sonic. The one with the TV remote (WAND Co) was do-able or something of similar or better quality. It's time to upgrade from the toy version I have. Detail accuracy is important. Thanks ~ Ray
  14. arivin923

    Want to Buy Eleventh Doctor Who Tweed Jacket Blazer

    I've got a passable one, but hunting for a more accurate Matt Smith 11th Doctor jacket. Possibly an Abbyshot or something of the like. I wear a 36R-38R, or a small if it's S/M/L measurements. I know Magnoli offers one, but they're outside my budget unfortunately. Figured I'd take a shot at...
  15. J

    Doctor Who: Final page of the "Melody Malone" book

    Hi RPF - Just a quick one, made another DW prop - this time I decided to replicate the final page of "The Angel's Kiss" which The Eleventh Doctor tears out and then recovers from a trash can. Or rather, reproduce it, at there isn't a really good view of it in the episode. I therefore decided...
  16. S

    Want to Buy Doctor Who Eccleston/Tennant version Sonic Screwdriver's

    Hello, I'm looking for a couple of different models of the Chris Eccleston/David Tennant Sonic Screwdrivers excluding the Wand Company remote (awesome themselves but already in hand). If any to part with please shoot me a message and I'll get back to you! Thanks!
  17. Hogosha

    Unlimited Run Doctor Who: Camel Pin from Ace's Jacket!

    Greetings RPFer's! Up for sale is a reproduction of the CAMEL PIN from the jacket of the 7th Doctors companion "ACE" Dorothy McShane. I have always loved Ace, and her jacket, i think it is up there as one of the most iconic jackets in Sci-Fi history. While recreating my own Ace Jacket I...
  18. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run 13th Doctor T-Shirt (Men & Women's versions)

    UPDATE: Now available for order: ------------------------------- We're looking at doing a run of 13th Doctor t-shirts in both screen-accurate female: well as a male version (which will be the same pattern...
  19. G

    Suggestions for ood tendrils?

    I've just completed my first attempt at making a latex mask. It's an ood from Doctor Who. I'm reasonably happy with the head and the paint job, but I don't like the tendrils at all. They look homemade. Does anyone know how they were made for the TV show? I assume they used silicone or foam...
  20. Metaluna mutant

    Dr Who Dematerialisation circuit -quick build

    With some plastruct tubing and some odds and bits, I did a pair of Dr Who demat circuits from the classic series. The ones featured in the classic series are a bit different from the one used in the current series. Not shown--the paper clips I used for the wires
  21. 13doctorwho

    Classic Sonic Screwdriver Variant

    I wanted to design my own sonic screwdriver so I looked at tons of images trying to get ideas. I noticed that in the classic series (during Jon Pertwee's time and forward) the basic design didn't really change much. When they re-imagined it for the Fox TV movie they also stayed close to that...
  22. P

    Doctor Who season 17 Frock coats -- what trim was used

    Hi, I need a little help from any one who has seen the City of Death coat live. I have been making a modified version for personal use. I know most of the materials: light brown Harris tweed, chocolate brown cotton velvet for the collar, leather soccer buttons, but the trim is confounding me...
  23. M

    HELP! Doctor Who Happiness Patrol Rifle

    I am trying to build a Happiness Patrol and am having a hard time identifying the parts BBC had lying around they pieced together. Any help/suggestions? Images at this link:
  24. D

    Revenge of the Cybermen, Cyber leader.

    The helmet and costume belonged to my father but a few years ago he gave them to me, the body suit needs to be adjusted to fit me, it hangs very loose. I tried to match it up with a set of black body armour as well as a quick chest unit, if I add any more I'll post updates.
  25. Xolin

    13th Doctor Who is a woman! (And about time, too!)