Uncle Fester


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Hey all. So my Beast costume for Halloween didn't work out in time so I was able to have this made. I did the makeup myself. The robe was based on the New Addams Family. I placed 4th in a costume contest. Not bad for a first try.
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Did people get it? Unless someone is familiar with Adams Family, you could have easily come off as a zombie monk. To me, a costume like that best works with a group of people also dressed as Adams Family characters. Fester's look is very generalized, with pretty much nothing that is specific with that character if you can understand what I am saying. With a group, the costume would stand out more.
But for a last minute effort, you did the look well. It helps that your head is actually bald and you didnt use a bald cap.


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Actually yes. Just about everyone who noticed seemed to get it, including the DJ. I was also surprised that many of my friends and classmates didn't know it was me, and that I had used a bald cap for the makeup. I do wish that I had thought of it sooner so that I could get a couple of my friends and/or my girlfriend to do a themed group.
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